Leading This Country Back to God

I have received a comment that says the United States is basically on a free fall to destruction. What was said may be true, but the manner in which the whole comment was written was quite distressing. I could sense in the person we are getting what we deserve, and it was good we were getting it. God is a God a judgment, but he also is a God of love and mercy. God takes no pleasure in bringing judgment upon us. That is why he is offering a way to escape our judgment if we will just repent.

The kingdom of Israel under Solomon began turning away from God. Solomon, himself led the way in turning Israel from God when he got older and let his wives and concubines worship their gods. He raised up altars and groves to those false gods, and yet God throughout the ages kept remembering the Israel that existed under David. He did not destroy Israel for David’s sake, but he did divide the kingdom into two separate kingdoms because of Solomon turning away from obeying God’s commandment for not worshipping other gods. God knew that by dividing the kingdoms, one of those kingdoms would last longer by not completely casting God out of their hearts and minds. Ultimately though, both kingdoms did fall, because they both abandoned God as the United States has and were destroyed. Now, it is our turn.

What we must do is repent and turn back to God. If we do that, we will get the heart of God and want to save our neighbor instead of wanting him to receive the punishment he deserves because of his sin. We can be angry this country has turned away from God, but at the same time, we need that heart of mercy that comes from a relationship with God that allows us to see we all deserve punishment. We need to remember God is available to provide us a way of escape back to him.

In 1 John 3:14 says, “We know that we have passed from death into life, because we love our brothers. He that does not love his brother abides in death.” And who is our brother? Jesus answered that with the parable of the Good Samaritan. A Samaritan (Samaritans were despised by the Jews) helped a Jew who had been robbed and left for dead. The Jewish clergy did not help him, but a despised Samaritan did. Our brother is anyone in need. Our brother is our next door neighbor still trapped in his sins. Our brother is President Obama who is leading this country to its destruction. It is any person. We need to love them and want mercy for them without condoning their sins. Until we turn back to God and truly place God back into the position of being the one this country truly honors, we will continue on the path we are now on leading us to destruction in this country. We need to fight against those things that are being inflicted on this nation that are harmful. Homosexuality is destructive and that agenda must be defeated, but we must all remember, God loves the homosexual and wants to free him from his bondage. Sin always brings bondage. We all have sin strongholds in our life that are holding us in bondage to some degree. The solution is to repent and turn back to God first. Then we can get the heart of God and see our neighbor with love and want to help them. We will then be looking to lead them to God; and it is a relationship with God by the people of this country that can lead this country back to him. There is no other way.


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