I Warned You Obama Would Destroy the Constitution

Here he goes again. President Obama skirts around the Constitution with the thumb of his nose and a pen. He has performed a legislative act and nobody stops him. All of this was in my book, and I have been telling you this would happen these last seven years (2009). How could I have been so sure it would come to pass?

Before I go any further, let me tell everyone what act President Obama performed. He signed another executive order among the many he has signed to legislate who must be regulated when it comes to selling guns. This is his assault on the Second Amendment to the Constitution and comes as a surprise to no one. He reasons he can restrict us from buying a gun while at the same time he reasons it is okay for Iran to have the biggest gun of them all; a nuclear bomb. Show some consistency Mr. Obama. If you want to restrict your own people from having guns, why are you helping a terrorist state get the biggest gun in existence?

It is not the gun that really does the killing outside of  something like a gun hitting the ground and firing accidentally, it is the people who pull the trigger. I have got news for you Mr. President; terrorists are the exact kind of people you should be keeping from getting guns. Iran is a terrorist state with leaders that finance terrorists.

Having said all of this, the president has been intentionally doing all of these things from the first days he came into office. It has been his plan from the beginning. He will destroy the Constitution and install a dictatorship. That is what God says in my book.

Also, he signed a second executive order concerning martial law this week to further strengthen his control over our entire economy when martial law is declared. Why is he preparing for martial law? Why are government agencies practicing storming buildings in preparation for a war against civilians in this country? Why are surveillance units from the NSA and others being used against our own citizens? All of this is alarming and some without question are illegal. Why have orders gone out to take guns away from Christians and those who support the Second Amendment when martial law is declared? Some of this news has been leaking out from secret government documents. Hilary must have seen them which is how they got leaked out to the public. (I am being a little facetious).

So, what does God say in my book? First he tells us that the spirit of Nebuchadnezzar controls the White House. This means President Obama is manipulated almost entirely by this spirit. This also means Obama has taken on the personality of Nebuchadnezzar. Nebuchadnezzar was uncompromising and vicious to those who got him angry. We have watched the president these last seven years rarely ever compromise on anything, and of course he has signed executive orders as if he was a legislator instead of Congress. And to top that all off, Congress has let him get away with it. This is what God said would come to pass in my book.

But, what does God say about our Constitution? Let me quote a couple of passages from my book.

“Know this: the United States is being placed totally into the hands of the spirit of Nebuchadnezzar. It already controls the White House. The government of this country is being brought under total subjection to this new dictator. All of this nation’s leaders will do him obeisance. This government will be completely stripped of its constitutional customs. Its laws will be ignored, ripped up, and discounted. This must continue until the time my judgment reaches its full end. Any effort to overthrow the tyranny that is coming will be frustrated and cannot prosper.”

In that passage, the Nebuchadnezzar spirit is identified as being in the White House. The alarming part is that God calls our president a dictator. Dictators do not have term limits. Remember, Hitler started out as an executive under the German Constitution and then successfully destroyed the republic and turned it into a dictatorship. President Obama means to do the same thing. That is why he is planning to invoke martial law before the presidential election this year. Only by invoking martial law can this election be suspended and eventually canceled.

The second passage I am quoting says,

“God said, ‘Just as King Jehoiakim destroyed the scroll with the words I gave Jeremiah, the spirit of Nebuchadnezzar will cut up and ignore the Constitution of the United States. This spirit will enslave this country and bring his wrath against my church to stop my word of judgment from coming to pass. However, my word cannot be suppressed or halted. All the words I have pronounced against the United States will be fulfilled containing my wrath.'”

The most disturbing parts about these two passages are that our Constitution will be ignored and ripped up, and that any effort to overthrow this tyranny will be thwarted by God, himself. This is what it means to be under judgment. Anyone living in this country will be subject to being caught up in his wrath. Of course, there will be some of his people he will help protect during this time, but a lot of those people who think they will be such people are going to end up being greatly surprised.

Why is all of this happening? It is happening because this nation has turned its back on God. We legalize abortion, gay marriage and take away the right to pray in the public domain and somehow think that God will not react to this rebellion against him. God judged the Jews who were his chosen people for doing this; he will surely judge us for throwing him out of our society. This is what happens when you let the politically correct crowd have their way by dismantling the very culture that kept God in our society. All of this has been Satan’s plan. (Destroy the culture of the United States).

If you want to stop this nation from being judged, then all of you have to rise up. All of you need to storm our state and federal governments and demand these illegal laws be removed immediately. We have to put God back in charge of this nation. We have to put the politically correct crowd back in their proper place. We have to storm the media’s offices and show them our anger. We have to act aggressively, because our time is too short to do anything less. Martial law is coming this year, and then the government will begin arresting Christians and those who sympathize with our Constitution. Many people will be arrested on trumped up charges and some without being charged at all.

Do not doubt that concentration camps cannot come to this country. This Nebuchadnezzar spirit will stop at nothing to destroy any semblance of God in this country, and when evil is in control without checks, then the worst will eventually happen for sure. There are prophecies out there about such camps being instituted in this country as supposed camps of refuge, but they end up being places where people are beheaded 24 hours a day. That is not my prophecy, but it is a fact that there are warehouses full of guillotines in this nation, today. Why are they there? They certainly were not ordered in such great numbers not to be used. Watch out! This will surely come if we do not repent and take this nation back with God as the head today. All of you have to act now before it is too late.

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