Solomon’s Praise

In 2 Chronicles and 1 Kings, we read about the praise Solomon received from the king of Tyre and later by the Queen of Sheba.  God had given Solomon honor and greatness to go with the wisdom God said he would have to judge his people.  Solomon exceeded all kings before him and after him in wealth and honor.  After he had built the temple and his own house  along with another house for his Egyptian wife, he lost some direction in his life and turned away from God to some degree.

What I am going to concentrate on is the way Satan attacked S0lomon.  This honor and this praise built up Solomon’s ego and resulted in him becoming high-minded.  Satan was behind this in getting Solomon to become high-minded.  What were the manifestations that came to fruition in Solomon’s character as a result of this high-mindedness?  He began thinking of himself more highly than he should and as a result, he began seeing himself as always right about all things.  One could not disagree with him or that person would face the consequences of his wrath turning on him or her.

Jereboam was anointed at God’s command to rule 10 tribes of Israel after Solomon’s death.  Jereboam, although not a sterling character had not done anything to stir Solomon’s wrath on him at this time, but Solomon sought his life for being in his mind an adversary to Solomon.  Solomon’s ego had been built up so high and found fertile soil in his heart to grow, that Solomon now could not abide anyone who was not in agreement with him.

Barack Obama has had the same thing happen to him.  So many people have heaped praise on him that it has found fertile soil in his heart.  You cannot disagree with him and thus he has this Solomon or Nebuchadnezzar narcism controlling his thoughts.  People refer to him as the Messiah, and he does not try to dissuade anyone from heaping this praise on him.  Why?  Because, he is in complete agreement with such statements.  This is what we face today.  He will not compromise with his stated goals, and he will not play to the polls to achieve his ambitions.  He will keep trying until he crushes all opposition.  He will attack without mercy all who stand up to him or oppose his policies.

“Jeremiah’s Prophecies: The End of the United States” tells us what the end result will be for this country by having a Nebuchadnezzar personality in charge of this country.  Obama wants to lead us into a communist dictatorship and God will let him if we do not as a nation and especially those in his church repent now for allowing this country to turn so far away from God.  God is more and more everyday being expelled from our nation and society.  God help us if we do not repent now.  Uh oh, I forgot; God will not help us if we do not repent now.


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