The Rise of the United Nations

From 931 to 732 B.C. the kingdom of Judah had fluctuating highs and lows in military might. In 732 B.C., Judah’s last powerful king died. From that time forth her military power declined and she became subservient to other military powers. What happened to make this so?

Judah had alternating good kings and bad kings which reflected the spiritual state the Jews had during those times. The Jews had been calling on God and turning away from God just as they had been doing during the period of the Judges. In the book of Judges, when they turned away from God to do their own thing, God let nations come in and afflict them. When they called on God, he raised up people who sought God to deliver them from the enemy. The kingdom of Judah was experiencing the same things. When the Jews turned away from God, he allowed them to have wicked rulers; when they repented, he gave them good rulers. Basically, what you are seeing here is the spiritual law of sowing and reaping.

When the United States was founded, our Founding Fathers were seeking God and the freedom to worship God. During the decades to follow and especially in the early 20th century, we have had people who have tried to rewrite history to say our Founding Fathers were not looking to establish a nation that sought after and served under God. They succeeded to a great extent in erasing from our school books the true foundation of our country which is a nation built under God. We as a nation, just as Judah did have turned away from God.

If God did not spare Judah which turned away from God and he is no respecter of persons as stated in the book of Acts, then who are we to think we will escape God’s judgment? Judah did not escape his judgment. We must face his judgment as well and in fact, his judgment has already begun.

We have had some alternating in good presidents and bad presidents and now we have a ruler God has ordained to lead us to our final destruction. How can this be so? What have we done about abortion in this society? What have we done about prayer in the public arena or even mentioning the name of God or Jesus? Where does anything that has the Ten Commandments written on them end up being placed or should I say get expelled to so no one can see them? Why has Christmas become such a bad word for our school systems and why are the carols that sing about Jesus banned? Why has homosexuality become so accepted as a right in this country when the Bible calls it an abomination? You tell me; has this nation turned its back on God or not?

When the kingdom of Judah began sending money to other powers to keep them from being attacked by those powers, it is obvious they had become so weak they could no longer adequately defend themselves against a major power. Today, in the United States, our president has agreed to give the United Nations one and one-half percent of our GDP to do with as they wish under the ruse of doing something about global warming and making our planet green. This shift in wealth is the beginning of the rise of the United Nations as a power.

Today, the United Nations is no power. It depends on the western nations and especially the United States for its finances. It is our money that props it up. However, in my book “Jeremiah’s Prophecies: The End of the United States,” the fall of the western democracies is going to occur and this includes the United States. Our wealth is going to be sent to the United Nations and the rulers of the western countries will be dictators or oligarchies. They will gladly send armies under the banner of the United Nations to give this organization the military might it has never had. The United States military will cease to exist as a significant power because this nation is broke and cannot continue to finance the U.S. military anymore. A financial collapse for the U.S. is inevitable. What military might we have will be sent to operate under the United Nations banner to fight the battles they deem worth fighting and not what we would deem worth fighting. In fact, foreign troops are going to be sent into the United States to quell uprisings in this country as chaos will increase in this nation after our economy collapses.

This is our future if we do not immediately repent now and turn back to God. God told me to write the book “Jeremiah’s Prophecies: The End of the United States” to give us this warning of his judgment and what will happen to us in the near future if we do not repent now. The United Nations will be given power by God in the near future to punish those nations who have turned their backs on him. This is that spirit of Babylon the Bible identified thousands of years ago and is talked about in the last days mentioned in the book of Revelation.


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