The Deception About Hillary Demon

Why are so many people bound and determined to get Hillary Clinton elected president within God’s church in the United States? There are several prophecies out there about this, and some of God’s people are outright nasty if you disagree with them about this belief. What is the cause of this hostility? It is the demon behind the scenes who promotes this belief. It feeds on people who have fear in their heart about Hillary.

One person commenting to me insisted I believe they were right about accepting someone’s prophecy about Hillary becoming president. When I refused and mentioned there are demons who do try to deceive God’s people in believing this, I got the reaction I expected. The person essentially railed on me. I set the person up to expose the demon.

Demons cannot stand to be exposed. When they are exposed, they cause a reaction in a person. Knowing this I told the person there was a spirit trying to deceive him or her, and then that demon immediately reacted to what I said. I knew that is what I had to do, and so I carefully constructed what I said, and did it in separate segments to agitate this spirit. It worked like a charm. This person was so adamant about his or her belief that they had to recite the mantra the demon was giving them. That is all it can do besides attack the person who exposes the demon. With such a case, the person cannot think objectively, but can only react emotionally. Such a person because of this spirit cannot be reasoned with at all and will never consider other possibilities. Such a person is trapped in their beliefs until somehow they can receive deliverance. That is a very bad state in which to be trapped for any person.

Why is this happening concerning these prophecies about Hillary? They stem from the fear people have of her. But God says, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1: 7) God’s people should not be fearing the election of Hillary Clinton. She does not fit into God’s plan to judge us despite what these prophets say. I wish I was wrong about this and that we had more time, but this is what is going on behind the scenes. We are being told a lie so that we will not repent now when it is time to repent. Satan wants us to think we have more time when there is no more time. By thinking we have more time to get our house in order, then we delay until it is too late. This is a tactic Satan has used over and over again throughout history.

The people in the kingdom of Judah were told by the prophets they had more time when Jeremiah was telling them they had no more time left to repent. King Ahab of Israel was told he had more time by God’s prophets when he had no more time left. A lying spirit was sent to the prophets to give them a false prophecy. That is what we are seeing happening today in the United States. “Hillary will be elected and lead this country into judgment.”

There is no record in the Bible of a Jezebel spirit judging a nation. There is however a record in the Bible of a Nebuchadnezzar spirit judging the Jews for departing from obeying God. Nebuchadnezzar was an absolute monarch who had no pity on all those who opposed him, and now we have a Nebuchadnezzar in the White House. Wait and see what will happen when he gains absolute power. It will not be pretty for those he is against.

You do not have to accept what I am telling you. I expect you to ask God with an open mind and get an answer from him for yourself. However, watch out for the Hillary demon spirit that is actively deceiving people. It is real, and does not like to be exposed.



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2 Comments on “The Deception About Hillary Demon”

  1. Do you believe that the Clinton’s can possibly repent, regardless of these spirits that possess them?

    • As long as a person is alive, God gives them a chance to repent. There is one exception and that is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. That simply means the person has irrevocably decided they will never repent. I certainly do not think that is the case with Hillary. There are spirits around her keeping her blind to the truth. She is full of a desire for power and is filled with the dogma of her true religion. This keeps her blind to the truth because these spirits basically control how the person sees things when caught up into a religious dogma.
      The one chance I see for her to see the truth is unfortunately for something catastrophic to happen to her. We all need to pray for God to save her, and then he will do what is necessary to open her eyes. However, we do know that the vast majority of people in this world will never be saved. So, there is a chance for her, but it is more than likely not going to happen. Regardless, we must not think about that but rather just put it into God’s hands.What she experienced in her childhood has led to her being in the spiritual state she is in today. I can see inside her spirit that she was verbally abused by some people when she was young.
      I am sorry, you said the Clintons, so I will mention Bill. Bill has a conscience which is very evident. That means he certainly can still be saved. However, like Ahab he is a bit weak willed,and thus it would be difficult for God to reach him, but is certainly still possible. More than anything else he needs to be removed from the people around him. They keep him in the wrong path he has taken in his life. Like Hillary, we just have to ask God to save him and let him do whatever is necessary to convict him and get him to repent.

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