The Jeroboam Spirit

Who is Jeroboam? What is this spirit of which we are talking about when we mention the Jeroboam spirit? What does that mean for us today? I will try to connect the dots for you as we explore the spirit that wreaked havoc on the Jews thousands of years ago and is alive and well, today.

The kingdom of Israel began with Saul who reigned 40 years, followed by David who reigned 40 years, and then lasted another 40 years under Solomon. Solomon was the most powerful king Israel would ever know, but he put heavy burdens on his people to make Israel rich and powerful. The people of Israel had enough of those burdens upon Solomon’s death.

They came to ask his son, Rehoboam to lighten the burdens Solomon had placed on them when it came time to anoint him king over Israel. Among those there was a man named Jeroboam. He had been earlier anointed by a prophet to become the king of 10 of the Jewish tribes when Solomon died, and so he had waited in Egypt for the death of Solomon before he knew he would be able to safely return to Israel. Rehoboam would not listen to the people, so they rebelled against him and seceded from the kingdom. Rehoboam would remain king over two tribes, and his kingdom would be known as the kingdom of Judah from that day forward. Jeroboam would be anointed king over the 10 tribes that had seceded, and his kingdom from that day forward would be known as the kingdom of Israel.

You would think God would give Israel a very good and righteous king. Jeroboam turned out to be the undoing of the new kingdom from the beginning. He was an insecure person who would not believe what God had told him and would take any step he could to secure his position as king with which his fleshly mind could conceive. When God talks about all the bad kings that followed Jeroboam, he constantly refers back to Jeroboam who he said led Israel into sin. So, the question is: why did God make Jeroboam king in the first place?

We have to go back to King Saul to understand this answer. Israel grieved God when Samuel was the judge over the land by asking for a king like all the other nations had according to the Jews of the time. God saw this as a rebellion against him as their head. They did not trust God to give them a good leader, because secretly, they just wanted to do their own thing without God seeing what they were doing in their private lives. They were trying to shut God out of their lives in a way they could not even fathom at the time. They were spiritually separated from God, and so God gave them what they wanted. He gave them Saul who looked like a king, but like Jeroboam would be in the future; he was insecure, also. The Jews were getting a king that represented where they were spiritually. Saul would not follow God with all his heart and was very self-willed. He led his house to destruction, and so then God arranged for David to succeed him as king.

Jeroboam was the Saul of his time. Israel once again was spiritually separated from God, and God gave them the king that represented where they were spiritually. He was insecure and led Israel into idolatry and totally rewriting the procedures directed by God for worshiping laid down by Moses hundreds of years before. For example, the Levites who were the priests of Israel were not who Jeroboam made priests. He took the lowest of the people in his kingdom and made them priests. He literally was spitting in God’s eye doing things like this. The kingdom of Israel’s fate was sealed from that day. They would follow the sins of Jeroboam from this bad beginning and never depart from where he led them. The kingdom was doomed, although it would take 200 years for them to finally fall to the Assyrians.

The spirit of Jeroboam is among us today. It represents where we are spiritually. We have separated ourselves from God and now we get the leaders that lead us to our destruction. We cannot avoid the cycle of destruction without first repairing ourselves spiritually. We cannot save this nation by electing Republicans or Tea Party people, because we are getting the leaders that represent where we are spiritually. That cannot change, because we have not changed. If anyone wants to save the United States or any other country in decline, then we all have to get on our knees and repent now. There is no other way and time is just about out for us to save this nation from its complete destruction.


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