The Presidential Election Blues

It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t make a difference

Who it is that will win the presidential race.

It doesn’t matter, it really doesn’t;

If it’s Donald Trump, Cruz or possibly some young pheasant.


The real winner that will be, the one that is chosen;

Is the President of all that is presently broken.

Barack Obama, that old snake,

Has a plan that subvertly seals our fate.


Hillary is not the one, she is not important;

She’s just a queen that is really impotent.

She wants to rule, she has a plan to win.

But nothing can help her, because she is in sin.


Martial law is coming, that old plot.

It is being engineered to happen when things get hot.

Look for the riots to come, look real hard;

They will come upon us as quoted by this bard.


Our economy is tired; it is running out of steam.

It has been tweaked to fall apart at its very seams.

When it falls apart, when it collapses;

The judgment of God will start without any lapses.


What can we do? What can be done,

To save this country of what will surely come?

The answer is really quite simple, it really is

But people in this nation are more concerned about show biz.


The people in this nation keep looking at a man

To be the one who will save this country through some grand plan.

They put their trust into another fleshly lord

Who promises much but has no connection to the Spirit with the sword.


God is the answer, God is the one

We should be looking to, the one who has a Son.

He demands we repent, he demands it now.

If we don’t do it, then he will carry out his vow.


Destruction is coming. Destruction is near.

It will fall upon us and quickly fill us with fear.

We have turned away, we have thrown out God

From our lives on earth and think he is a clod.


It is because of this action; it is what we have done

In reminding God about us that we live by the gun.

We think he does not see us or need his good directions;

We think all his laws are fanciful inventions.


The presidential election; it will simply not occur.

It can never happen, because all will be a blur.

Chaos will be abundant. It will be everywhere.

It will make the most decent person scream, shout and swear.


If only we would listen, if only we could hear

What God is saying is coming to us in this natural sphere.

He is really warning us, he has been trying so much

To get us to turn around and avoid Satan’s deadly touch.


President Obama, the one with the spirit of a snake,

Will postpone the election for his own good sake.

He wants to rule; he does not want to step down;

He wants to make sure that we will always serve his crown.


He doesn’t know; he could never perceive,

That he is sowing the seeds for that which he would never receive.

He is the minister. He is the conductor,

Of all the bad that is coming, he is our instructor.


So, why turn your attention to politics? Why do you look

And hope for something to happen when all look like a crook?

The answer cannot be found. It cannot be observed

To be in any person, whether man, woman or bird.


Look to God if you want an answer. Look to him who richly saves.

He is the one, the only one who can stop President Obama and those he enslaves.

Our time is running out, it is really very short.

Everything will soon begin to happen, and then there will be no abort.


Listen to the signs. Listen with much intent.

The day is getting old and will soon be all spent.

The sky will soon darken, and the moon will not give its light

When God’s judgment on us begins, and then we will have no respite.


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