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Those in God’s Church That Can Save This Nation

May 22, 2016

Why is Trump being promoted by God if there will be no election? That is certainly something I have been wandering myself to some degree. The answer could be complex, but there is one thing in particular that has come to me to explain why God has elevated Donald Trump. Thus, I will be examining why this is happening today in the United States so we can all understand the situation in which we find ourselves in this nation.

It all starts with the question, why do our leaders and especially those in the church stay silent when politically incorrect speech is shouted down by those who try to enforce political correctness? It truly is hard to find any political or spiritual leader that will stand up to politically correct dogma being propagated by the media and others. Donald Trump has proved to be an exception. He is one who does not cow to politically correct speech enforcement. God is using him to show the church that those who make up his church can fight back against political correctness and win. However, I know that even this is not enough to give God’s church the backbone to fight back against the politically correct speech that afflicts us.

Now you may ask, why am I saying God’s church will not have the backbone to stand up to politically correct speech when the church is being given an example that we can defeat it if we try? It all boils down to our leaders. We see our political leaders cow to politically correct speech, and we have seen in the past how our spiritual leaders have also crumbled before politically correct speech enforcement. Do you remember 9/11? I can remember Pat Robertson suggesting God was giving us a warning we were on the wrong path when this event occurred, but as soon as the media and others criticized him for saying what he did, he backed down from his statement. Other church leaders did not dare speak out either after they received some blow-back. So, what does this mean? The answer will explain why this nation is doomed for judgment unless other people in God’s church get involved to save this nation.

In the Bible we have examples in Jesus’ time how that the spiritual leaders of that time were more concerned about appearances than strict adherence to God’s word. They certainly talked it up for everyone under them to follow God’s law to the letter, but their status was more important to them than those to whom they were ministering. Jesus even condemned them for giving an appearance of fasting so that they would appear to be so holy to the common people. Their hearts were not right with God.

Today, in the United States our spiritual leaders are more concerned about appearance. That is why Pat Robertson backed down back in 2001, and it is why our spiritual leaders today will not stand up against politically correct speech. Over these last several decades, decadent practices have been allowed to become law and our spiritual leaders have not led a charge against these laws. The church as a result has remained silent while Satan has been and continues to be busy destroying our culture. We need others to rise up from God’s church to lead a revolution in this country.

Basically, it all boils down to our leaders wanting to hold onto their positions. They fear if they rock the boat, they will lose their positions. So, God’s word takes a back seat to their fear of wanting to hold onto something that God gave them in the first place. But, by doing this they are making the same mistakes King Jeroboam of Israel made. He was Israel’s (the Northern kingdom’s) first king and given many promises by God of blessings upon him if he would walk in God’s laws. He, however began to fear he would lose his position as a king and ended up leading his kingdom onto a path of destruction that his kingdom could never cease to go down. The end result for the kingdom of Israel was judgment.

Fear is the opposite of faith. Our spiritual leaders have no faith in God’s promise for their ministries prospering if they would preach the Gospel just as it is written in God’s word. When these leaders receive push-back from the media and others to adhere to politically correct dogma, they cower in fear that they will lose their ministries and thus their positions of which they worked so hard to obtain. This means they no longer believe the promises God gave them in the beginning regarding their ministries. Over time, pride came in to blind them so much that they have forgotten God’s promises to them.

This is why the only solution to save this nation is on the backs of those in the church who are under our church leaders. Those especially who have some positions and/or responsibilities in the church are best suited to help organize those in their churches and unify with others in other churches to make a stand in this country against the ungodly laws that now dominate our society. We need the church to shut down our government at all levels where necessary to bring back righteousness in this nation. We need unity in standing together across this country to force our government to give in to our demands. Show our leaders across this nation who truly is in charge. If we do not do this and allow these unrighteous leaders to remain in charge, then in the next few months, we will get what we deserve.

Donald Trump is not the solution but only our example from God that we can win against the dark forces that now rule this nation. One man cannot save this nation, but a universal changed heart of the people who comprise this country can save it. After all, it was all of us collectively departing from God’s laws that have brought us to this point, and thus it is only us returning to God that can reverse the course that has brought us to the point of judgment.

President Obama has no plans to leave office in November, so unless we repent he will make sure there is no election so he can remain in power. The decision to save this nation is in the hands of God’s church. Those under the leaders of our churches are the ones who must act. Our church leaders are never going to act. They have to much to lose in their eyes to do anything. Act today, God’s church!


The United States Is Babylon?

October 4, 2015

I received a  spam comment with a link to a web-page that plays a video saying that the United States is Babylon, President Obama will die in office, and that Russia will annihilate the United States with a nuclear attack before the next presidential inauguration. Notice, they mean they believe Obama is the last president the United States will ever have, and thus the attack by Russia must occur before another president can be inaugurated. It must not have occurred to them that God will allow Obama to rip up our Constitution and remain in office beyond the expiration date of his presidency in 2017. That is a big occurrence to fail to see if they think they have the prophecies in the Bible figured out. Do they?

To determine if a prophecy interpretation from a person is correct, look for where the person interpreting the prophecy wants you to go. That is a first step to take. In this particular case, the person narrating the video said to start stocking up and prepare for the dark days ahead. What ever happened to “Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature!” That is the commission Jesus gave us. This video was saying that there was nothing we could do about the coming days ahead. God is not that way.

There are many examples in the Bible, so I will give this one. In the book of Jonah, Jonah is commanded to go to Nineveh which was the capital of the Assyrians and tell them that in forty days their kingdom would be overthrown, i.e. in forty days they would face judgment. Jonah eventually obeyed God unwillingly, but the result was the Assyrians from the king on down repented. When they did that, then God turned away from judging them and spared Nineveh. To say there is no hope is not scriptural. It is not our job to say there is no hope: our job is to preach the Gospel and try to prevent God’s judgment from occurring in the first place. I can tell you there is a spirit behind this message. It is not a spirit from God.

In my previous church, there was an officer of the church who was talking to me. I am assuming since I cannot remember the conversation that he must have been talking about this free mason conspiracy tied to end time events in the book of Revelation. I know he did believe in that theory. While I was talking to him, I saw the demonic spirit that was feeding on him believing in this conspiracy. I had no opinion about the free mason conspiracy belief, so what he was saying had no influence on me and on what I saw. I just recognized it while he was talking to me. It was a religious spirit. If you want to know what religious spirits are like, just think back to 40 years ago when Northern Ireland had the Catholics and the Protestants always bombing each other. That feud was instigated by a religious spirit.

I knew what would result from this demonic influence on this great Christian man. When the pastor would not accept his beliefs concerning this conspiracy, he left the church. I would see this same spirit operating in another person’s life a short time later. This person was getting involved in conversations on the wall of the pastor’s wife in Facebook. I recognized the spirit and warned her; but she scolded me for saying such a thing about the fellow. It did not take but one day, and she had to block him from her page. I know this spirit very well and will recognize it when I see it.

Maybe the interpretation about the United States being Babylon is accurate to a point. I know there are some similarities. However, I know there are differences, too. The end time Babylon is not the United States and only the United States. My book makes it clear there is another Babylon that is going to rise to power when the United States falls. It will fill the vacuum left by the departure of the United States from the world’s scene. The United States will still exist, but will no longer be the leading power in the world.

When our economy crashes in the very near future, our military will not have the money to operate very similar to what happened to the Russian military when the Soviet Union collapsed. We will be weak and no longer the leader of the world. Our dollar will no longer be the currency the world looks to for the its most important transactions. I do not believe our economy will be better than any African economy of which you can think after God’s judgment is finished with us. It will take a long time for this nation to ever recover and will not recover until God cleanses this nation completely and brings his people back into it to start anew.

Do not jump into believing these interpretations of scripture someone gives you. If you have the Holy Spirit, then let him guide you into what these prophecies and interpretations mean. There are so many conflicting interpretations, so who should you believe? Every person is fallible. The Holy Spirit is your only infallible guide. Check with him, first.

The last of the feast days until December are almost over and no bad event has yet occurred in the United States. I never said it had to occur on a feast day, but historically most bad events have happened on them. God knows when the first day of our judgment will begin, and I do not know the time it will commence. My feeling is it will be sometimes this fall. I always felt that from the beginning, but no date is given in my book or time when it will occur. The only thing God says is that Obama is a king and dictator, and so it can be concluded he will remain in office beyond January of 2017. God says in my book Obama will rip up the Constitution and will complete the work (judgment) God has put him in power to accomplish. So, Obama is not going to die anytime soon. Remember Hitler; no one was able to kill him. Only Hitler was able to take his own life. There were spirits protecting him from being killed. So it is with Obama.

Our days are numbered and as I said before, our job is to preach the Gospel and try to prevent judgment from ever occurring. God will spare this nation if it will follow the example of Nineveh in Jonah’s day. However, we have one huge disadvantage when compared to Nineveh. Our king will never repent. We will have to repent first if we want any repenting to be done by our leaders. The fact is, we have to take this nation back by force and be the leaders. As the leaders, we can be the king that repents and leads the rest of the nation to repentance.

Are you willing to stand up and refuse to have these evil laws rule our land any more? We have to stand up now or we will lose everything  in a very short period of time from now. So, today is the day to act. Do not wait for bad things to happen. When the market crashes, it will be too late, and no amount of repenting will save us after that point. We will totally reap what we have sown.





























































Message to Kim Clement Followers

August 28, 2015

I have received an email from Kim Clement who says he is going to talk about the predicted financial collapse. He says his followers are writing him worrying about what others are saying is coming to the United States regarding a financial collapse. I am certainly one of those who have been saying such a collapse is coming. I am going to go out on a limb here and guess what he is going to say to his followers. The question is in the end: which of us are you going to believe?

When I say I am going out on a limb in guessing what he is going to say, I do not believe I am going too far out on the limb. I know what he has said in the past, and I know that he has said he purposely will not prophesy judgment coming on America. The problem with that kind of mentality is obviously: what if God did tell him such judgment is coming to America? With this conviction on his part, he says he will disobey God rather than reveal this to his followers. God says, “To obey is better than sacrifice.” (1 Samuel 15:22)

For those of you, who want to believe all that Kim Clement has said in the past, watch out for making him an idol in your life. He can miss God just as well as any other prophet. He did say in the 2008 presidential race that McCain would win. He was wrong. In January of 2007, I remember him having a prophecy out that was clearly describing Rudy Giuliani as the next president. He later changed to McCain when he became the Republican nominee for president. He misses prophecies all the time; it is time to listen to God yourself and not depend on him.

What does your heart tell you about what is coming to the United States? If you are a born again Christian, you have the Holy Spirit residing in you. What is he telling you about the coming days? What I can tell you is that God cannot bless that which is cursed. God cannot bless this country when it is murdering babies at an astonishing rate. God cannot bless that which allows homosexuals to marry. God cannot bless a country that will not let him be in public life. The Soviet Union banned God from their government, and we are doing the same. You can see how we march toward being just like that system with God being an enemy to the state. How can God bless this nation when we and especially our Supreme Court thumbs its nose at him? The answer is obviously; he cannot.

I have heard Kim Clement say he does not believe judgment will come on America because of all the missionary work that has come from this nation to the rest of the world. He basically thinks this outweighs all the sins going on in this country, today. He apparently believes God depends on the United States to spread the Gospel to the world. He should think again. In Luke 19, we have the story of Jesus entering Jerusalem. As he is entering, the people were greeting him spreading their clothes out before him and shouting praises to God. They were rejoicing as Jesus entered Jerusalem. The Pharisees who were religious leaders told Jesus to rebuke those who were rejoicing and praising God. Jesus said in verse 40, “I tell you that if these (people) should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.” Jesus was serious. In other words, God does not need the United States to spread the Gospel. He could use the stones on the ground if necessary.

The United States is in very bad financial condition. Just listen to those who are financial experts. They have been saying since this last large dip in the stock market how we are not on a strong financial footing. One expert who knows very well what is holding the market up today is saying the stock market will eventually crash and go down to 5800 points in the Dow Jones Average. Gold will then soar but then come back down to below $800 an ounce. We cannot keep borrowing money and think there will not be a day of reckoning. There are spiritual laws which are the driving force and substance of our natural laws which must be obeyed. There is the spiritual law of sowing and reaping. What you sow, you will reap. If you sow debt, you will reap the consequences of keeping that debt. The United States continually increases its debt every year and will never cease to increase that debt. Our politicians are gambling on there being no day of reckoning. They are having a pipe dream.

The world is in a worldwide rebellion against God. Christians are being murdered in the Middle East by ISIS. Who is really trying to stop them? The United States is certainly not giving much effort. This rebellion against God means judgment must come. It is not only coming to the United States, but the United States is going to be hit the worst. We were once his witness to the world. Today, we are telling the world that God is unimportant and in fact is the cause of all the evil in the world. All the righteous laws of God are called an abomination by the dominant culture controlling the United States. People who stand up and try to defend God’s moral laws are quickly attacked, silenced and called evil by the media and those most prominent in leadership positions. Evil people control our culture to spread their polluted agenda on all of us living in this country. We are the true minority in the United States, today. Our opinions are now obsolete.

Follow the following link to hear what is coming to this nation.

The person speaking in the video has predicted many of the events that have occurred the last few decades. This person predicted the financial crash of 2008. He says this next crash is going to be much worse. Why would it be much worse? The truth is we are not on the same financial footing we were before the crash of 2008. Our debt has increased, and all the financial markers declare very clearly that another crash could be catastrophic for us. We have fewer people working in full time jobs, more debt, the smallest worker participation rate since Jimmy Carter was president, and social programs that are on the brink of bankruptcy. Now you can add Obama care coming into full force to put more financial strain on the system. All of this spells disaster on the horizon.

The next crash will destroy our credit system. Our country is completely dependent on the credit system. Do you pay cash for everything? Do you have enough cash in your residence to pay all your bills? What would happen if the credit system ceased to exist tomorrow? The farmer has to borrow money to produce the food we eat. Those machines they use to till the ground and collect their large harvests cost scores of thousands of dollars. They have to get loans to buy that equipment. The companies that buy the food farmers produce buy it on credit. They have to package the food that is sent to those who sell the food to the public like grocery stores. The trucker has to buy a truck which costs over $100,000 to ship the food. He has to have a loan to buy that truck. He can only function by using our credit system. The grocery stores have to buy the food on credit to give to the public. You see that everything in our country operates on credit. When our credit system breaks down, then nearly all activity will cease. The banks will close, and you will not be able to get access to your money. What will you do then? People will not accept credit cards, because they are now useless. They will demand cash only. What is coming goes along perfectly with Rebecca Sterling’s vision. People will not have the money to buy food and riots will break out. Grocery stores will also run out of food since no food can be trucked. Gasoline will be scarce. This is what awaits us after the next crash. Is this the world you want for yourself and your children?

Do not believe good times are coming for America. Kim Clement is wrong in this case. You have to listen to God for yourself. What is he telling you? You do not have to believe me. It is better if you hear from God yourself. I am simply a voice like that of the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah who is warning you of where we are headed if God’s church does not repent and take back this nation before it is too late. We are the only ones with the power God has given us to save this country. We have to act. We have to rebel, protest and demand these unrighteous laws be removed from the books. We have to take back our culture, today or tomorrow will come. Then, all the bad just mentioned in the previous paragraph will come to pass. Our time is almost up to act.

Leaving the United States

July 15, 2015

There is an issue that has come up to me lately and is present among many who are prophesying about the days of judgment fast approaching the United States. The issue is whether Christians should flee the U.S. or not. I also need to talk about the issue of whether Christians should prepare for the days ahead after judgment begins on the United States. For those who stay in the U.S., should they prepare? The answer may seem obvious for the last question, but there is a twist to that issue of which Christians should be aware. I will address these issues as precisely as I can.

Unless we repent (God’s Church in the U.S.), then there will fall judgment on the United States this fall. Unless Christians rise up in a massive protest and refuse to take no for an answer against all the unrighteous laws governing our society right now, then the end has come for our country. Will you, (God’s Church in the U.S.) repent and act now to save this nation? This is truly the only question that really matters. The rest becomes academic after this.

Let us deal with the latter matter first of which I mentioned. For those who stay in the United States, should they prepare for what is coming regarding God’s judgment on this nation? There is nothing wrong about preparing, but where is your heart? Are you concerned about your neighbor who is lost? What do you think Jesus told you just before he ascended into heaven? “Go into the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16: 15) If you are preparing for God’s judgment on this nation and ignoring your neighbor who is lost; what good are you doing for them and this country for that matter? You are letting it continue down the path to destruction. This kind of action is not pleasing to God.

Having observed a little bit of the Jim Bakker program in recent days, I observed they were telling people to prepare for the coming judgment, but they were not saying anything about what we need to do to take this nation back from those evil people who run this country.  I must add they are no different from the other Christians shows I have observed to this point in time . They like to tell us about the prophecies about the destruction of this nation coming, but they do not tell us to rise up against the evil that reigns in this nation and take this nation back for God. This is an errant message.

If no one rises up to save this nation, then it can only fall, and then we are breaking God’s commandment to preach the Gospel to every creature. Preparing for the end and not fighting back to restore this nation back to God is a selfish act. These Christians are only showing concern for themselves and their families over concern for the lost. After all, the lost cannot turn from their sin if we do not witness to them. This nation cannot be saved if Christians do not point out its sin and stand against it.

If you are preparing for the judgment on this country and not fighting to save this nation from its destruction first and foremost, then you will be swallowed up in God’s judgment regardless of whether you have prepared for this judgment or not. You cannot escape God’s wrath when you are standing outside of God’s will. When you are in sin, then you are open to the consequences of sin. Yes, you are outside of God’s will when you do not do what Jesus told you to do just before he ascended into heaven. A light must be on the top of a hill for all to see. “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” (Matthew 5: 16)

On the Jim Bakker program, they were saying about the Christians who prepare by massing large stores of food for the days to come, that the lost will come to them for food, and they will be a witness to them of how well God provides for his children. These people were simply making an excuse to selfishly stock up food for themselves and hoping to justify themselves before God by saying they will then be a witness to the lost when the bad days come upon us. There is a demonic spirit behind this kind of reasoning.  Selflessness is putting others ahead of you over your desires. We do not see selflessness in this case. What does God say about this in my book? He says,

“The appeasers in this country will come to my prophets asking
for a word from God, hoping to hear my judgment will not finish its work. I tell those who have the spirit of Zedekiah operating in their lives that they will not escape my punishment. They have allowed the evil to go on in this country, including the attacks against my church, while hoping their prayers to Me would be enough for them to escape my wrath. I speak to you who have Zedekiah’s spirit inside of you: you will face my judgment. I warned you to turn from your sins or else your land would be judged, but you have never listened. Turn to those who told you good times are coming to the United States and seek their help. They are the ones on whom you have always placed your dependence. Put your trust in them. Can any man deliver himself from my wrath? Ignore my words and put your trust in your riches and let us see whose words will stand.”

What does that last sentence say again? ” Ignore my words and put your trust in your riches and let us see whose words will stand.” For those who are storing food and provisions for the days to come to protect themselves from God’s judgment on this nation without fighting to save it, then they are trusting in their riches to save themselves. What did God say in the previous sentence to that one? Can any man deliver himself from my wrath?” Do you think you can escape God’s wrath when you have not even sought God for yourself to know what he wants you to do first?

The majority of these people about which I am talking are simply following the suggestions of these television ministers and have not heard from God themselves. Prophecy does not work that way. This is errant teaching. Rise up now and fight the evil in the land first, and then in the meanwhile you can prepare for what is coming if you so desire. God’s commission to you is to save the lost and not let the evil reign. Do not try to put the cart before the horse and say, “I will prepare first and then think about trying to save this nation.” It will then be too late to act. Saving this nation requires more than praying for revival. Saving this nation requires action. “Faith without works is dead.” (James 2: 26)

 Now regarding the first issue mentioned in the introductory paragraph: “Being a Christian, should I flee the United States since it is being judged?” What do you think would be the answer to that question? If you hear any prophets telling you to do this, should you listen to them? I can tell you to run away from such prophets. Unless you hear from God yourself, first, you should not listen to these people.

Prophecy gives people instruction, correction and confirmation. You can learn how to move into a closer relationship with God which involves instruction, or if you are in error God can expose where you have missed God. However, I have experienced prophets missing God in the latter area and causing harm to the people to which they are witnessing. It is dangerous to go so far and not recognize what message comes from God and instead comes from the enemy. That prophet needs to be sure it is God’s voice or not say anything at all. There are so many prophets on the Internet today who are prophesying false things because they cannot recognize God’s spirit. I am not immune from missing God myself. I am not going to tell someone they are in error when I am not sure I am truly hearing from God.

The area that these prophets are abusing when they tell God’s people to flee the United States is in the area of confirmation. Have you heard from God to leave the United States? No prophet can tell you to leave the United States except through a confirming word. That means, God has told you first to leave, and then the prophet confirms that word to you by telling you the same thing. If you have not heard from God first, then ignore that word from that prophet.

If a prophet says all Christians should leave the United States, then that is a false message. Corporate messages do not apply to all of God’s people. Each person has their own destiny and ministry from the Lord. You are always going to find that God leaves a witness in every part of the earth. Your job is to find out what it is that God wants you to do. Ask him, “Should I leave the United States, or should I stay and minister to others here?” Only God can answer that question for you.

We are entering into days of decision for this nation. Will God’s Church rise up to save the United States or will it let it fall. Our job as Christians is to do all we can to save this country. If we do not do that little, then there is no hope that judgment from God on the United States can be averted.





The Church, the 700 Club and Misplaced Priorities

August 15, 2014

What caused the Catholic Church to lose its dominance in Europe? What caused the Protestant Church in Europe to lose Europe to secularism? What are the mistakes being made today by the Church in the United States? I will explore the answer to these questions by bringing up the main causes that connect these same questions.

The answer to all three questions can be summed up partially by saying, they had misplaced priorities. The Catholic Church turned to ceremony and did less in the area of salvation and preaching the Gospel which was the calling given to the Church from the beginning by Jesus. Salvation does not just mean to save one’s soul, but to heal the sick and to make a person whole physically, spiritually and mentally. The Church turned away from healing sometime soon after the patriarchs like the Apostle Paul and all the others died and let people who were only in the Church to promote themselves take charge in many cases. As a result, the Catholic Church split and the Protestant Church also came into being. What was left of the Church as described in the book of Acts ceased to exist.

The Protestant Churches turned to ceremony, likewise in time and stopped listening to any further revelation God would try to give them. They became stale over time and then became concerned about how many people they could attract to grow their churches rather than placing the Gospel at the forefront of their thoughts. Many churches remained effective through the decades, but it has really been a slow death just as described in the Book of Revelation when the seven churches were written to by John. Each church described represents a period of time the Church has gone through these last two millennia. The last church, (the church of the Laodiceans) represents today’s Church as a whole, and Jesus says if it does not change, he will spit this Church out of his mouth.

Now, what are the misplaced priorities plaguing the Church in the United States, today? The Church here has lost its moral compass. It has let the United States decline to moral degradation of extreme magnitude without standing up against it. As a result, with this country on the verge of collapse due to judgment from God, The Church does not even recognize the true problem this nation has. They see a major threat to this country and think praying for a solution to this threat is what they need to do, but never realize they are not getting to the root of the problem.

I heard a few days ago Pat Robertson of the 700 Club express his great concern over the expanding threat of ISIS. He called for prayer by the television audience against this threat. He was missing the boat just as the mainstream Church in the United States is missing the boat. He thinks ISIS is the threat, but never realized that it is the Church being unrepentant in this country as being the problem. ISIS is a threat because this nation will not repent and turn back to God. The ISIS threat exists, because God has called them to be a threat to this nation. Therefore, God will not answer their prayer to stop ISIS. Pat Robertson does not understand, and the Church as a whole does not understand. They have their priorities wrong.

What the 700 Club needs to be doing is to help lead this nation as a whole to repentance. They need to recognize that all that is befalling us today is because this nation has moved too far away from God. These problems are upon us because we have abandoned God in this nation, and God has called for all of these things to come upon us to destroy us. The people of the kingdom of Judah did not listen to God through Jeremiah, and the 700 Club and the Church are not listening, today. If they do not start help leading this country back to God now, then this nation is most likely doomed.

So, the Church can continue to have the same priorities it has had for so many decades, and it can continue to turn a deaf ear toward what God says is sin. They can let the moral degradation in this nation continue to increase and never lift a finger against it, or it can finally take a stand. If it refuses to get up out of its comfort zone,  and continues to allow the threat of losing its Tax Exempt Status to stop it from acting, then there will be nothing to stop the United States and its freedoms from being completely wiped out in a few short months to come.

Satan’s Plan: Destroy White Culture

July 22, 2013

Lately, in the wake of the Trayvon Martin case, we have been hearing an unending attack on white culture. Althea Butler, an associate professor of religious studies at the University of Pennsylvania typifies the attacks on white culture the media has been blasting on the airwaves without ceasing saying, “But see, I was coming after their god (white people’s). I was not coming after the God of the scriptures, the God we know, of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I was coming after the God they worship, mammon; the god they worship, racism; the God they worship, white supremacy. Thank God I got a great institution that takes care of me. I have tenure. I can’t get fired.”

Can you feel the hatred from these words? White people are the enemy oozes from her being. The God I know does not consider white people as his enemy. Satan is the enemy and those who will always do his bidding until the day they die. Can this professor tell us from what culture Christianity reached our shores? Can she tell us from what culture the Constitution was created? It is the majority culture in this nation from which Christianity reached these shores and has propagated the Gospel to the world. It is the white culture that Satan fears will be reasserted to ruin his plans for destroying us. This is why Satan is leading this attack on white culture. He leads his army of human minions to ceaselessly blast white culture to permanently destroy its influence on our society. Where you see hate, you see Satan’s hand.

This is how empires have fallen in the past. This is how Satan plans to destroy us. The culture that makes a society great gets undermined over time and the society that made it great decays. When that society is no longer the majority culture, that nation no longer has the ability to stay together. It fractures and falls. You can see how we have been decaying while the birthrate of whites has declined to the point that more whites died last year in this country than were born. The minority cultures have been growing stronger and stronger and we can all see the results. Supporting illegal immigration is now a politically correct position. Muslims being allowed to pray in our schools while Christians cannot has become perfectly acceptable. I can go on and on, but the bottom line is that the white culture that brought this country to greatness is under assault, and unless we rise up, it will decay to the point of a national collapse.

Satan knows his only real threat for destroying our freedoms and our worship of the true God (not erringly portrayed by some liberal professor) is by attacking white culture through the media and portray it as the real problem in our society; portray it as the real enemy. We have been seeing this continuingly since the verdict came out in the Trayvon Martin case. Satan has seen an opportunity and told his minions to call white culture evil and for people to rise up and bury it forever from our presence. Unfortunately, Satan is on the verge of accomplishing his mission. This culture is on life support now. Christianity is on the verge of letting Satan destroy this nation. If we (Christians) do not turn back to God now and put him back in charge, then the only result will be total chaos and a collapse of our society and freedoms. The Constitution will be in the scrapheap of history.

We are in this situation because we have let the demonic spirits and ignorant people in this nation have their way with our culture.  They have a spiritual vacuum in their heart and are intent on bringing all of us down with them to hell. They have determined in their heart they will defy God, and as a result they want to remove God completely from our society. That is the true agenda here. It is Satan behind the scenes controlling these people trying to defeat God and take us all to hell with him when he meets his end. Are we going to let Satan do this to us, or are we going to rise up and defeat this being Jesus already defeated on the cross?

The Grasshopper Complex

January 6, 2013

Moses sent 12 spies into  Canaan to spy out the land. They went throughout that land and brought back fruit to show the people how prosperous was the land. Nevertheless they brought back an evil report saying, “We came into the land where we were sent, and surely it flows with milk and honey. Here is the fruit of it. Nevertheless the people are strong that dwell in the land, and the cities are walled and very great. Moreover, we saw the children of Anak there. The Amalekites dwell in the south, and the Hittites,  Jebusites and Amorites dwell in the mountains: and the Canaanites dwell by the sea and by the coast of Jordan…We are not able to go up against those people; for they are stronger than us…The land through which we have searched eats up its inhabitants; and all the people we saw in it are of great stature. And we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come from the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so were we in their sight. (Numbers 13: 27-29, 31-33)

God promised Israel he would give them the land of Canaan. However, ten of those spies saw those giants and became fearful. They began wondering how they could defeat such a people. They took their eyes off of God and looked at their circumstances. They had a grasshopper complex. They were too small and weak to take on such an enemy. Today, we have a church that considers itself too small and too weak to stand up to the United States government taking away its responsibilities. When will God’s people ever learn that God backs up his promises?

During the last century, the government has made great inroads on what used to be the church’s domain. The government has become the number one charity giver to the poor. The government has become the number one educator of this country’s children. The government has been kicking the church out of the public sector without hardly a whimper from the church. What happened to God’s church? Why have they let this happen? With the decrease of the responsibilities of the church, the U.S. government has grown larger. They have filled the void the church left when it decided to let the government take over the things it was doing when this country was founded. What a mess this has created for us all.

In 1913, a lot of things happened that changed the course of this country. I will not go over what happened then here, but the foundation was laid for the nightmare that we are going through now. The IRS would later come into existence and begin threatening churches with taking away the tax-exempt status it enjoys today (if you can call it enjoyable). The Church became afraid to stand up to anything the government did after this event to protect its status. It showed it valued money more than God’s word by doing this, and even the mighty CBN is afraid to lose this status. Could we say that these churches and organizations are worshipping a false god?

God demands faith. “Without faith, it is impossible to please him.” (Heb. 11: 6) Where is the church’s faith? Where was Israel’s faith? Israel looked, and the church looks today at their circumstances, saying “We are not able to go up against those people (this government); for they are stronger than us.” “I  can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13) Notice, the word says, strengthens me.” God gives us the power through Jesus to stand up and overpower a repressive government that has filled the void the church left in the first place. It is time for the Church to stand up. It is time for the Church to stop seeing themselves as grasshoppers. When are they going to do this?

What is the solution? The Church needs to stop letting the IRS dictate what, when or where it can say anything political. It needs to take back our schools and allow our children to pray in them. It needs to search high and low for those in need and let them know there is a God who will meet their need instead of depending on the government. It needs to help educate those in need and help the unemployed find work. It needs to take back what the enemy has stolen.  Jesus preached the Gospel not through words only, but by healing the sick and delivering all that were oppressed by the devil. He did it through a manifestation of power. Note: (If you want your congregations to grow, try adding this to your services and ministries).  Is the Church doing that today? Some are, but most are not. Most do not even believe in the power of God.

Our government is only going to get larger and more oppressive with an absent church. More and more of our rights are going to disappear, and more and more immorality will reign with no check from the Church to stop our fatal moral decline. God has been very patient with us over many decades, but his patience has now run out. Watch what happens these next four years if this nation’s churches do not wake up.