The Two Adams

The Bible tells us of two Adams.  The first was the first man brought into being from the dust of the ground mentioned in Genesis.  The second is Jesus Christ.  Adam was the first perfect man created by God.  Adam, however fell into sin and condemned all men after him to death because the wages of sin is death. 

Let us consider that Adam is the progenitor of all mankind.  We were all in his loins when he and Eve were the only people alive on earth.  When Adam sinned, the penalty of death was passed onto him.  So, if God carried out the death penalty at that time, then we would all have died with Adam at the beginning and would never have been born. 

Now considering Jesus, we know that Jesus was sent to earth as the second perfect man.  Jesus who was God encasing himself inside a flesh body lived a perfect life without ever sinning.  He thus never fell guilty to the penalty of death.  Everyone accepting Jesus into their heart as Lord and Savior are born into his family as a new, perfect human race.  Some people cannot see this, but I will try to make this more obvious.

The point I want to make is that God sees all of us through the two Adams.  When you are born, you are born as a son or daughter of Adam and have already been condemned to death because Adam was already condemned to death.  When he dies, you die. When he was found guilty, you were found guilty because you were in his loins. There is nothing you can do to save yourself.  You can give a billion dollars to the poor and you are still guilty before God.  The penalty for being guilty is eternal death.

When you are born into Jesus’ kingdom, then you are so to speak born from the loins of Christ.  He was and is innocent and so you are innocent.  God sees everyone who was born from the second Adam as perfect because Jesus, the second Adam, was perfect.  There is no stain on you.  Certainly you still can and will sin some more in your life but every time you ask for forgiveness and truly mean it in your heart, God sees only that second Adam with you in his loins.  You are perfect.  If you are unsaved, he only sees the first Adam who was guilty, and you who come from his loins are part of his body that must pay the death penalty for his original sin.

There is the one Adam who cannot do anything to save himself nor any who descend from him, and there is the second Adam whose life saved all who have called unto him for salvation.  There is nothing more you need to do other than that to be born into his kingdom and saved from eternal death.  Which Adam do you believe offers you the better future?


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