Selfishness on Display

To get God’s word out to the world, there needs to be total selflessness by those who comprise God’s church. This is not about what can I get out of spreading God’s word, but rather what does God want me to do to spread the gospel?  I wish I could say there is total selflessness among the big name ministries, but that is just not the case. 

Many years ago, I got a message from God to give to Jimmy Swaggart when his ministry was at its apex. I wrote him a letter to tell him I had a message from God for him and I would pay my way to go see him. I got an answer from one of his subordinates basically saying, “No thanks.” It was only a short time later that his huge ministry came crashing down because of his sexual impropriety. God was using me to try to warn him of reaping harsh things if he was not going to repent. He turned down a word which could have alleviated a lot of what he ended up having to endure. The lesson for this story is to listen to God when he sends a messenger. 

Unfortunately, the big name ministries are like a clique. If you are not a big name celebrity or part of the select brotherhood, you will be basically ignored. If you approach them with a message you have from God for them and they do not know you, your answer will be, “Thanks, but no thanks.” This is not the way it should be. We should be receptive from anybody God sends our way. We of course have to judge if God did send them, but to dismiss them outright when they are no name people is quenching the Holy Spirit. 

CBN is guilty of this. They concentrate on celebrities to invite to their program which of course they do for ratings (audience interest), and they ignore those who are not celebrities. On occasion they will bring somebody on the 700 Club who is on the rise in notoriety, but if they have never heard of you, you are not of significant importance to them. They give stories of common people at times, but notice it is always someone who gave money to CBN or called the 700 Club so their program will get a plug. There is where you can see a display of selfishness. Our concern should be on advancing God’s kingdom without trying to see what we can get out of it by plugging our program as the 700 Club constantly does. If you concentrate strictly on advancing God’s kingdom without trying to promote yourself, then God will take care of your finances and needs. 

God instructed me to write the book “Jeremiah’s Prophecies: The End of the United States.” I know God wants to get the message out in this book which is a call on God’s people in this country to repent. You would think, CBN would think this is an important message to get out to this country, but because they do not know me, it is “Thanks, but no thanks.” Pat Robertson went on the 700 Club at the beginning of 2010 and said that God was going to judge this country because it has turned away from God. He offered no solution to the problem. I sent him my book earlier which says the same thing, but in my book it offers the only solution to save this country from God’s judgment. Will CBN listen to me? No, they do not know me, and just like Jimmy Swaggart, there will be consequences f0r rejecting a messenger God sends, even if it does come from a source of which they consider to be of insignificance.


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