The Time of Joel for the U.S.

Hear this old men! Be attentive and listen all who live in this country. Have our forefathers ever seen a day as this one? Have you ever seen days like these in this nation? Tell your children what is coming to pass and let them tell their children. All the resources of this country are used up. All has been wasted and given to others. Awake those in my Church who are drunk on the wine of fornication. The Holy Spirit has departed from your houses of worship. He has left you to your own devices.

I am bringing up a nation to ravage this land. I have given him the power of a lion whose teeth will break your bones. He has laid my Church waste and destroyed it for breaking its covenant with me. The ministries from these churches have lost their support. The money they depended on can no longer be collected.

Cry and mourn over the loss of your relationship with me. You were once my bride, but the Father has lost his patience with you. The devotionals of your Sabbath have come to an end. Their ministers and priests lament that they have no one left to whom they can minister. The land is desolate; the crops are wasted. The Holy Spirit can no longer be felt, because his presence has been removed from those who have turned from the Lord.

Be ashamed of all that has come to pass in your lives. Look at the fields which are now desolate. The Church has no power and my covenant with the United States hangs on a thread. All the prosperity of this land has withered away causing the joy of my children in this nation to dry up.

Repent now my ministers and priests! Come to your altars and bow before me. Cry out to me to forgive you and heal your churches and renew your relationships with me. Call on your congregations to come before me at your altars and fast and pray for my forgiveness. Call an assembly to seek my favor, because the day of my vengeance is at hand. A destruction is coming from the Lord Almighty.

Has not the source of your well being been cut off from your eyes. Do you not see that joy and gladness in my houses of worship no longer exists?

What your churches were built on is rotten to the core. There has been no fruit of the spirit coming out of your doors. Your congregations are in mourning and remain perplexed. They see that fire has devoured all they possess. They know they have no future for which to plan. They see the cities are empty and opportunities are gone. Nothing has been spared as the beasts also cry out. All has been lost as poverty embraces the land.

Sound an alarm throughout the land. Bring terror upon this nation’s inhabitants as the day of the Lord’s wrath approaches. The sun is blotted out and the people mourn over the approach of a powerful force unlike any other occupying this land. A fire of destruction precedes them and destroys all in its path leaving devastation behind. They are swift and mighty and unstoppable as they plow through this country removing all hope of deliverance for its citizens.

This mighty army shall not break rank as it marches through the countryside, with never a fear of being struck down or hurt by those opposed to their presence. They will search house to house in the cities taking what they please, and where there was light before them; now there is only darkness.

God has called on this army to proceed and march through the land to take what it pleases. They are God’s instrument to bring judgment on this nation. Who can withstand what God has called to be his executor of vengeance?

Therefore, I the Lord call on you to turn to me with all your heart with fasting, weeping and mourning. Correct your hearts with true repentance and make no outward show of remorse. It is your hearts I look at and not your ritualistic acts of repentance. I am gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and have kindness without measure. I will repent of bringing my judgment on you if you repent and turn back to me. If you repent and turn back to me, I can remove you from my curses and bring my blessings back to this nation.

Notify all your friends and neighbors and those with whom you know on the Internet. Call for a fast and get the people, the priests, the pastors and all you can find to fall before me and weep for this nation. Pray for me to spare this country and its people and remove the ungodly from positions of power; those who ask the question, “Where is the God in which the churches say they believe?”

If you do this, then I will be jealous for this land and pity its people. I will restore your crops, herds, wealth and oil to you with more than is sufficient for your needs. You will no longer be a doormat to be walked over by the other nations.

I will remove the northern army that marches through your land and make it be as a foul stench in your presence which will never be able to afflict you again. Therefore, do not fear but rejoice in the Lord who does great things. Do not fear you beasts who saw such a barren wasteland before you. I will bring back a fruitful field before you which shall bring forth abundance.

Rejoice you children in the Lord your God. I gave you your life and met all your needs in your youth. Now, I will give you more abundance in all the days that have yet passed before you. You shall receive that which you need before you can ask. This land shall have its storehouses full of all its resources. I will restore that which the enemy has stolen from you.

You shall eat and be satisfied. You shall bring your thanksgivings of praise before me. You shall never be disappointed in what I have promised you. You will never see my promises not come to pass. I will once again pour out my spirit upon all flesh in this country: and all my sons and daughters shall prophesy, the old men will dream dreams, and the young men shall see visions. My spirit will be upon all who call upon me.

All the signs in the heavens which show my judgment being manifested can be countered by those who call upon my name. I will deliver you. I will deliver my Church. I will abide by the covenant I have made with those whom I call by my name.


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