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Not Knowing American History

June 29, 2016

Recently, I got accused of not knowing American history. This no doubt came from a person who grew up in our public school system of the last 40 years. These people think they know American history but have in reality only been taught a bastardized version of it. American history in today’s public school system has been drastically modified to propagate the notion that our Founding Fathers were not Christians, but rather hypocrites. Real facts have been changed and any faults the revisionists can find or create for our Founding Fathers is now taught as fact. It is no wonder our school systems are among the worst in the industrialized world.

I grew up in a time when the true American history in our public schools was actually taught. I have read the writings of our Founding Fathers and even have majored in history in college as well as in several other disciplines in which I have earned various degrees. When it came to history, I never got less than an ‘A’ in any course. In fact, in a class of 150 people in which half the class flunked, I was one of 3 A’s. History is a specialty of mine.

However, in today’s public school systems, we have results from the 2010 gold standard of testing, the National Assessment of Educational Progress, that only 13 percent of the nation’s high school seniors showed proficiency in their knowledge of American history, and only 18 percent of eighth graders and 22 percent of fourth graders did as well. [1]  It has also been reported that in South Dakota, I believe it is this school year that American history is no longer a requirement to be taught. The reasoning according to one professor was that they want students to think about today without context. [2]

APUSH (Advanced Placement U.S. History) is a framework for teaching the nation’s creation and development to high-achieving high school students. APUSH is designed as an outline to help teachers challenge their most capable students and encourage debate and critical thinking skills. But critics say this new framework rejects traditional U.S. history, omits or barely mentions key figures such as Martin Luther King Jr., and overemphasizes negative, divisive events such as the Vietnam War and the forced displacement of Native Americans. The curriculum outline, they argue, condemns “American exceptionalism” and gives short shrift to the nation’s leading role in shaping modern global history. To paraphrase, this curriculum looks at the bad in American history and does not mention the good.,” Ralph Ketcham, a fellow at the right-leaning Pioneer Institute, wrote in a recent report, “The result is a portrait of America as a dystopian society—one riddled with racism, violence, hypocrisy, greed, imperialism, and injustice” and light on “some of America’s great heroes.” [3]

The most widely used history textbook in U.S. public schools is A People’s History of the United States by the late Howard Zinn. It has sold a million and a half copies since it was published in 1980. It is required reading in many high schools and colleges. This history textbook by Howard Zinn is a very left-wing version of U.S. history, full of multicultural, feminist, and class-war propaganda. It is based on the thesis that America is not a republic but an empire controlled by a few white men. Its heroes are anti-establishment protesters. The book debunks traditional heroes, such as Christopher Columbus and Andrew Jackson, and doesn’t mention great Americans such as Thomas Edison. [4]

Zinn’s book which is again required reading in many school systems, rejects American exceptionalism and inspires guilt and the belief that success comes only through exploitation. He belittles patriotism, never allowing pride in America. In fact, Zinn told one interviewer that his goal in writing this textbook was to start a “quiet revolution” of people taking power from within the institutions. This is hardly just one person’s agenda. This agenda has been ongoing for decades. Joseph Califano who was Jimmy Carter’s Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare stated that “national control of curriculum is a form of national control of ideas.” This is why President Obama has been using the Stimulus Package to take over the $600 billion public-school industry with taxpayers’ money. [5]

In Arizona, the Tucson School District offers courses in Mexican-American studies (known locally as Raza Studies). Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Horne, says the basic theme of the Mexican-American studies program is that Latino students “were and continue to be victims of a racist American society driven by the interests of middle- and upper-class whites.” Social justice is among the goals, and I am quite familiar with that tenet since I have taken a course in college that instructs education majors how to teach it. Another goal in this curriculum is Latino Critical Race Pedagogy. In this curriculum, heroes such as Che Guevara and Fidel Castro are glorified. This is what U.S. children are being taught in our country. [6]

To go further about what is taught in the Tuscon school district, there is a requirement to teach U.S. history, but that is not what is taught. Instead it has been reported that it focuses solely on the history of the Aztec people .Others who have looked at the books used in these courses say they refer to Americans as “Anglos” or “Euro-americans” rather than as “Americans.” The books do not recognize the United States as a country, but claim Arizona is part of “Aztlan, Mexico” (even though the Aztecs never lived in what is now the United States). [7]

In the state of California, five chapters promoting Islam were inserted in a world history textbook that is authorized and recommended for seventh-grade students.This world history textbook, called History Alive! The Medical World and Beyond, gives the history and beliefs of Islam lengthy and favorable treatment far above and beyond what is given to every other religion, according to scholar Stephen Schwartz in the Weekly Standard (August 9, 2010). [8]

The textbook uses what he calls a “sanitized vocabulary” to conceal Muslim practices that are criminal in the United States. These include forced marriage, forced divorce, marriage to children, polygamy, and punishments imposed by Sharia law such as public beheadings, amputations, cruel floggings, and stonings. [9]

Muhammad is the only person in this world history textbook who rates an entire chapter. Jesus gets only one sentence, and the book gives an entirely positive account of Muhammad’s teachings, saying, for example, “He preached tolerance for Christians and Jews as fellow worshipers of the one true God.” It says nothing about Jesus’s teachings, but does describe examples of Christian persecution of non-Christians. [10]

These Muslim influenced books are designed to create a bloodless revolution in the United States to enable a peaceful takeover of this country by the Muslim ideology as expressed by the founder of the Council on Islamic Education. These books describe Islam as historical truth while Christianity and Judaism are described as notions of its believers. [11]

American history has not only been revised in our public school systems but also in our colleges and universities. History courses now deemphasize great people and events while ridiculing many as Dead White European Males. While the number of college history professors has doubled in recent times, that growth has mainly focused in specialties such as women’s or gender history. Many professors actually teach history the way they wished it happened instead of the way it did happen. [12]  I have seen a recent history book. It for example did not even mention Nebuchadnezzar when great ancient empires were discussed. It lacked so much detail, it was a joke to consider it a history book. It was mainly just commentary. We already get enough of that from the news on the television. Reporters do not report news so much as they continually make commentaries on events.

A new evaluation made by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni discovered that most elite colleges no longer require students to study American history. Instead, worthless courses like The History of Rock and Roll at California State University at Monterey Bay can satisfy the American History requirement for students. Emory University allows the course Gynecology in the Ancient World to satisfy its requirements for students in the history curriculum among some 600 other courses of which many are completely worthless. [13]

As a result of all this unhistorical commentary being taught in our schools as history and especially American history, we have a new generation of people who do not realize they do not know American history. They think events occurred one way in our country and were influenced by evil white males.They think that those of us who do know true American history are deceived and are ignorant about reality in the world, today. That belief goes back to what I mentioned before in this piece in where it was stated the elites “want students to think about today without context” to our American past.




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The Democrats are the Loyalists

June 15, 2016

During the days of the American Revolution and the days preceding that war, this country’s citizens were divided up into two camps: the Loyalists and the Patriots. The Patriots were fighting against what they felt was a tyrannical rule over them from Britain. They felt they were being taxed without being represented in the government. The Loyalists though were loyal to the British government and would go to extremes in many cases to aid the British when conflicts arose between the two groups.

Today, we have a Congress who the people feel taxes them without representing them. This feeling encompasses both parties and can explain why Donald Trump has won enough delegates to become the next Republican nominee for president. However, it is Democrat ideals that universally support the government over the people, and thus we can say that Democrats are the Loyalists of today.

With the massacre of so many people in Orlando recently by a Muslim extremist, we hear President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and others in the Democrat Party calling for more gun control. What they are calling for is more government intervention in our lives and our rights according to the Constitution. Their belief is in a government that decrees what a person can and cannot have. It is basically a push towards tyranny which is what caused the American Revolution nearly 250 years ago.

The question becomes, which group does Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama support most? Is it the gays or is it the Muslims? The Democrats have won the vast majority of gay support over the years, because gays feel threatened by Christianity in this country. However, it is the Democrats who are pushing for an unrestricted flow of Muslims into this country without proper vetting as well as an unguarded souther border which would allow any Muslim terrorist to slip into this nation undetected. What is it they think they are doing? Do they not realize that Muslim ideology punishes and even executes gay people?

Without question, President Obama supports Muslim penetration into this country. We can even go further and say that he is not interested to a significant degree to even combat the ISIS forces that want to attack this nation. Why does he not want to destroy ISIS? Could it be that he really admires and supports their true goals? He sure does give us that impression. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton who wants to become our next president also supports unrestricted Muslim immigration into our nation. She will on occasion deny this, but she is on tape saying this is what she supports. She changes her views on subjects all the time, but since she is a Democrat, we can assume without a doubt her real position is that of being any Muslim’s (terrorist or not) best friend.

So, the Democrat Party, i.e. the Loyalist Party does think that it must cater to Muslims ahead of the gay community in this country. I know of at least one gay person who has realized that and has decided to throw his support to Donald Trump in November. Even though this person voted for Hillary Clinton in a recent primary, he now realizes his very life may be at stake in the coming election. So, are we presently living in a time where a new revolution will break out among the populace? What does God say about this possibility?

In my book God says,

God’s word came again to me, saying, “Jeremiah, what do you see?” I answered, “I see a rod formed from an almond tree.” Then God said, “That is right. This rod represents my promise, that I will rapidly enforce my word to bring it to pass.” Then God, for a second time, said to me, “Jeremiah, what do you see?” I answered him, “I see a pot that is seething, facing toward the north.” God answered me, “From the north, an evil shall break forth upon this land. An evil is coming to the United States, which shall affect every inhabitant in this country. I will call the demonic forces from the nations to pour out into the United States and set up places to rule everywhere in the United States. Every city will have a demon in charge of it and subject to it. Why is this happening? It is happening because my judgment has come upon this country as a result of your wickedness. You in the United States have forsaken Me. You have worshiped your gods of pleasure, money, and other things and have forgotten Me. You have sat in your churches, playing church but have never spent any time to know Me.

What this passage is telling us is that there are demonic forces entrenched in every city in the United States. When a demon is in charge, then it is free to bring its evil upon us at any time. We just saw this evil happen in the city of Orlando. We have two parties of people in this country. One party, the Loyalist Party wants to protect the demonic presence in our cities by denying that the evil exists, and then there are the Patriots who are desperate to stop the evil that has permeated our society. Desperation is good in the sense of wanting to do something, but it is not the solution. Unfortunately, desperation actually means to not have hope.

Our hope must be in God. With God the situation is not hopeless. However, if we want God to change things, then we have to go to him first. That is why things are not changing in this country but only getting worse. We keep looking to politicians to save us, but they are not the solution; turning to God is the solution. The Loyalists in this country are pushing us toward a new revolution. However, things will have to crash in around us to a severe degree before any true revolution will occur. The Second Revolutionary War will only happen after our president becomes a king by remaining in office after his term expires. That is when all hell will break loose in this country. I envision chaos in the streets in the large cities and militias protecting those who are its members throughout this nation. This is what can occur when God’s judgment on us has fully manifested itself.

God says,

“Since your beginning, I gave you your freedom and you honored Me by seeking my favor, but you continually strayed from Me. I nourished you and gave you a land of plenty, but now you are twisted and corrupt. I do not know you. No matter how much you justify yourself and say you are pure, I have your sin marked down where it cannot be forgotten. How can you say, ‘I am not polluted, I am a Christian nation,’ when you are blind? Do you not know what you have done? You have lived your lives without honoring Me. You have lived as though I were a trivial part of your life. You think you can call on Me at any time when you have ignored Me at all other times. You have said you do not want to be encumbered by my standards and you will seek whatever suits your pleasure. When a thief has been discovered and becomes ashamed he has been caught, so now are all people of the United States. They, their rulers, their pastors, and priests have now become ashamed before the God of heaven. They have put their dependence on their money and all they spend their time on and have totally discarded Me from their lives. They have turned their backs on Me and expect Me to hear them when they get in trouble and call on Me. Where are your gods you have put above Me? Let them save you in your time of need if they can save you.

If you want to save the United States from judgment and from the chaos that accompanies it, then all of us in this nation must repent and turn this nation immediately back to God. The laws that have removed prayer from our schools and society must be removed. The legalization of abortion must be abolished. The legalizing of the institution of gay marriage must be reversed. These immoral dictates are chief among many reasons God is no longer among us when it comes to blessing this nation. When God’s blessings are not present, then that means his curses are amongst us. It is those curses as described in Deuteronomy 28 that will destroy this nation.

Christians, today is the day to act! Judgment will come upon us before the end of the year and then nothing will save us from its consequences. God demands we turn this nation around now, and that requires all of us turning to him right now. He is the answer and not any man. We cannot look to Donald Trump or any other person for solutions when all this time the problem has been our spiritual states. That is why we are in this dire situation in this country, today. We have brought all of this upon ourselves by putting other things first ahead of God.