After the Election, Bad Times a’Comin

I prophesied early last year that the Republicans would win the House back. Now, that prophecy has been fulfilled. This was back long before there was a Tea Party and Obama was still in his honeymoon period.  Now everyone feels things are going to get better with the Republicans back in power. My book, Jeremiah’s Prophecies: The End of the United States”  makes it plain that things will not get better in the long run. The Tea Party will not be our savior but will only lead us into a false sense of security causing us to believe that we can continue to live like we always have with minimal obeisance to God. Let’s keep God behind the four walls of the church and allow this separation of the church from our government to continue. My book makes it clear that Obama will be reelected and God will frustrate all efforts to oppose Obama from accomplishing his agenda.

We cannot set things right by voting another party in and not repairing the gap that has come between us and God in this country. God demands his people throughout the United States to repent or this country will be destroyed. I believe we have at maximum 5 years to do this before it will become too late as it became too late for the Jews to repent in Jeremiah’s day. The message we must carry to all Christians in this country is to repent now before it becomes too late. Right now, people feel they have stopped Obama’s agenda with the return to power of the Republicans; so they feel they can return to living as they always do which is why we were put into this situation in the first place.

What did the church do when abortion became legal? What did the church do when prayer was removed from the schools? What is the church doing now when gay marriage and other gay advances are being made in this country? This is how Satan attacks a society to desensitize it to God’s moral laws. When a society becomes desensitized to God’s moral laws, it always loses purpose and falls.

God demands repentance, and we are not presently on the path back to God. God has lost his patience with us and he has already begun the process of destroying this country. The message of repentance must get out today to every Christian in this country or we will reap the same judgment on us the Kingdom of Judah reaped in the prophet Jeremiah’s days.


4 Comments on “After the Election, Bad Times a’Comin”

  1. H Davies Says:

    AMEN! I just saw a video on youtube where God has been speaking to several people about destruction coming between the re-election of Pres Obama and Christmas. The USA will be set on fire. WWIII will occur and everyone was trying to get away from the fires. Your viewers can see this video at:

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  4. H Davies Says:

    We’ve almost made it through 2013. I know God always gives His people warnings far in advance. But to not experience greater disasters around the world and in the USA must speak of God’s mercy. Let us stay prayed up and filled with the Spirit, ready to share our faith and prepared to lift those who won’t be able to cope when fear comes. Bless you, Bro Jerry! It’s a blessing to know you.

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