False Love and the Sign of the Nickel

I saw an interview a television journalist gave Bill O’Reilly regarding his book, “The Last Days of Jesus.” It was from a typical liberal journalist who asked him why God chose him to write the book? It was clear the journalist was trying to belittle him as not being different from any other person; meaning God did not really choose him since everybody is the same to God, and thus no one is special enough to be chosen by him to write anything concerning him. This is the typical way liberals see people. They put certain people into groups and think everyone in the group must be treated exactly the same. No one is special.

It is true everyone is equal in God’s eyes, but it is certainly not true that there is no one special in his eyes. Each person is unique and special in their own way, and God does choose people to do things in their life other people are not called by him to do. I was called to write my book, “Jeremiah’s Prophecies: The End of the United States.” I am also called to start another ministry and am waiting on him to open the door for me to walk into that ministry. We all are special to God and can be called to do something for which we are the best person for the job. We all have different talents.

The liberal media cannot see that. They define love for their fellow man by grouping everyone into some group and then supposedly helping that group in their eyes through some government program. What they think is love is not love at all. They look at people as groups while God looks at people as individuals. One cannot really love a group, but one can love an individual. One cannot help an entire group, but one can help some individuals. Liberals define themselves as having been good people by helping groups, and thus they have met their quota for the month or year. That is not love. What they are doing is trying to get points for being good, and that is not going to get rid of that guilty conscious they have before God.

Sure, most deny God with their mouth or simply do not talk about him, but in their heart, they know God exists. God says all of creation testifies to the ungodly of his existence. They simply want to deny his existence in hopes that they will not be judged by God for their sins. But, this is vain hope. Not believing in God does not make God cease to exist. They know in their spirits they are going to stand before God and be judged by him for their sins.

Let us go on to what God told me a few days ago. I saw on the news that the price of nickel was plunging. I did research this and found that last year in December, a person wrote about the plunging prices of commodities like iron ore, copper and nickel that was occurring at that time. He said the last time this happened, it was two months before the stock market crashed in 2008. Watch out when commodity prices of these metals fall. Further research showed me that the price of nickel has steadily fallen since then. It was a high of $7.56/ lb. and has declined steadily to under $4/ lb. in the last year. What God said to me is that this is a sign of the coming collapse of the market.

I have studied many different areas of market trends, and this is the latest. All the trends I have seen point to a market collapse in February of 2016. This is not a prophecy but simply trends I have noticed. I know there will be a market collapse long enough before the presidential election to cause chaos in the streets. President Obama will use this to call for martial law and postpone the election. This is something he has been planning for the last several years.

He signed executive orders a few years back to take control of several sectors of our economy including our water supplies and power grid when martial law is decreed. God said in my book that there will be power shortages throughout the country. He also said that when foreign troops are brought into our country to police our society, that these troops will shut off the water supplies to cities to destroy all opposition. This was written in my book before these executive orders were signed. I can see things slowly come together to fulfill what God says will happen in our nation after our economy collapses.

This nation is in its last days. Time is almost up for the people in this country to repent. I thought a financial collapse would occur this fall although that was never a prophecy in my book. Although the fall has not come to an end yet, it seems it will not happen this fall. What I have seen in looking at the financial trends is a collapse early next year. Whenever it occurs, our time will be up and then death and destruction will begin in earnest. Who would want to go through that kind of disaster?

The very liberals who helped bring us to this point with their false love will become terrified at what they see happening. They will not have God in their life and will look for salvation from President Obama. Since the liberals run our society, they will accept a totalitarian society for which they have already voiced support. When we get this dictatorship established, then the Jews and Christians will be high on their list for arrest and execution. Wake up now, Church! You have let this happen and will soon be getting what you never fought against to prevent.



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