Misinterpretations Can Be Deadly

This is a piece of a prophecy given to me earlier this month.

“There are different levels of ability to see. You know it depends on an awakening or an opening of eyes so that we are able to see. And God says he is going to open your eyes in a greater sense so that you can see things beyond your ability to see them on this plane. He is going to (pause); there is an anointing that he wants to place upon your eyes so that you can (pause); when you look at something, it’s like you are piercing through all the mess, and you are able to see right into the situation as it’s supposed to be seen .

      And so God says, be prepared to have a wisdom and a revelation past any kind of past experience. That he is going to give you that because of the level he is going to bring your eyes open to, and as your eyes are open in that sense, the wisdom and revelation are going to come to what to do in this situation.

      So, it is a gift he is bestowing upon you because of you having been tried in the past, and you have passed certain tests and certain trials in your past and have come to a place where he is going to expand in you something. And as you go forward, it is just going to be as if a veil has been taken off your eyes, and you are able to see things in a greater sense. But, it is really because of your obedience in the past. It is because of where you have placed yourself in his hands in the past. And at this time in your life there is going to be that wisdom and revelation that is going to carry you forward. You’ve got many, many, many, many, many things to do in these latter days.”

God is going to expand my ability to see through all the mess, i.e. all that is going on in the world around me. I will be able to see what is really going on which the physical eyes cannot see. That is a gift I already have. It is a gift I have been operating in on this blog. God is going to expand my ability even more in this area. He is going to enable me to know what to do when I see what is coming my way. Having said all that, now let me tell you about a dream someone had as an example of how misinterpretations of things like dreams lead us in the wrong direction to solve the root cause of the problem.

“I saw the planes falling. The Lord showed me a very alarming dream a few nights ago, it was a now word, this is the time for us to pray over the airlines.

I saw 2 planes going up and then as if the pilots shut off the engines, they fell vertically until they fell into a ball of flames over the city. Both airplanes were US based. One was government (I will not release the type) and the other was a commercial airline (US Based) – and these were deliberate suicide attacks from the pilots.

This prophetic dream was very vivid and I believe it is a warning, a call, for the body of Christ to pray over the airlines, over the government officials, and to decree the Kingdom of God. I felt great fear – I knew in the spirit that more airplanes were falling all over the US.  Yet, I saw a grievous lack of concern over the people – a lack of concern for the lives lost and the imminent attacks. I believe this is the time for us to pray and speak forth the Kingdom of God over the air.  I am praying and I ask you to stand with us in prayer.”

To understand a prophetic dream, one must know that they come with symbolism. What first appears to you in the dream can be a creature like Daniel saw or a setting. These will almost assuredly be symbols. When the baker had a prophetic dream of carrying three baskets of food to Pharaoh, the setting was him carrying these baskets. They were symbols of his former position but were not going to be what happened in the future. Birds came to take the food out of the baskets the baker was carrying to Pharaoh. He was trying to stop them from getting to the food but without success. The dream turned out to mean that in three days he would be executed. When something bad is happening in a dream, expect it to mean something bad is going to happen.

Now, examining this dream shown above, the symbolism is the planes. There is the reference to 9/11 in this symbolism. There are two planes identified as a government and a commercial plane. That means it concerns our government and our society at large. The suicide attacks across the country mean the whole country is affected. All of this part of the dream is symbolism. The part that is important for us to understand is the apathy of the people in the nation to the events.

We know that the people in this nation would not be apathetic if attacks like this were coming against a multitude of cities in our nation. So what does the apathy mean? It shows the Church at large in this country does not really care enough about where we are spiritually and morally in this nation. The Church at large is willing to let things continue to decline spiritually and morally as it has been doing these last few decades. The Church does not want to rise up and stand against all this that is happening, today. They are too comfortable taking a back seat to all that is happening. Thus, I am reminded of the scriptures in the Torah,

“For when I shall have brought them into the land which I swore to their fathers that flows with milk and honey; and they shall have eaten and filled themselves, and waxen fat; then they will turn to other gods and serve them, and provoke me and break my covenant.” (Deuteronomy 31:20)

The people of the Church at large have waxen fat. They are too lazy and comfortable to stand up to moral deprivation increasing in our nation. They have gods of leisure ahead of God in their lives. They are guilty of breaking God’s commandment of “Thou shall not have any other gods before me.”  This dream addresses the apathy in our Church which means judgment is coming to all of us in this nation. This dream’s symbols simply show another judgment is coming to our country just as 9/11 was a warning from God to get back into a right relationship with him. The dreamer is missing what the dream truly means.

Let me first say, that in the Bible there are no examples I can think of where a person who had a prophetic dream was able to interpret their own dream. One exception could be Joseph whose dreams symbolized him reigning over his family. These were exceptionally easy dreams to interpret. The Bible never says Joseph understood the meaning of the dreams, but more than likely he fully understood their meaning. So, do not expect the person who has a prophetic dream to correctly interpret it unless the interpretation is obvious. Now, I will go back to the interpretation given by the person who had this dream. Here is where I can show you why that interpretation leads us down the wrong path.

When one deals with a cancer, treating the symptom is not going to successfully heal that person. One has to treat the root cause of the cancer for there to be a chance a healing can occur. This person’s interpretation is treating the symptom of the nation’s problem. This person is not addressing the root cause of what brings about the events in the dream. The events are symbols and do not mean mass suicide attacks are coming but rather any of a multitude of events could occur. The symbols simply are showing us judgment like attacks are coming in our future since we have placed other gods before us in this nation ahead of God. These events will strike at all facets of our society including the governmental and private parts of our nation. No one is safe except those under God’s protection.

We have to address the root cause which causes this judgment coming on this nation. We have to repent and put God back in charge in this nation. We have to stand up to this increasing moral deprivation in our society and say, “No more!” We have to be willing to forsake those leisure activities in our lives and be willing to suffer arrest and imprisonment. We have to take a stand against our own government and make those in Washington, D. C. not only take notice but tremble before us as they see God standing behind us with his power pushing us forward. We have to take a stand. We have to obey God. God is showing us what is going to happen if we do not act right away. God is showing us our future and how dim it is if we do nothing.


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