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What If Trump Wins?

November 6, 2016

Most everyone will have heard this by the day before the election, but the FBI has cleared Hillary Clinton, again? That is hardly surprising since Obama was mentioned in the emails from Julian Assange as knowing about Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server. The audacity coming from this administration which has been calling the shots for the FBI means one thing. They think they have the election in the bag.

In early September it was reported that Obama told Wolf Blitzer that he would be forced to take steps to keep Trump from taking office if he won the election. That turned out to be a false report. I have no doubt Obama wants to remain in office, but he is not stupid enough to make a public statement like that. If he does have plans, then we would not be privy to them until the unthinkable happened from their perspective. So, what is the truth?

The truth is God calls Obama a king and also a dictator, or at least the spirit that controls him which is the spirit of Nebuchadnezzar. This spirit can be transferred to another person, but not before that person dies. This spirit is a spirit of judgment. It is the spirit God used to judge the kingdom of Judah. So, unless we repent, I do not see this spirit relinquishing the White House. But, how could such a thing happen if an election has been held?

I do not know how things are supposed to shake out. God has not told me anything. I only know what is written in my book. I know once an election has been held, Obama has few options to remain in the White House if any. What if Trump won the election, could Obama stop him from becoming president? In studying the Constitution there is a path through the wording that can give Obama an opening, however there also has to be an excuse for him to extend his right to remain in office. That is where the major problem lies.

The wording in the Constitution that forbids him to remain in office concerns not allowing him to be elected for a third term. He is not running, so he will not be elected for a third term. This gives him an opening. However, where is the justification to remain in office? There is none of which I know that exists. Can he do it through martial law? Maybe, but there has to be a justification for him to establish martial law. A time of war would be one.

Supposedly, we are at war now against terrorism in the Middle East. I doubt that is the pretext he would use if he uses it at all. What is disturbing is his attempts and Hillary’s to suggest they will militarily take on Russia in Syria. Could he be that stupid? I do not know, but one thing I do know is that the spirit of Nebuchadnezzar drove Nebuchadnezzar to attack all the countries around him. We have not seen this in Obama at present, but Obama does not have total dictatorial control of this country, yet. That is one ingredient that has been lacking.

What we can say is that we know President Obama has no problem in defying the Constitution. In my book, God says,

The government of this country is being brought under total subjection to this new dictator. All of this nation’s
leaders will do him obeisance. This government will be completely stripped of its constitutional customs. Its laws will be ignored, ripped up, and discounted. This must continue until the time my judgment reaches its full end. Any effort to overthrow the tyranny that is coming will be frustrated and cannot prosper.

God says our constitutional customs will be completely stripped. That has not happened, yet. However, if Obama found a way to remain in office after Donald Trump was elected to office, then we could say our constitutional customs have been totally ripped up. God went on to say that any effort to overthrow this tyranny will be frustrated. Can you not see the Republican leaders in Congress doing obeisance to a man who has completely  defied our Constitution by remaining in office after Donald Trump wins the election? These same Republican leaders have been saying in significant numbers that they want Hillary to win over Trump. They would accept Obama as an alternative without a doubt.

God goes on to say in my book:

…the spirit of Nebuchadnezzar will cut up and ignore the Constitution of the United States. This spirit will enslave this country and bring his wrath against my church to stop my word of judgment from coming to pass. However, my word cannot be suppressed or halted. All the words I have pronounced against the United States will be fulfilled containing my wrath.

We have a choice. We as a church can repent now to stop these events from happening. We as a church need to be fasting and praying to God to prevent this spirit of Nebuchadnezzar from fulfilling its plans to judge this nation. We, however as a church need to get right before God, first. I do not think the church in the United States has repented to date. I think I would know if it has.

I do not know how Obama can keep himself in office after the election. What happens if both Trump and Pence are assassinated? I have not researched that, but would this make things easy for Obama to stay in office? What if Obama was assassinated? To whom would the spirit of Nebuchadnezzar pass? Hillary already has a Jezebel spirit, so I do not think it can pass to her. I would never suspect it would pass to Trump, although some in the church seemed determined to believe he is another Hitler. He does not have that kind of spirit, I can assure you.

It all boils down to repenting and turning this nation back to God. By praying and fasting, we would be humbling ourselves before God. God will honor us when we do that. This happened during the reign of King Jehoshaphat of Judah. He called for a fast when a great host from Moab and Ammon were coming to attack the kingdom. Jehoshaphat feared the end result and so called for all Israel to pray and fast. In the end, God honored their actions and saved them from that host. All that host died without anyone from Judah having to face the enemy. They simply went out and gathered up the spoil after the enemy was destroyed.

Today, is the day to act. The enemy certainly is not going to go out quietly if Donald Trump wins the election. You will see riots galore break out as the left tries to undo the results of the election. If their is a way to undo the election, the left will find a way to do it. If Hillary wins, then there is no question our judgment has begun. So, begin praying now! Begin fasting now! Without us turning back to God immediately, this nation is doomed in my opinion.

Certainly, I would like to think things will be rosy if Donald Trump wins the election, but I would not make the mistake of letting my guard down and think all of a sudden God will begin to bless this nation. Where is the fruit that shows us we would have God’s favor when we make the decision to think we can continue as before when we have done nothing to bring this nation back closer to God? We cannot bring this nation back to God without first setting ourselves and our own houses back in order first.



The United States Is Babylon?

October 4, 2015

I received a  spam comment with a link to a web-page that plays a video saying that the United States is Babylon, President Obama will die in office, and that Russia will annihilate the United States with a nuclear attack before the next presidential inauguration. Notice, they mean they believe Obama is the last president the United States will ever have, and thus the attack by Russia must occur before another president can be inaugurated. It must not have occurred to them that God will allow Obama to rip up our Constitution and remain in office beyond the expiration date of his presidency in 2017. That is a big occurrence to fail to see if they think they have the prophecies in the Bible figured out. Do they?

To determine if a prophecy interpretation from a person is correct, look for where the person interpreting the prophecy wants you to go. That is a first step to take. In this particular case, the person narrating the video said to start stocking up and prepare for the dark days ahead. What ever happened to “Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature!” That is the commission Jesus gave us. This video was saying that there was nothing we could do about the coming days ahead. God is not that way.

There are many examples in the Bible, so I will give this one. In the book of Jonah, Jonah is commanded to go to Nineveh which was the capital of the Assyrians and tell them that in forty days their kingdom would be overthrown, i.e. in forty days they would face judgment. Jonah eventually obeyed God unwillingly, but the result was the Assyrians from the king on down repented. When they did that, then God turned away from judging them and spared Nineveh. To say there is no hope is not scriptural. It is not our job to say there is no hope: our job is to preach the Gospel and try to prevent God’s judgment from occurring in the first place. I can tell you there is a spirit behind this message. It is not a spirit from God.

In my previous church, there was an officer of the church who was talking to me. I am assuming since I cannot remember the conversation that he must have been talking about this free mason conspiracy tied to end time events in the book of Revelation. I know he did believe in that theory. While I was talking to him, I saw the demonic spirit that was feeding on him believing in this conspiracy. I had no opinion about the free mason conspiracy belief, so what he was saying had no influence on me and on what I saw. I just recognized it while he was talking to me. It was a religious spirit. If you want to know what religious spirits are like, just think back to 40 years ago when Northern Ireland had the Catholics and the Protestants always bombing each other. That feud was instigated by a religious spirit.

I knew what would result from this demonic influence on this great Christian man. When the pastor would not accept his beliefs concerning this conspiracy, he left the church. I would see this same spirit operating in another person’s life a short time later. This person was getting involved in conversations on the wall of the pastor’s wife in Facebook. I recognized the spirit and warned her; but she scolded me for saying such a thing about the fellow. It did not take but one day, and she had to block him from her page. I know this spirit very well and will recognize it when I see it.

Maybe the interpretation about the United States being Babylon is accurate to a point. I know there are some similarities. However, I know there are differences, too. The end time Babylon is not the United States and only the United States. My book makes it clear there is another Babylon that is going to rise to power when the United States falls. It will fill the vacuum left by the departure of the United States from the world’s scene. The United States will still exist, but will no longer be the leading power in the world.

When our economy crashes in the very near future, our military will not have the money to operate very similar to what happened to the Russian military when the Soviet Union collapsed. We will be weak and no longer the leader of the world. Our dollar will no longer be the currency the world looks to for the its most important transactions. I do not believe our economy will be better than any African economy of which you can think after God’s judgment is finished with us. It will take a long time for this nation to ever recover and will not recover until God cleanses this nation completely and brings his people back into it to start anew.

Do not jump into believing these interpretations of scripture someone gives you. If you have the Holy Spirit, then let him guide you into what these prophecies and interpretations mean. There are so many conflicting interpretations, so who should you believe? Every person is fallible. The Holy Spirit is your only infallible guide. Check with him, first.

The last of the feast days until December are almost over and no bad event has yet occurred in the United States. I never said it had to occur on a feast day, but historically most bad events have happened on them. God knows when the first day of our judgment will begin, and I do not know the time it will commence. My feeling is it will be sometimes this fall. I always felt that from the beginning, but no date is given in my book or time when it will occur. The only thing God says is that Obama is a king and dictator, and so it can be concluded he will remain in office beyond January of 2017. God says in my book Obama will rip up the Constitution and will complete the work (judgment) God has put him in power to accomplish. So, Obama is not going to die anytime soon. Remember Hitler; no one was able to kill him. Only Hitler was able to take his own life. There were spirits protecting him from being killed. So it is with Obama.

Our days are numbered and as I said before, our job is to preach the Gospel and try to prevent judgment from ever occurring. God will spare this nation if it will follow the example of Nineveh in Jonah’s day. However, we have one huge disadvantage when compared to Nineveh. Our king will never repent. We will have to repent first if we want any repenting to be done by our leaders. The fact is, we have to take this nation back by force and be the leaders. As the leaders, we can be the king that repents and leads the rest of the nation to repentance.

Are you willing to stand up and refuse to have these evil laws rule our land any more? We have to stand up now or we will lose everything  in a very short period of time from now. So, today is the day to act. Do not wait for bad things to happen. When the market crashes, it will be too late, and no amount of repenting will save us after that point. We will totally reap what we have sown.





























































Death to the Police

December 19, 2014

If you heard about the protests going on recently in many cities across the U.S., you may have been struck by what the protesters were chanting, “Death to the Police!” or some facsimile thereof.  Can these people really be serious? Do we truly have that many people who do not realize what life would be like without the presence of the police? Is this a symptom of a great divide in our society? The answer regrettably is yes to all questions.

There is the one part of our society that hates anything that actually represents good in our society, i.e. “Do not commit murder!” “Do not steal!” “Do not anything that sounds like the Ten Commandments.” So, if that means anarchy, well in their mind it will not happen; they just do not think that far ahead. Then of course there are those who really do want anarchy. These are people who want to place themselves into power. It is for them, “All about me!”

I was reading the other day about a person who was an organizer of the Ferguson riot after the Grand Jury there did not indict the policeman. This person showed up at another gathering put together by Al Sharpton and was offended he was not given a VIP pass so he could take the microphone to spew off his hatred to the masses. This is a classic example of someone placing themselves as important and should be treated like a VIP everywhere that person goes. This is a great example of someone who thinks, “It is all about me.” This person wants to bring down this country and its leaders so that he will be at the top like Lenin was when Russia fell to the Communists. The same spirit that possessed Lenin possesses this person, and there is nothing good that results from this spirit.

Now we have discussed what these protesters want, but what about President Obama? He expresses a similar opinion and with his mouth sympathizes with them. But, is he sincere in what he has said? Let us consider his motivation in this matter. First, everything the President says is calculated. He knows who his allies are, and he is using them for his own ends. Secondly, he will step on anyone to get what he wants, i.e. he has no inhibitions on hurting people. Thirdly, what these protesters are doing plays into his plans. So, what are his plans?

When Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, Germany was similar to us in their form of government. They had free elections and representatives elected to a National House called the Reichstag. Hitler though got elected to be Chancellor of Germany and immediately began taking steps to make himself a dictator. It did not take him long to accomplish it. What did he do? First, his party did not have a majority in the Reichstag, so he had political opponents arrested (Look for that to start happening here). Secondly, he began writing his own laws. Does this sound familiar to you, today? (In Hitler’s case, his party passed a law enabling him to do it.)

The third thing Hitler did is what I want to concentrate on in this piece. Hitler took control of the police. In his case, Goering who later became the Vice Chancellor was put as the head of all local police. Hitler now had control over all local governments and police. What is happening in the United States, today? There is a call to retrain the police. Maybe the next step will be to put a czar over all police agencies. How can this be accomplished? It can be accomplished by withholding federal funds to state and local governments if they do not do the bidding of the feds. Almost all local and state governments will cry “Uncle!” when the feds make this demand. Thus, the state and local governments will give the nod to let a czar issue orders to all local police stations.

After this is done, a purging will be done of the police and loyal supporters will be brought in to strengthen the President’s control over all local police forces. Then things will start happening at a quick pace. With this just mentioned step, the President can then start purging out other political opponents in local areas rather than just Washington. Is this really likely to happen? Do not count on it not happening? The effort to gain control of our local police has already begun with the aid of all these protesters. Already, the police are becoming gun shy to stand up to many of these demonstrators. Look at what happened in Ferguson after the announcement of the Grand Jury. It was a free-for-all in that part of the city. Look for continued efforts to kowtow the police. All of this plays into the President’s hands. All of this plays into his plans.

Do not think that the spirit behind Obama will not repeat the steps that were taken by Adolph Hitler just over 80 years ago. People think that it cannot happen here because our Constitutional government is too strong for this to be repeated. But, we have been watching our President consistently ignoring our Constitution and creating his own laws. All of this has been happening just as reported in my book written back in 2009. God gave us a warning then, and it would be foolish to think that if God said Obama would be ignoring the Constitution back in 2009 before he had done such a thing, that his other warnings are not worth listening to by us. God said that this President will rip up our Constitution. So, right there, we should consider that more injustices are on their way for all of us to bear.

We need to wake up and realize there is a spirit out there that is going to cause more protests and riots out there. There is a spirit that will not rest until these riots bring a dramatic change that alters how we handle these situations. There is a second spirit that will use this chaos to gain control of our police and then begin a purge in our society to remove all elements that hint of God or political opposition. This spirit is in the White House and knows how to accomplish this. This spirit can succeed because we no longer serve the God of the Bible in this nation. That is the difference between us of today and us of 80 years ago when Germany’s government fell to the Nazis. Just as they did, we have lost our moral compass and have become vulnerable to the same attack that succeeded in Germany back in 1933.

Why the Threat of ISIS and Russia?

August 31, 2014

Solomon was the king of Israel for forty years after David’s death. God made him the most blessed of all kings. He was the richest man alive, and his father David had vanquished the enemies of Israel so that the realm of Solomon had peace on all fronts. As long as Solomon obeyed God, things went well in Israel; however there came a time when Solomon turned away from God to some degree and that brought trouble to his borders. How does that connect with us today in the United States? We shall explore that here.

In 1 Kings 11 it says, “But Solomon loved many strange women…for it came to pass when Solomon was old, that his wives turned his heart after other gods: and his heart was not perfect with the Lord his God…For Solomon went after Ashtoreth the goddess of the Zidonians and after Milcom, the abomination of the Amorites. And Solomon did evil in the sight of the Lord and went not fully after the Lord as did David his father. Then did Solomon build a high place for Chemosh, the abomination of Moab in the hill that is before Jerusalem, and for Molech, the abomination of the children of Ammon. And likewise did he for all his strange wives, which burnt incense and sacrificed to their gods.

“And the Lord was angry with Solomon, because his heart was turned from the Lord God of Israel…and had commanded him concerning this thing, that he should not go after other gods: but he kept not that which the Lord commanded…And the Lord stirred up an adversary to Solomon, Hadad the Edomite: he was of the king’s seed in Edom…And God stirred him up another adversary, Rezon the son of Eliadah which fled from his lord Hadadezer, king of Zobah. And he gathered men to him and became captain over a band when David slew them of Zobah: and they went to Damascus…and reigned in Damascus. He was an adversary to Israel all the days of Solomon, beside the mischief that Hadad did: and he abhorred Israel and reigned over Syria…And Jeroboam, the son of Nebat…Solomon sought to kill him, and Jeroboam arose and fled into Egypt…until the death of Solomon.”

Despite Solomon having peace on all fronts during his reign, adversaries popped up as a result of him turning away from God. Jeroboam in particular was the biggest adversary, because Israel would be split after his death into two separate kingdoms, and Jeroboam was appointed by God to be the king of the ten tribes that would break away from Solomon’s kingdom after his death. God raised up Jeroboam because Solomon had turned away from God. God has raised us up adversaries, today because we have turned away from God.

You will ask, we have had adversaries before in our past like Germany in two world wars. So, what is the difference today? Solomon’s kingdom was the most powerful in the region. No one could stand up to them, so his kingdom had peace. When Solomon’s heart turned away from God; that had a result of weakening the kingdom and adversaries took notice and rose up to take advantage of the situation. Before WWII, we were not the most powerful country, but arose at the end as the most powerful country.  So, we have had peace all these decades since, except for wars we chose to fight on foreign soils. There never arose an adversary that would take us on outside of the threat the Soviet Union posed during the Cold War. However, the Soviet Union collapsed, and then there was just us as major player on the planet.

When we turned away from God as wholly as we have today; this had a result of causing God to raise up adversaries to us. The sin in this country that is multiplying unchecked today has weakened this country so much, that other people and countries have taken notice and are rising up today to take advantage of this situation. ISIS has come into existence to be a God ordained adversary to us. Russia has begun an expansionist policy. China is threatening to do the same. The enemies of the U.S. have taken notice and are getting more emboldened every day. There is no way to stem the tide unless this country turns back to God. God has called these enemies into action because we have abandoned him; so does it not seem to reason the only solution to get rid of these threats is to turn back to him?

Solomon was unable to rid himself of his enemies, because his heart was not perfect with God. Despite being the most powerful country in the region, he could not get rid of those enemies. Do you think we will fare any better? Proverbs 16: 7 says, “When a man’s ways (or even a country’s ways) please the Lord, he makes even his enemies be at peace with him.” God brought these enemies into being, and only he can remove them. So, there is plenty to worry about in this world, today. These threats are real and extremely sinister. Evil cannot remove evil; it only replaces it with evil. It takes good to conquer evil. Unfortunately, there is nothing good coming out of this nation these days. So, we have to turn to God to be able to replace the evil that is presently around us. That is what God requires us to do.

Dangerous Times

March 18, 2014


Look at what is happening in the world. Look at the Russians on the march. Look at a president who cannot take a real stand. If you have any insight at all, you know it means we have moved into dangerous times. It is when countries with bad intentions get very bold and act when they see all potential adversaries too weak and indecisive to fight back against them.

This was how the world was before WWII. Hitler saw weakness in his potential adversaries and he acted on those signs of weakness. He invaded one country after another without any fear and being truly challenged. He knew he could move troops into Austria, Czechoslovakia and Lithuania without incident. He knew the West was so weak and their leaders were so weak, he could give the reason Putin adopted to invade part of the Ukraine. The weakness being shown now by Obama and the other European leaders has only emboldened Putin to go further than he already has gone without fear of true retribution. What are we going to do?

The fact is we in the United States are on a permanent slide downhill to destruction. God makes it clear in my book; our economy is not going to recover. We are determined to let things continue to decline morally in this country, and God is bringing judgment on us because of that moral decline. With us out-of-the-way in the near future, who will there be to stand up to the Russians or any other powerful malefactor? With such a vacuum, a major war cannot be avoided. You can be sure a major war is coming.

God is not just judging us, but he is judging Western Europe, also. They like us have turned their backs on God. Our Christian roots sprang from Western Europe, but throughout the West, God has been abandoned and replaced with a false god of moral depravity and false illusions. When you think you can make life better without God, you are truly full of false illusions. When you say there is no equality in life between groups of people, you are saying, “God is not just, but I am just.” But God says, “There is none righteous, no, not one.” (Romans 3: 10) All of us in the West are on a fast track to destruction. We are on a fast track to having a new evil empire rise that will judge all of us for throwing God out of our societies.

My book covers the rise of a new empire. It talks about Russia and what awaits it. It talks about the freedoms in the West we have enjoyed for the last 200 years disappearing and the oppression that is coming into our lives. We can see this oppression growing in power in this country every day. We can see a president who does not abide by the Constitution, and all the oppressive laws he has helped Congress enact with the Supreme Court’s blessing. If you want to turn back the clock to the freedoms of the past; think again. That will never happen without us putting God back on the throne in this country, first.  We are in a predicament that is very bleak indeed, and the world is growing more dangerous all the time while our resources dwindle to nothing since we have chosen to spend money we do not have.

Russia has no true adversary to stand up to it today. Putin knows Obama will not stand up to him in any meaningful way. There is a vacuum coming that is going to drive the world into war, and a final end time empire is going to rise to fill that vacuum the United States is going to leave when its economy collapses later next year. So, now is the time to get back right with God. Now is the time to reclaim this country for God. If we do not do this, then the disasters of the book of Revelation will be upon us, and do not expect a rapture to save you.

If you are not concerned enough about the people around you now while you are still walking the Earth, why would you think Jesus would come back to take with him a Church in retreat rather than a victorious Church? He is coming back for a bride. He is not coming back for someone who is in rebellion against his command to us before his ascension into Heaven. He said, “Therefore go, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and of the Holy Spirit: teaching them to observe all things whatever I have commanded you.” (Matthew 28: 19-20) Have we been doing that? No, people are simply waiting to be raptured, and to hell with everyone else is for the most part what we are observing from God’s Church. Christ is not going to rapture that kind of Church. Maybe you should reevaluate what God truly says about the rapture of the Church and when it truly occurs. Jesus is coming back for a victorious Church; not one that has been defeated. He wants to be proud of his bride and not ashamed.


Why Attack Syria?

September 3, 2013

Why do the liberals and Obama want us to attack Syria? Is it truly for humanitarian reasons? What about what was going on in mainland Europe just prior to and during WWII. There was a lot more death of innocents going on then than there is in Syria today, but liberals said nothing about going to war then until we were attacked by Japan. What is the difference between Nazi Germany and Syria of today? That is what I will concentrate on in this piece.

We had heard about atrocities occurring in Europe during WWII, but that never phased us. We were content on helping give the British supplies, but were insistent in not rushing into the war ourselves. We did not enter that war for humanitarian causes. The same could be said about WWI. Stories were coming to us about German atrocities, but we refused to get involved until we felt we had been attacked by Germany. Humanitarian causes have never been a reason that nations go to war with other nations until recently. What is the cause of this mentality to pick a fight for humanitarian causes rather than for strategic reasons?

Notice, it is always liberals who promote going to war or picking a fight with nations for humanitarian causes. They decide which humanitarian cause is enough of a provocation to go to war and meanwhile ignore worse humanitarian disasters going on elsewhere in the world like in Africa. Why ignore Africa and try to pick fights with some of the countries in the Middle East and even middle European countries? What is the logic behind such instigations?

One thing you can notice is that they always want to fight from the air. They want to avoid American deaths at all times. That would be bad PR. If an attack involves ground troops, then they are too fearful to act. There is an agenda behind their words. However, I do not believe they really know what the true agenda is or realize they are being manipulated by a strong demonic force.

So, why attack Syria? For one thing, Syria is no match for us. It is too easy to destroy what they have and not suffer any loss ourselves. That makes it easy for liberals to support this attack. If this was a humanitarian disaster occurring in Russia, you know the liberals would never consider such an attack. They are thus not consistent with the views they say they have. They would basically say nothing and for the most part look away. If it is bad in one case, then it is bad in all cases. At least they should speak up about it in other countries and not ignore it like they do in Africa. Please, be consistent!

The tie between Syria and Nazi Germany though does exist. What is that common thread? It is the Jew. In Nazi Germany, Jews were being killed by the millions. In Syria, it is the potential to start a war against Israel. Assad has made no efforts to attack Israel unlike his father, and thus many of the enemies of the Jews want someone else in his place who will attack the Jews in that region. This is because Satan is calling the shots. He tried to destroy the Jews prior to and during WWII, and he wants to destroy the Jews, today. Obama and the liberals are simply following orders.

The effort to remove Assad is meant to have Syria’s leaders replaced with a terrorist organization like the Muslim Brotherhood. They are eternal enemies of the Jews, and it is important to surround Israel with enemies that want Israel’s destruction. So you see, it is important the Muslim Brotherhood regain control in Egypt and take control of Syria. God however has something to say about this plan. Assad will be removed as mentioned in my book, but it will happen in God’s timing and good will come out of it in the end. God is going to cleanse what is rotten in Syria. He does not want to destroy Syria.

Satan is the one calling the shots.  Except for Obama who has his secret agenda, liberals cannot truly tell you why they want to attack Syria;  because they are blinded to what drives their emotions. Satan pulls the strings, and they like puppets react to the puppet masters pull. They want to attack Syria, not because of humanitarian reasons, but because they are driven from the inside to create chaos for the Jew even though that reason may elude their conscience mind. They are lost souls that need salvation so they can wake up to what is really going on behind the scenes in the spiritual world.

Jeremiah’s Prophecies

October 13, 2009

God instructed me to rewrite the book of Jeremiah for today. It is specifically written for people in the United States in which God is calling on its people to repent or face His rapidly approaching judgment. God calls on the church to repent and do what it takes to save the U.S. from destruction. The title of my book is “Jeremiah’s Prophecies: The End of the United States.” In this book, prophecies are given for the United States and other countries.

This book gives prophecies on who will win the next presidential election. It reveals the spirits operating in Washington D.C. leading the U.S. to its demise. It gives prophecies on coming end time world events which coincide strikingly with the prophecies given in the book of Revelation. It describes events leading to the end of the Gentile Age as prophesied in the book of Daniel.

If you want to know what the future holds for the world and the U.S., then this is the book to read. It hints at who the Antichrist may be as well as the events that lead to Armageddon. Some prophecies are open to interpretation, but the prophecies in this book clearly coincide with the end time prophecies found in the Bible.

Here is a short excerpt from the book:

“Look now and see that the spirit of Nebuchadnezzar is already in

your land. Look at the havoc it is causing. Your divisions are greater

now than they have ever been. This spirit named Nebuchadnezzar will

finish the work he has started on the United States. Only turning to

Me and repenting for your sins can turn my wrath from you. Your cities

will fall to the enemy as he rapes your land. No leader shall escape the

tenacity with which the enemy will lunge at him. Nebuchadnezzar will

charm him with his words and stab him in the back. Those who flee

in time will leave this country, never to return.

“It is a right move to free those who are brought under tyranny,

but the hearts of the leaders of America speak of such things only to

deceive. They seek power to increase their importance. It is out of their

selfishness they speak of being a champion of the disadvantaged. Because

these leaders speak one thing and then do another, I shall bring their

sins down on their heads. They have disregarded Me as important and

cast Me aside for their gain. Therefore I will remove them from their

positions. I will make their names a curse. All who voted for them will

speak of them as dishonest and dishonorable. They will be ruined and

will never rise again to power. They have lived their lives as the privileged

but will end their lives in poverty. I have noticed their actions and their

words and have written down their hypocrisy in my book.

“You leaders of the United States, I hold you responsible for the

deceit and corruption in your hearts. You have neither hearkened to my

words nor had pity on the poor. You have passed your laws in secrecy

hoping no one would find you out. You feed yourselves with privileges

and dole out crumbs to those who serve you. I am delivering you into

the hand of the enemy. I will make you the crumbs for the birds to eat.

I will take your riches and give them to others. I will make you helpless

before the army that will supplant you from your seats. Washington,

D.C., will be given to the enemy to plunder and destroy, never to rise again.”frontcover