The End Times Trap

I recently came across someone who has apparently given many prophecies. One of these prophecies is that Obama will die in office. My only response to that is God will not be through with Obama until he has finished the job God has given him. To know what that job is, just read the other posts I have written.

The point I am driving to is that at this person’s website, there is a frequent mention of the Two Witnesses of Revelation. I studied what the person has written on the subject, and it is clear to me this person puts the Two Witnesses on par with Jesus. That is not scriptural. I will not go over what he has said, but the gist is no one can be saved if they reject the Two Witnesses. Salvation is not dependent on whether one rejects or accepts the Two Witnesses, but whether they accept or reject Jesus. It is true, if someone rejects the Two Witnesses message, they probably reject Jesus, but the Two Witnesses are not the way to salvation. That is an apostasy to decree that message.

This type of message is what often occurs with End Time teaching. Revelation, Daniel and other books with possible End Time scripture are scoured by people who take one bit of information and build what essentially is a religion out of it. I came across one such person in my church. He was caught up in the Free Mason conspiracy belief that some people have developed from what is said in certain verses in Revelation. I was talking to him when all of a sudden I saw the religious spirit that had a hold of him. This is a type of spirit that people can be grabbed by so to speak when they adopt a belief about what is going to happen in the end times according to their interpretation of Revelation and Daniel. It is a nasty spirit, and the person who has this spirit influencing them becomes offended very easy. This is exactly what happened with this person. He became offended that the pastor did not agree with him, so he left the church; a church in which he was an officer and had been going to for many years.

I came across this spirit again when a pastor’s wife had someone join in on a discussion on her wall in Facebook. He put out his belief about the end times, and I recognized that spirit. I warned her that this person had this spirit, and she then chastised me for saying something against the man. It was just the next day when she had to banish him from her wall when he became offended and was mouthing off at everybody else on her wall. I had warned her, but she did not believe me. This religious type spirit is what attaches itself to so many people who have their own personal interpretation of Revelation and Daniel. These people believe they have figured out what is going to happen and they get trapped by that spirit who feeds on this teaching, whether they or right or wrong about the subject. It is better to keep an open mind on the subject.

Another very famous teaching which is espoused by most of the religious elite television personalities is the Pre-tribulation Rapture. It is hard to find one that does not believe in this, and it has become established as the accepted doctrine of what will happen with the Church seven years before Jesus’ return. Never mind that there are scriptures in the Bible I can give that cast doubt on this interpretation and the fact that the early Church certainly did not espouse such a doctrine. The problem here is that there is no open mind about what might truly happen. Some espouse that what is said in Revelation has largely already occurred. I cannot jump on either band wagon, but people get upset when these doctrines are espoused or not espoused and will leave churches to find someone who will espouse their belief. I have seen it happen over and over again.

We must stop trying to figure out for ourselves what will happen according to Revelation and Daniel and just study the scriptures and wait for God to reveal to us the truth. We cannot form unmovable opinions on this subject without being grabbed by a religious spirit that feeds on such doctrinal beliefs. When we do that, that spirit will just cause division when instead there should be unity in the Church. It is time to grow up and stop letting doctrinal beliefs rule the roost. Christ is coming back for one Church; not several.


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