Walking in the Spirit

In Romans 8 we are told to walk in the spirit so as not to fulfill the lusts of the flesh.  How can we walk in the spirit with the pressures of the world around us?  What is the ultimate enemy or thought that prevents us from walking in the spirit?

To walk in the spirit requires a special relationship with the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit guides our every step so we do not fall into sin which always will reap consequences for us we do not want to face.  The Holy Spirit will always lead us into taking the steps God wants us to take.  He  will lead us to encounter the people with whom God wants us to interact.

The ultimate thought that prevents us from walking in the spirit is death.  I do not have enough money in which to survive.  We have thoughts and worries like this, so lets carry out that thought to its ultimate conclusion.  If  I do not have enough money in which to survive, then I am going to die of starvation.  You see, death is the ultimate thought we have which involves most of our worries.  We cannot walk in the spirit when we have worries like this.  We have to separate ourselves from these thoughts somehow and not see the consequences of what we worry about.

Jesus was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, but notice from his prayer there was a little worry.  He was not in the spirit at that time.  He actually wanted there to be a way to avoid what he had to endure.  He, however submitted himself to God’s will.  He prayed three times the same prayer but was not yet walking in the spirit.  It was when he finished praying and began physically walking that he truly began walking in the spirit.  He began to take action.  When he began to take action, his faith brought him into the spirit.

We can see an example of him walking in the spirit the Holy Spirit showed me in God’s word.  When Jesus stood before the Sanhedrin which had put him on trial, he was struck by one person.  He did not answer the man in anger but essentially said, “If I said something evil, you might have a reason to punish me for what I said, but since I have not, why did you strike me?”  In Psalms 39, some of Jesus’ reactions and thoughts are revealed at that moment in time he was on trial.  Notice in verse 10 it says, “Remove your stroke away from me.  I am consumed by the stroke of your hand.”  Jesus is talking to God at that moment.  When that soldier struck him, he saw God striking him.  God was striking him because he was becoming the sacrifice of sin by taking on the sins of the world onto his shoulders.  It takes a strike to kill the sacrifice.  This is what Jesus was seeing.  He was walking in the spirit seeing beyond what was happening to him before that council.  He was aware of the man who struck him and rebuked him for his action, but Jesus was looking beyond that physical event and saw what God was doing behind the scenes.  Therefore, he was able to face a real death situation without the fear and the worry.

It takes faith to walk in the spirit, and it takes praying in the spirit to prepare us for the walk.  We have Jesus to look to in how to do bring about a victorious walk in the Spirit.  How to pray in the spirit is a lesson for another time.


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