The Coming Martial Law

The Internet is full of references to President Obama declaring martial law sometime before this fall’s election (2016). I did not realize the news about this had become so widespread. Basically, you should ignore the vast majority of this since these words are speculation and not coming from God. You need to wean through all that is out there to find out what God says will happen. He is the only source you can trust.

I have covered this subject before, and in regard to the subject of the Obama administration buying up our ammunition supply, I covered  that in my piece, “There Will Be No Presidential Election in 2016.” I want to show you a video which discusses this and other things you may not have heard regarding martial law being declared later this year. It is not long and follows this sentence.

I have long been hearing about the training for urban warfare going on by different government agencies including those who do not conduct any type of policing. As far as warfare is concerned, only our military is supposed to be empowered to conduct such operations. You could not believe how many cities across the country have had urban warfare exercises conducted in them. We are talking about cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Tampa, Lexington,  and Houston. ( )

Furthermore, the Department of Homeland Security has armored vehicles to deploy throughout the country for operations against U.S. citizens. When the Boston bombing occurred, one such team of armored personnel was dispatched to the scene. The following video shows you one such base of operations where armored personnel are dispatched. The person in the video will tell you what areas in the United States they cover at the end of the video which is less than 3 minutes long.

Further disturbing news is the setup of FEMA camps all around the country. There are more than 800 camps across the United States.These camps are to be used as internment camps for after martial law has been declared according to reports. I have not found the proof of this, so you have to take this suggestion with a grain of salt, but I do have a list of locations where there are FEMA camps that are ready to be housed. (Go to reference [1]) One is in Anchorage, Alaska which could house two million people.

The original intent of these [prison] camps was stated to be a place to send illegal aliens who crossed our southern border. Many military bases that have been shut down have been turned into these FEMA internment camps. [1] I have noticed that President Obama in recent months has been releasing illegal aliens into different cities across the U.S. and not rather putting them into these camps. So, what gives?

Let us consider the camp located in Alaska. A camp that holds two million people is obviously not needed for the population in that state. It has a small population. Obviously such a large camp would be receiving prisoners from other states. So, I have to ask the question, why would you send an illegal alien to Alaska and not rather send him or her back to their own country? There must be another reason for these FEMA camps.

Operation Cable Splicer and Garden Plot are two sub programs of the Rex 84 program. Garden Plot’s purpose is purported to be to control the population. Cable Splicer is reported to be for the orderly takeover of the state and local governments by the federal government. [1] If all of this is true, then it makes sense to see the Department of Homeland Security and our military preparing for the time when martial law is declared by the president. What does not follow is why are foreign troops involved in some of these exercises which includes searching house to house to find citizens who own guns? Such operations are being conducted by FEMA. One in the Oakland area is probably the most noteworthy of them all.

Without going any further, let it be noted that a lot of this activity including the one in the Oakland area predates Obama’s presidency. This has been going on under Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. However, it is the president with the intent to institute martial law for whom you have to be on guard. It only takes one person with the same mentality of Hitler to initiate such a decree. All the presidential executive orders going back decades as well as the most recent by President Obama will easily make him a dictator. President Obama this month (January, 2016) expanded his ability to initiate martial by making it possible for him to make such a decree during times of peace. This is unprecedented.

The following video will show that foreign troops are being trained by our national guard for emergency situations.

There is a second part to this video, but I just wanted to show you that this is happening. What is the significance of this? It goes along with the prophecies in my book about foreign troops being sent into this country to police this nation after President Obama institutes martial law. What I said back in 2009 about this is beginning to take form.

The following are prophecies in my book regarding this subject:

“The day is coming when all those who speak against what is happening in the United States will be in constant peril. There will be plots to arrest them and also to kill them. Those who preach that my judgment is coming will say, ‘Flee from your homes now. The enemy is coming to take all you have and to destroy you. With him come destruction and horrible diseases to afflict all who stay to hide in their sin. Your cities are given to a people whose language you do not understand and to take their wealth for someone else to squander.”

The next prophecy states:

“Since the people of the United States and its rulers have forgotten Me and turned to the idols in their hearts to worship, forsaking the path its forefathers set them on, then there is but one reward for them. Their land shall be desecrated by foreigners. Their country shall be laid waste.”

The last prophecy I will give on this subject says:

“You will become servants to those who come in to afflict this country, until I have totally purged this land of all those who pollute it. When the period of my judgment has run its full course, then I will punish those foreigners who came into the United States to destroy it. Your president will fall also, he who has succumbed to the spirit of Nebuchadnezzar.”

Whether you want to accept this as true or not is up to you. You can call it a conspiracy theory, but you need to remember one thing. The conspiracy theory regarding what was happening in Nazi Germany turned out to be the truth. It can happen again, and it is because this nation has turned away from God that we have opened the door for such an event to occur here. This is the judgment we face for defying God. Read the Bible. God says he will judge any nation that turns away from him and practices evil.

Now the evil is in place in this nation to exercise the power it needs to afflict us all. The media, our colleges and universities, Hollywood, and the federal government have the positions they need to control all of us at any time the president so desires. Yet, while our economy still survives, God is giving us time to repent and turn back his coming judgment on us. Will we ever turn back to God? That is what he requires for this nation to survive. God says we need to repent. At some point this year in 2016, our time will run out and judgment will begin. Once it begins, God will not repent of what he brings onto this nation. He will thoroughly purge all the evil out of it in process of time. However, we will all suffer greatly in the process. Many Christians among others will die. Many will be imprisoned and executed before God’s judgment is complete. Repent now before it is too late.






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