Government Service

In 1 Kings 12, the people came to Rehoboam asking him to lighten their load.  If he would do that, then they promised to serve him.  Rehoboam told them to come back in three days.  Rehoboam first received advice from the old men who advised Solomon.  They essentially advised him to grant them their wish or that is to be a servant to the people.

Rehoboam then turned to the young advisers he had and they advised him to not lighten their burden, but essentially to increase their burden.  In other words they were advising him to make the people his servants or servants to the government.

What was the result of this?  Rehoboam turned against the counsel of the old men who advised Solomon and followed the advice of the young men.  Instead of having the government be a servant to the people, he chose to make the people a servant to the government.  That is what is going on today in the United States.  Obama and his administration as well as the Congress controlled by his party choose to make the people of the United States their servants. The American people must serve the government.  They want to make all the people dependent on them by taking their money they worked for so the people will always be at the beck and call of the government.

In my book, “Jeremiah’s Prophecies: The End of the United States,” that is what is being described in the book.  The government has turned away from God and created a power vacuum at the top those in the government want to fill in with themselves.  They cannot acknowledge God because they want to be the ones the people of the United States serve.

It is going to take the people in God’s church to turn things around.  The people leading this country are not going to change.  Any prophets prophesying our leaders will turn to God are fooling themselves.  Satan is behind this deception.  We in the church have to turn from our own individual sins and begin praying.  After this we must stop voting for those who rule and start voting for those God calls to run for office. Those God calls to run for office must in turn obey God.  In addition, those God calls to be a judge must do what is necessary to become just that.  It is time to stop being in rebellion against God’s desires and start finding out what God truly desires.  We have no more time to fool around with politics as usual.  God is not going to wait for us to dilly dally on acting.


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