The Destruction of the Republicans

It is amazing how determined conservatives and Republicans are to stop Donald Trump from getting the Republican nomination for president. Maybe more than half the elite would rather have Hillary as president than him. The reason is obvious: they do not want to give up their high position statuses which enrich them. It truly is all about selfishness.

What does God say about these conservatives, Republicans and other politicians in my book. He did have a few things to say. The division in the political ranks we are seeing today was forecast by God when he gave me these words back in 2009. So, what did he say?

God is speaking to all of us including our leaders when he said:

 “Do not put your trust in those who are lying to you, hinting you have nothing to fear because you have put In God We Trust on your money. If you truly turn from your wicked ways and begin to execute true justice to all; if you end your oppression of those who hold no political office; if you stop your slaughter of the innocents; if you turn away from your gods of money, sex, religion and power; then, I will not remove you from the land for which your forefathers fought.

“Up until now, you have believed all the lies your leaders have been telling you. They are empty words meant to entice you. Will you continue to lie, steal, and murder to serve your gods you have placed above Me to satisfy that hunger in your soul? Will you stand before Me to claim you are free to do as you please?”

In this passage, God is saying our leaders have been lying to us. We all know this has been true, but yet people keep turning to the promises of politicians believing their favorite one is not lying to them. So many people are blind, because they will not look at the very politicians in which they do put their trust. While Donald Trump is collecting more votes than any other Republican candidate, the same congressmen and senators are still getting nominated for reelection this fall. How can you expect one man (a president) to change anything if you keep sending the same legislators back to Washington D.C.?

God continues:

“The political and religious leaders of this country have done evil in my sight. My church has come in agreement with the evil laws enacted in this nation. They have let the government glorify the perverted, unnatural practices my word testifies against.”

What has the church done to stop gay marriage and abortion among other things? The government has enacted more immoral laws as the years have gone by, and God’s church has let it happen without any argument. God is warning us here that this will continue.

Now, we will see some secrets begin to come out as God says:

 “When all this occurs, all the graves of your important men will be opened and their bones exposed. All the secrets they hid in their life will be revealed for the whole earth to know how they served their gods of pleasure, money, and fame. All this will be revealed to their shame to destroy the legacy they tried to build. All those who have followed their footsteps to be like them will end up choosing death rather than life. I will drive them to places they will not wish to go.”

What have we been learning lately with Donald Trump running for president? God has exposed to us the elites who have been running this country for the last 100 years, who have been living in luxury at our expense and will not give up this gravy train without a huge fight. God, however says they will lose their positions.

God goes on to say:

“Jeremiah, go again to the Capitol and utter these words to the president and the other leaders: End your oppression of the people in this country. End your campaigns against those you despise, mete out equal justice to everyone, and end the bloodbath of the innocent. If you do this, then I will not remove you from power but will restore a right spirit in this city. However, if you disobey Me, then this city shall be destroyed, and I will turn my wrath on you. I will raze it to the ground and drive out all inhabitants. I will send the enemy to lay siege on it to destroy it, bringing an end to its days as a great city.”

God is clearly telling us our leaders have been oppressing us. He continues by saying:

“Those who obtain riches by stealing shall receive their due reward. When you build your houses and do not give your wages to the workman, when you deck it with rich décor to cause your neighbor to covet it, shall I not punish you for this? You strive to make yourself important and to rule others, but your forefathers were not like this…

“You claim you are the champion of the poor and needy. However, you have been corrupt, coveting what others had to make them your own. You passed your laws of violence to shed innocent blood. You sought to take from others with force through the power you had been given. Therefore, you congressmen and senators, my words come against you and your president. I am stripping you of your power. There will be no sadness over your downfall, and you will be driven from this city in shame. I will make all of your names a curse.”

Notice that God said there will be no sadness over their fall. People will no longer think highly of these leaders but instead will curse the very remembrance of them.

Another word God gives us about our leaders follows:

“It is a right move to free those who are brought under tyranny, but the hearts of the leaders of America speak of such things only to deceive. They seek power to increase their importance. It is out of their selfishness they speak of being a champion of the disadvantaged. Because these leaders speak one thing and then do another, I shall bring their sins down on their heads. They have disregarded Me as important and cast Me aside for their gain. Therefore I will remove them from their positions. I will make their names a curse. All who voted for them will speak of them as dishonest and dishonorable. They will be ruined and will never rise again to power. They have lived their lives as the privileged but will end their lives in poverty. I have noticed their actions and their words and have written down their hypocrisy in my book.

“You leaders of the United States, I hold you responsible for the deceit and corruption in your hearts. You have neither hearkened to my words nor had pity on the poor. You have passed your laws in secrecy hoping no one would find you out. You feed yourselves with privileges and dole out crumbs to those who serve you. I am delivering you into the hand of the enemy. I will make you the crumbs for the birds to eat. I will take your riches and give them to others. I will make you helpless before the army that will supplant you from your seats. Washington, D.C., will be given to the enemy to plunder and destroy, never to rise again.”

Again, God tells us our leaders maintain their privilege and power by lying to us. He says he will punish them for this, and they will be removed from power. We are watching the beginning of this today during this presidential election process. God is exposing what has been going on in this government, and thus is waking us up to the dark forces that have been in control all these years. God says, “It is enough!”

It is time for the people of the United States to wake up. Yet, today so many people remain blind. Many of these people are Christians. Many of these people are conservatives who were lying to us all the time about their true intentions. God is beginning his judgment on this country and will be exposing all the sin that is present in this nation. All of us will suffer. If only we would repent before it is too late. That is the only way this country with all its freedoms can be saved.



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