Disaster to Come

The Bible mentions the earth drinking in the blood of Abel who was slain by Cain. “And now you are cursed from the earth, which has opened her mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand. When you till the ground, it shall not henceforth yield to you her strength.” Genesis 4:11-12. From that day, I believe the earth began to violently react to sin in this world. From that day, hurricanes, earthquakes and other violent storms began to affect man. Maybe such phenomena already existed on other planets or perhaps not, but God created a perfect earth that was 100% efficient until sin was found in the world.

The earth today reacts to the sin that is in it. It does randomly have naturally occurring events that can strike the innocent and the guilty at anytime anywhere on this planet. God does not usually if other than he rarely does, cause a naturally occurring disaster happen at any specific location on earth. It is the randomness of the earth reacting to and trying to blot out the sin that has caused it to create such disasters. No one is safe anywhere on this planet except when God chooses to intervene and prevent such disasters.

When the United States was first formed, the people in this country still honored God as their head. Leftists of today try to paint another picture, but anyone who studies the founding and the first settlers that came to this part of the world know it was God these people were seeking to worship without government interference which was going on in Europe. Today, we in this country have largely abandoned God and now we are going to face the consequences. When we honored God, there is no doubt he protected us from so much, and that has to include natural disasters. Certainly, we have had them throughout history, but when people seek God and pray, disasters can and often will be blocked by God from occurring. I can think of one such instance I will not go into here. The point is, we have abandoned God and now he will no longer protect us from any disaster coming our way.

Many months ago, God spoke to me about a coming disaster. I announced it to my church, but have been reluctant to say anything here since my blog was first started. I have wrestled with this and prayed about this thinking all along that a general audience is not the one to which I should give this prophecy. However, this keeps coming back to me, and so I have concluded God wants me to give this prophecy to a general audience. I was reading Ezekiel 33:33 which says, “And when this comes to pass, (and it will come)  then shall they know that a prophet has been among them.” I believe for God’s message to get out to this nation about coming judgment, God wants to show the world that there is a prophet in the world  to whom they should listen. That is not because I am something special, because there are others who are saying judgment is coming to this country, also. But God did tell me to write the book, “Jeremiah’s Prophecies: The End of the United States,” and it is important for people to know that what I am saying is going to happen to the United States will come to pass if people do not listen to the warnings given in the book.

This is what God said to me: “There is a coming storm for the state of California. California will be struck by a tsunami.” What God did not say to me is when it will happen. It could be days away or months away. I do not believe it will be as late as 7 years from now. God will be allowing this to occur to wake people up about coming judgment if they do not turn back to him in this country.

Can I be wrong about this prophecy? Yes, because I am human, but when I give a prophecy, I like to make sure I was hearing from God first before I deliver it. Some prophets just speak thinking it might be God. I am more cautious. If I make a prophecy, I would not bet against me. I do not want to miss God one time on any prophecy. If I hit the mark on this prophecy, then maybe you should consider what I have written in my book will also come to pass. There is only one way to save this country from its coming destruction. There is little time left to turn things around. The answers are given about what we must do in my book, but will anybody really be interested in finding out what we must do? God most certainly one way or another is going to get our attention.


One Comment on “Disaster to Come”

  1. H Davies Says:

    It’s not easy to give hard words but I applaud you for doing so. I hope people will get your book. I have read it and I know it was written in obedience to God.

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