The Mistake in Attacking Iraq

We hear today the media and the Republican presidential candidates talking about the mistake of attacking Iraq. Was it a mistake? What was the proper thing to do at the time? What can we do to fix this mess we are in, today? The latter question is the truly hard one to answer, but if we examine the past, we can learn the answer to the first question.

If only we had leaders that would learn from the past. History does repeat itself, and we should learn why that pattern is a truth. The truth can be found in the spiritual world. When we talk about Iraq, we are also talking about ancient Babylon. The Bible is clear about the spirit that resides in this section of the world. It was where the cradle of civilization started in our world, and it is where man’s first rebellion against God occurred. The spirit that lives there instigated that first rebellion and now is ready to expand its presence back into the western world just like it has attempted in the past.

Its first attempt to expand its influence into the western world was with the Persians. They conquered the New Babylonian Empire bringing instability into the region of the world we call Iraq, today. With this instability it then proceeded to march into Europe where they attacked the Greeks. The Greeks were ultimately successful in repelling the attacks, and Alexander destroyed the Persian Empire to end this spirit’s attempt to move into the western world.

Its next attempt was with the Muslim expansionism during the early Middle Ages period. The Arabs conquered Iraq and Persia and went into Africa. From Africa they advanced into Spain where they were finally stopped. The Byzantine Empire (Eastern Roman Empire) successfully held them at bay near the center of their power until the end of the Middle Ages. Instability in Iraq again was a requirement for this spirit’s attempt to advance into the West.

Today, we have instability in Iraq, again. George W. Bush instigated the instability, but it was not until President Obama removed our troops in the region that then the true instability began. This is a foretelling of another attempt by this spirit to move into the western world again. Once again, it is the Persians this spirit is using to begin this attack against the West. Why did this happen?

No one will say this, not even the media, but George W. Bush in my estimation wanted to attack Iraq in the first place because he wanted revenge against Sadam Hussein because of his attempt to kill his father. Attacking for the reason given by him never made any sense. Many countries have had chemical weapons and that has never been a reason to attack them. When Obama was threatening to attack Syria, he was giving the same reason. That was not his true motivation. This spirit driving him wanted to create instability in Syria, and Obama was obeying its commands to create it. Now we can see what resulted from this instability in Syria and Iraq. We have ISIS mounting attacks against cities in both countries creating more chaos and paving the way for a true invasion from the East. ISIS is not the one entity about which we truly need to be concerned. They are just an instrument to create instability in the region for the power that will be sweeping through the region from the East.

I never wanted George W. Bush to attack Iraq. If we were going to attack anyone, it was Iran which made much better sense. They were and are on the way to creating nuclear weapons, and they are the power this spirit will use to advance into the West if we just look back into history and learn from it. Certainly Iran does not have a powerful military that can threaten the West, but there is more to this than we can see with our eyes that will be used in this invasion. We are talking about a spiritual invasion using the Persians to help achieve its goals. Turkey must be destabilized, and so look for instability to start occurring in that country in the coming months and years. It has already had some instability, but it is far from being a problem just yet. This spirit is working behind the scenes to create chaos in Turkey. Just give it time to succeed to help pave a path into Europe for this spiritual invasion from the East.

Ultimately, all of this instability will clear a path for the invasion from the East described in the book of Revelation. China will attack with its allies according to Revelation when the Tigris and Euphrates dry up. Such an invasion from the East occurred before with the Mongols, but notice that invasion stopped at the borders of the Tigris and Euphrates. They controlled the western shores of those rivers but never advanced further west. The main thrust of their invasion was north of the region in Russia. Those Eastern spirits are held back by God from advancing beyond those rivers until those rivers dry up. Then is when Israel will be attacked according to the book of Revelation.

All we can do to stop what is going on in this region of the world is getting back right with God. Today, we have been instrumental in causing the problems because of our leaders. It is because we are immoral that we have put into power men who do not know what they are truly doing. They are paving the way for the fulfillment of the prophecies of the book of Revelation. At the same time, these leaders are destroying the United States. Maybe at this point nothing can be done to stop the eastern invasion that will be coming, but at least we should be trying to save this nation before we become a victim of our own folly.


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