Close-Minded Opposition


In Acts 22, Paul is speaking to the Jews who have been beating him thinking he had polluted the Temple with bringing a Greek into the Temple. He gives his testimony of his conversion to Christianity and concludes with the commission God had given him of spreading the Gospel to the Gentiles. Immediately when the Jews heard this, they grew violent again and the Romans took him away from the crowd to a place where they kept prisoners. The Jews thought the Gentiles were never to be allowed to have any kind of relationship with God. Ironically, the Muslims think the same things about the Jews today.


This episode begs the question of why didn’t the Jews know that it was God’s idea to bring them into his fold? They heard God’s plan from Paul and rejected it immediately without listening. They were close-minded. Are you close-minded? If you have read the prophecies I have given in this site, do you reject it immediately if it does not agree with your doctrine? Can you be sure God has not given me this word? You measure a prophet by whether his or her prophecies come true or not. Does the prophecy have any agreement with the word of God? One needs to examine the word and make sure it is possible it could be true. One can misinterpret scripture and think they are right and the prophet is wrong, but at least that is beginning to examine a word like it should be done. It is very dangerous to reject a prophecy outright without the Holy Spirit confirming it is right or wrong to you. If you do not have Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, then you cannot know by the Holy Spirit these things, because you do not have a relationship with God.


So many people think having a relationship with God is by being good and committing good acts or deeds. That is wrong. God looks for whether you have repented and asked Jesus to come into your heart and save you. That is all it takes. Man was born into sin, and remains in sin until he calls on the second Adam, Jesus, to come into his heart and save him. If you have sin in your life, then you are guilty before God and will stand before God to be judged at the Great White Throne Judgment. All who appear at this judgment will be found guilty and face eternal punishment in the Lake of Fire. One person told me we will be judged by how we treat the poor. Yes, that is true if you have rejected asking Jesus into your heart to save you. You will be judged on all shortcomings you have at the Great White Throne Judgment and will be found guilty. In James 2:10, the Bible tells us that if you commit one sin, you are guilty of breaking all of God’s commandments. You cannot justify yourself before God with your works.


Do not be quick to think you are right and reject a word immediately. Consider the scripture and let the Holy Spirit confirm the word to you. An example of this is marriage and divorce. Many believe by the scriptures that one cannot get a divorce without breaking God’s commandments. However, in the book of Ezra, the Jews who had married Gentiles were told to get a divorce. Conversely, in the book of Ruth, God orchestrated the marriage between a Gentile, Ruth, and a Jew, Boaz. Why the inconsistency? It is because God’s general rule is that a person of faith should not marry someone who is lost, but in the latter case, God had a plan. Through the marriage of Boaz and Ruth came David and later Jesus Christ. Rejecting someone’s word without conviction from the Holy Spirit is not wise and is outright dangerous. I know of another case where I believed at one time two Christians could not divorce. God however showed me that divorce was necessary for a particular case, because that person had married another Christian outside of His will, and he had a plan for that person to marry someone else to begin a new ministry in another country.


Again, do not convince yourself you are right and close your mind to words a prophet, minister or person of God delivers. That word needs to be examined whether it follows the word of God or not and then there needs to be a Holy Spirit conviction that the person is wrong first (but not from an ideological or religious dogma view). To reject such a word outright will put a person into opposition against God which is a losing proposition if the person of God is right. And then to criticize that person can bring God’s wrath on the person who does this, because he or she is basically attacking a man or woman of God who is delivering His word.




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