Which Prophet Should You Believe?

There are so many Internet prophets out there telling us the bad things that will happen to this nation in a short time from now. Are they all hearing from God, or are they hearing from themselves or somebody else? That is a very important question. I will give some guidelines to help you try and judge who you should believe and who you should be cautious about in believing what they say.

I have seen one prophet in particular among others who talks about a tsunami striking the East Coast of the U.S., and it will result in all land east of the Appalachians being under water. That truly has to be some kind of wave that could achieve such a feat. The Appalachians are not that close to the shoreline, so we are talking about scores of miles for the water to reach the Appalachians. I do not know the number of miles it is from the shoreline to the Appalachians at its nearest point, but it should certainly be more than 20 miles. So, how far could a tsunami travel inland?

If we had a wave 300 feet high, one person says that will cover all land that is not 300 feet above sea level. That simply is not the case. Generally, a tsunami will not go farther than 5 miles inland, but with a giant wave like that, the water displacement maybe could reach a maximum of 20 miles. So, in other words, I do not believe this prophecy. God is capable of doing anything he wants, but he will not generally interfere with the laws of physics he created. There have been exceptions, but I do not believe God will do that in this case. He does not need to do it.

So, is what the prophet saying physically feasible is one question you should ask? Or you could ask, if it is not physically feasible, why would God have to bend the laws of physics in the particular case of concern? This all makes us wonder, why would a person give a false prophecy in the first place?

It would help if we could sense the spirit behind the prophecy. I have to say that in the vast majority of cases, the spirit behind these false prophecies is evading me. I am not yet able to see the spirit behind these prophecies. God has promised he will open my eyes more in this area in the coming days, but as of today, I still cannot see the spirit behind these types of prophecies in an overwhelming number of cases. If I could, I could help you more in this area.

Also, when you listen to such prophecies on a video like you find at You Tube, notice how they receive such prophecies and how many they receive. If they are dreams, be very wary. I know of one person who has had several prophetic dreams and have listened to what they said. This woman is repeating the same things that are written in my book which tells me she has really been hearing from God. How can I know she is right just because it agrees with me? I know, because there is a message she gives that goes along with these dreams that is the same as mine. She calls on the people and especially the church in this nation to repent. So, look for a message to go along with the dream or vision that will bring you back to or closer to God. If there is no message to go along with the dream that tries to save us from destruction or error, then I would say ignore the dream, vision or prophecy.

In addition, God is not going to constantly give someone many diverse dreams or visions in such a way that they become the one prophet everyone should depend on for a word from God. That is, to become the nation’s prophet in the eyes of most people. That would lead the prophet to becoming an easy target for Satan to tempt into becoming high minded and proud. Watch out for such prophets that seem to get such a plentiful amount of dreams and visions. When this happens, it makes them seem so much closer to God than anyone else. This opens the door for them to become proud, and then they will fall, because pride comes before a fall. I have noticed such prophets get a lot of dreams, and when listening to their dreams or visions they get from God, I keep hearing the word, “I.” When a person uses the word “I” frequently, then watch out! They are centered on themselves in many cases, and thus the prophetic words they are getting are not coming from God.

So, let us now try and see if we can discern what is causing all these prophecies of which many cannot be true. In Isaiah 3:1-5 it says:

“For, behold, the Lord, the Lord of hosts, does take away from Jerusalem and from Judah the stay and the staff, the whole stay of bread, and the whole stay of water. The mighty man, and the man of war, the judge, and the prophet, and the prudent, and the ancient, the captain of fifty, and the honorable man, and the counselor, and the cunning artificer, and the eloquent orator.

 “And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them.  And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbor: the child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient, and the base against the honorable.”

The kingdom of Judah was going to face judgment in this passage. This could be translated to not just the nation of Judah which one could say is the United States, but also centers more on the children of God, i.e. the Christians in the United States. It is the children of God who will listen to God’s prophets while the evil will not generally do this. So, God says he will take away all these lists of things from the nation including the prophets. That also means he is taking it away from his church.

What are we watching occurring today in the United States? We have turned away from God and are getting mixed messages from prophets to us on the Internet. These prophecies constantly are conflicting with each other in a huge number of occasions. So, not everyone is giving a true prophecy from God.

Reading on in the passage, we are told that God would cause children to become the princes or rulers over the nation. We are seeing that today. The leaders of our country are children in spirit and do not know what they are doing. They are acting proud against the ancient and base against the honorable. That means these children who are our leaders are ignoring the principles our forefathers gave us and are calling what has always been good in the past evil, today. Those who stand for righteousness in this nation are now belittled by our politicians, the press, and the leaders of our universities as well as the students in these universities. What was once was white is now called black in this country. Thus at every turn, God has caused our rulers, judges, prophets, et al. to be withheld from us. There are few wise people among them that we can turn to for proper decisions and directions.

There are so many prophecies on the Internet giving varied warnings about what is about to happen in this country. God does give us warnings before he judges a nation through his prophets. He does require a person to speak it into existence since he placed man in charge of the Earth at the very beginning. If a prophecy is not given by a man beforehand, then God will not do it. But, God has given us warnings through various prophets about bad events coming for the United States. The word from God has been spoken, and so they will come to pass.

However, with these warnings comes an alternative for salvation. If God’s people would humble themselves, turn from their wicked ways and repent, then God would reverse these prophecies of judgment coming to the United States. That is the message I have been giving you. It is time to listen to that message and remember no bad thing has to happen if we would just repent, turn from our sin and set things back right in this country. This is something we have to do by force since it is impossible our leaders will ever repent and turn back the clock. It is God’s church that has to act. That is what he requires us to do to save the United States.




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4 Comments on “Which Prophet Should You Believe?”

  1. We have a very difficult job! Man of God, we have work to do in the name of Jesus. Visit my website and let us share more. http://www.revelationuptotheminute.org

    • Brother, I have an apostolic anointing with a gift of discernment. That means I will point out error when I see it. I have chastised the 700 Club for its false teaching and warned Jimmy Swaggart before his fall. I do not play favorites. I had to wait on God to respond to what I read at your site.
      Let us assume for a moment Mohammed was sent by God. Then his message should have been full of love rather than hate which predominates in the Koran, and Jesus should be the cornerstone of his teaching. Jesus is not the cornerstone of his teaching. He was preaching a false gospel. Galatians 1:8 says, “But though we or an angel from heaven preach any other gospel to you than that you have received, let him be accursed.”

  2. God bless you Man of God! Surely you are right the cornerstone of the teaching of Prophet Mohammed should have been the Gospel of Christ! After reading the Qur’an, I discovered that the cornerstone of his work was if you feared Allah you would follow the Gospel of Christ; many have never read this fact. At the time of Prophet Mohammed, many Saints were in the hands of the beast and had accepted false teaching. Therefore,there were people who professed to be Christians killing other people who professed to be Christians. Moreover, The Jews opposed Christians and many of the people who professed to be Christians opposed the Jews. Surely this was a time of trouble as you know. I have posted the finding on the website my finding regarding the work that God gave to Prophet Mohammed regarding the Gospel of Christ – He explained that Christ is the Word of God, an Open Way,the Ones who fear Allah should follow the Gospel of Christ. Like most people have never read the Bible – Most people have never read the Qur’an. Surely, we have work to do because we must take the Glorious Gospel of Christ throughout the world. Satan is very busy and effective, consequently there are many people who are asleep and in the dark. I encourage you to continue to let your light shine. Surely, you are correct, America will be destroyed if the leadership continues on this very destructive path. God revealed to me the destruction of the World Trade Center and our preparation for war before it happened. Surely my life has not been the same. I wrote President George W. Bush thirteen times and all revelation have come to pass; moreover, I have written President Obama more than 20 times. The revelations keep coming. I am the author of eight books, however most most recent works are about edifying the of Christ and sending forth warnings to the nation as God has given me in the name of Jesus. I have reviewed some of your work – it is apparent that God wants to use you in a mighty way to help effect His will. Take time out and take a close look at my web-site and some of the works that God has put at my hands. Man of God, you are in my prayers – go forth and bless the people of God in the name of Jesus.

    Prophet Elmore Richmond Jr.

    • This conversation will stop from me after this reply. You are not going to convince me Mohammed wanted to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If one does not preach Jesus and the resurrection, words will not lead anyone to follow the Gospel of Christ. “You shall know them by their fruits.” “But we preach Christ crucified, to the Jews a stumbling block, and to the Greeks (all others), foolishness.” “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap.” We see what was reaped from Mohammed’s life.

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