Trump: A Devil in Disguise?

So many evangelical Christians think that Donald Trump is a devil in disguise. They see him like Hitler while at Univision, the people there think he is another Mussolini. Is there any truth to that notion? Are the evangelical Christians right about bringing Donald Trump down at all costs? We will explore what is going on spiritually behind the scenes to answer these questions.

I heard one evangelical woman say she could not love Donald Trump. She would have a hard time deciding for whom to vote if the race ends up being between Hillary Clinton and him. Could someone truly be more blind who is supposed to be a Christian?

The first point is that we are commanded in the Bible to love everyone. There is no way God is involved in her decision-making when she separates herself from God by not loving those God commands us to love. The second point is that she makes an assumption without evidence that Donald Trump would be an authoritarian worse than President Obama. This is where spiritual discernment is helpful, but we must remember, “He who is without sin, let him (or her) cast the first stone.”

Just because Donald Trump is a boastful person does not mean he is another Hitler. A boastful spirit is common among many people and is especially common among those who have great wealth. One simply must recognize that the words that proceed out of our mouths produce a harvest. If some say negative things about themselves, then they will reap negative things into their lives. People who build businesses are simply not going to be negative people. They speak the end result of the vision they have and that helps manifest what they speak with their mouths. Some are turned off by this positive talk, but that is exactly how faith works. You speak the end result, and you set in motion events that will bring to pass what you speak.

I am not saying that Trump is a Christian, because I do not think he is born again, but God uses unsaved people, too to bring about his will. Who are we to say that one day Donald Trump will not become a true Christian? I do not see a heart of stone so hard it cannot be reached by God in Donald Trump. He has been a decent human being during his time on this earth, and God can do what is necessary to reach him when it is God’s perfect timing. Let us not cast him aside as hopeless when it was Christians back in 2009 who thought Obama would become a great Christian president. I, however knew that would not come to pass.

Why is there such a split among Christians in our nation about Donald Trump? Well, what is happening is that God is using Donald Trump to separate the sheep from the goats in his church. The truth is that most people in this nation who identify themselves as Christians are not born again. Not every evangelical Christian is a true son of God. These people are deceived. They think by going to a church that somehow that means they are a Christian. That is simply not how it works. I know that more than half the churches in this nation are dead churches. God’s presence is simply not in those churches outside of a few individuals in them. God knows that since this country is at the point of facing his judgment, he must open the eyes of those who are truly born again, and make them aware that it is time to turn this nation back to him. God’s people need to see, and Donald Trump has successfully done this, that there are dark forces who have been ruling this nation with an iron fist all these decades starting in the first half of the 20th century.

Look at who is against Donald Trump and then ask yourself, are these the people with whom I usually agree? Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, the great Mormons Mitt Romney and Glenn Beck all think Donald Trump is a devil in disguise. If you are a born again Christian, are these the people with whom you want to place yourself in agreement? I like Glenn Beck in that group, because he does a good job of uncovering some sinister dealings going on in our government, but when it comes to Donald Trump, he is paranoid to no end, and all without any evidence. However, these people have no ability to discern spiritual things like this since these people are deceived before you walk into the room to greet them.

Then of course, let us look at who is against Donald Trump on the international scene. I cannot find a government which is not against Donald Trump becoming president. If it was not Donald Trump about whom we were talking, then we in this country would consider that to be a badge of honor. Why is it that conservatives now want to join forces with the Europeans in standing against Trump when they never have approved of European standards for us in the past? Conservatives in this country are simply being hypocrites.

What is happening in this country is a war. It is a spiritual war. God is separating us into two groups: those who know him and those who do not. That is why there is a split in the church today regarding being for or against Donald Trump. They worry about him being a big dictator. They are searching the room for a mouse while ignoring the lion in the room. That lion in the room is Barack Obama.

We have so-called Christians in this country worried about Donald Trump becoming a dictator while ignoring the one who has the power to make himself a dictator when the conditions become ripe for him by the end of the summer or early fall. These same people did not worry when he became president, and yet today they are still not able to discern what is coming. That is why they will get caught up in God’s judgment on this nation. God is seeing who is really his people by exposing what is obvious while others remain as blind as a bat to what is truly going on in this nation. What a shame our country must be judged, because God’s church as a whole is not able to see the truth about what must be done to save this nation.





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4 Comments on “Trump: A Devil in Disguise?”

  1. Ioseph Enoch Says:

    I just want you to know that Hillary Clinton will be the President God has Ordained for the Nation because Prophetically this is the Time the Woman will Rise in the Universe to rule after the Black man .

    • I disagree. Nebuchadnezzar was the one God sent to judge the kingdom of Judah and not Jezebel. Obama has the Nebuchadnezzar spirit. I know you disagree. We will see in the coming months. I do not want to argue about this.

  2. Ismael Nicolas Says:

    I disagree,he hates mexicans, when the caucasian culture has mistreated africans & Mexican for many years and made us look like the bad guys? Yes God can use him but not as president. Gensesis 11:1-9

    • I have never said he will be president. I have said there will be no presidential election. Trump does not hate Mexicans. He was talking about criminals who were crossing our borders and committing crimes. There is abundant crime being committed in our border cities not to mention the drug trade. It is not hatred to say what is a true statement. Mexicans who cross our borders illegally are breaking our laws. Those laws are in place for a good reason. When people break the law, they are harming others. When one harms others they are in sin. The Mexicans are not innocent victims here.

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