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Which Prophet Should You Believe?

December 26, 2015

There are so many Internet prophets out there telling us the bad things that will happen to this nation in a short time from now. Are they all hearing from God, or are they hearing from themselves or somebody else? That is a very important question. I will give some guidelines to help you try and judge who you should believe and who you should be cautious about in believing what they say.

I have seen one prophet in particular among others who talks about a tsunami striking the East Coast of the U.S., and it will result in all land east of the Appalachians being under water. That truly has to be some kind of wave that could achieve such a feat. The Appalachians are not that close to the shoreline, so we are talking about scores of miles for the water to reach the Appalachians. I do not know the number of miles it is from the shoreline to the Appalachians at its nearest point, but it should certainly be more than 20 miles. So, how far could a tsunami travel inland?

If we had a wave 300 feet high, one person says that will cover all land that is not 300 feet above sea level. That simply is not the case. Generally, a tsunami will not go farther than 5 miles inland, but with a giant wave like that, the water displacement maybe could reach a maximum of 20 miles. So, in other words, I do not believe this prophecy. God is capable of doing anything he wants, but he will not generally interfere with the laws of physics he created. There have been exceptions, but I do not believe God will do that in this case. He does not need to do it.

So, is what the prophet saying physically feasible is one question you should ask? Or you could ask, if it is not physically feasible, why would God have to bend the laws of physics in the particular case of concern? This all makes us wonder, why would a person give a false prophecy in the first place?

It would help if we could sense the spirit behind the prophecy. I have to say that in the vast majority of cases, the spirit behind these false prophecies is evading me. I am not yet able to see the spirit behind these prophecies. God has promised he will open my eyes more in this area in the coming days, but as of today, I still cannot see the spirit behind these types of prophecies in an overwhelming number of cases. If I could, I could help you more in this area.

Also, when you listen to such prophecies on a video like you find at You Tube, notice how they receive such prophecies and how many they receive. If they are dreams, be very wary. I know of one person who has had several prophetic dreams and have listened to what they said. This woman is repeating the same things that are written in my book which tells me she has really been hearing from God. How can I know she is right just because it agrees with me? I know, because there is a message she gives that goes along with these dreams that is the same as mine. She calls on the people and especially the church in this nation to repent. So, look for a message to go along with the dream or vision that will bring you back to or closer to God. If there is no message to go along with the dream that tries to save us from destruction or error, then I would say ignore the dream, vision or prophecy.

In addition, God is not going to constantly give someone many diverse dreams or visions in such a way that they become the one prophet everyone should depend on for a word from God. That is, to become the nation’s prophet in the eyes of most people. That would lead the prophet to becoming an easy target for Satan to tempt into becoming high minded and proud. Watch out for such prophets that seem to get such a plentiful amount of dreams and visions. When this happens, it makes them seem so much closer to God than anyone else. This opens the door for them to become proud, and then they will fall, because pride comes before a fall. I have noticed such prophets get a lot of dreams, and when listening to their dreams or visions they get from God, I keep hearing the word, “I.” When a person uses the word “I” frequently, then watch out! They are centered on themselves in many cases, and thus the prophetic words they are getting are not coming from God.

So, let us now try and see if we can discern what is causing all these prophecies of which many cannot be true. In Isaiah 3:1-5 it says:

“For, behold, the Lord, the Lord of hosts, does take away from Jerusalem and from Judah the stay and the staff, the whole stay of bread, and the whole stay of water. The mighty man, and the man of war, the judge, and the prophet, and the prudent, and the ancient, the captain of fifty, and the honorable man, and the counselor, and the cunning artificer, and the eloquent orator.

 “And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them.  And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbor: the child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient, and the base against the honorable.”

The kingdom of Judah was going to face judgment in this passage. This could be translated to not just the nation of Judah which one could say is the United States, but also centers more on the children of God, i.e. the Christians in the United States. It is the children of God who will listen to God’s prophets while the evil will not generally do this. So, God says he will take away all these lists of things from the nation including the prophets. That also means he is taking it away from his church.

What are we watching occurring today in the United States? We have turned away from God and are getting mixed messages from prophets to us on the Internet. These prophecies constantly are conflicting with each other in a huge number of occasions. So, not everyone is giving a true prophecy from God.

Reading on in the passage, we are told that God would cause children to become the princes or rulers over the nation. We are seeing that today. The leaders of our country are children in spirit and do not know what they are doing. They are acting proud against the ancient and base against the honorable. That means these children who are our leaders are ignoring the principles our forefathers gave us and are calling what has always been good in the past evil, today. Those who stand for righteousness in this nation are now belittled by our politicians, the press, and the leaders of our universities as well as the students in these universities. What was once was white is now called black in this country. Thus at every turn, God has caused our rulers, judges, prophets, et al. to be withheld from us. There are few wise people among them that we can turn to for proper decisions and directions.

There are so many prophecies on the Internet giving varied warnings about what is about to happen in this country. God does give us warnings before he judges a nation through his prophets. He does require a person to speak it into existence since he placed man in charge of the Earth at the very beginning. If a prophecy is not given by a man beforehand, then God will not do it. But, God has given us warnings through various prophets about bad events coming for the United States. The word from God has been spoken, and so they will come to pass.

However, with these warnings comes an alternative for salvation. If God’s people would humble themselves, turn from their wicked ways and repent, then God would reverse these prophecies of judgment coming to the United States. That is the message I have been giving you. It is time to listen to that message and remember no bad thing has to happen if we would just repent, turn from our sin and set things back right in this country. This is something we have to do by force since it is impossible our leaders will ever repent and turn back the clock. It is God’s church that has to act. That is what he requires us to do to save the United States.





The Republicans Avoiding Judgment

December 18, 2015

On November 5, 2014 I said just after the Republicans won back the Senate and increased their majority in the House that the Republicans would revert back to form. There was a lot of hope they would reverse some of what President Obama and the Democrats had done, but I knew better. I prophesied what would happen.

I said:

“These princes and people represent the Republicans. At the start, you might see them do some of the things they were elected to do as they have hinted many times they might do, but do not expect it to last. They will revert back to the same people they have always been. They will cave and be fearful of the man and his party they are opposing.”

So what has just happened? They caved to Obama and the Democrats in great fear and gave them more than they asked or for what they imagined they could achieve in this last budget battle. The Democrats came out from this budget battle gloating and saying what a great victory this was for Democrats. They did not say this nation but rather Democrats. That is how much the Republicans gave up in the budget battle. I said this was going to happen, and it did.

In my book when God is speaking he says:

“I speak to the political parties in the United States opposed to the spirit of Nebuchadnezzar (which controls Obama) in the White House to end their resistance to this spirit. Place yourselves into the bondage he brings. He was elected to the office for a reason. If you resist, you will bring death and destruction upon yourselves. I have given him dominion over you and this country to bring my judgment upon it. Therefore, do not listen to those who prophesy peace and good times for America— they are speaking a lie.  (One major prophet in this country does this and others also.)  I did not send them to speak.  They are getting you to believe a lie so that you will be scattered and removed from this land with those deceitful prophets.”

Now, when I had been reading this prophecy I wrote in my book, I misinterpreted it wrong to a certain degree. I kept thinking that the Republicans would be bringing death and destruction upon themselves when opposing President Obama by having Obama fighting back and destroying them. I did know it was part of God’s judgment, but was not picturing it exactly right. No, the prophecy means that if the Republicans oppose President Obama’s agenda, then God will destroy the Republicans himself without the aid of the president.

Now I know none of these Republicans have read my prophecies. Hardly anyone in this country has read my prophecies for that matter. They have not taken the advice from my book to not oppose President Obama, and yet they have obeyed this commandment. Why? It is God prophesying in my book that these Republicans would cow to President Obama’s every wish. And so, we have watched this come to pass the last seven years. Every prophecy in my book has been coming to pass just as God stated. It would be wise to heed to what is written in this book.

God goes on to say in my book:

“The political and religious leaders of this country have done evil in my sight. My church has come in agreement with the evil laws enacted in this nation. They have let the government glorify the perverted, unnatural practices my word testifies against. It has silently let my unborn children be murdered. None of this could have ever come into my mind to allow such a thing as this. All the graves that have been dug for those who have been slaughtered shall make room for those who have allowed this slaughter to take place. Your flesh shall be eaten by the birds. No one will fray them away. There will be no more joy in your cities. There will be no more parties in which to go. Your land will be desolate.”

This is an ominous warning. We have watched homosexual marriage become legalized throughout this entire nation in 2015 by the Supreme Court. Thus God said in my book back in 2009: My church has come in agreement with the evil laws enacted in this nation. They have let the government glorify the perverted, unnatural practices my word testifies against.”  Also, we watched the government (Republicans) not cut the least amount of funding from Planned Parenthood in this last budget after they were exposed to the world as selling aborted baby’s body parts to certain companies. God’s Church in the United States is guilty for letting all these evil things come to pass in our society. It is God’s Church that must repent.

Earlier I said in the first passage I quoted from my book that a major prophet keeps saying good times are coming to America. That person’s staff keeps pumping out the prophet’s message. They just did it today in an email they sent me. Both of us cannot be right. Remember what I said?

Therefore, do not listen to those who prophesy peace and good times for America— they are speaking a lie. I did not send them to speak.  They are getting you to believe a lie so that you will be scattered and removed from this land with those deceitful prophets.”

If I am the one that is wrong, then I ask God to silence me. I ask to become disabled and not able to speak. I ask to be taken from the earth if I am wrong. I will not tolerate a prophet who lies to the people of the United States. I would be doing harm rather than good. God will deal with prophets who speak lies in his name. I am willing to pay the penalty for being wrong. Can the same thing be said for this other prophet and his or her ministry? Where is the heart of the prophet that is delivering the prophetic message? That is something you who read this must judge.

God goes on to say from my book regarding the politicians in Washington D.C.:

“Your people will be scattered and your unity no more. All yours plans and schemes to increase your power will be buried, never to be dug up again. This is the future for Washington, D.C., and all its inhabitants. The enemy will sweep into the houses you bought in this city and into the offices you inhabited to purge out the remnant of the altars you built in them for pleasure. The enemy will take that which was once yours…

“God is bringing his judgment upon this country because the political and religious leaders have broken his laws and closed their ears from receiving his instruction. They have turned their hearts to stone and refuse to be corrected.”

This is what awaits it as our political leaders have chosen to do evil rather than good. The Republican leaders in particular make the decisions they make to keep themselves in power. The whole house in Washington D.C. needs to be cleansed. Of course there are a couple of Representatives and/or Senators who are actually good, but then if you say that we should keep them, then the people in this country will say that it is their Senator or Representative that deserves to stay, and we will still be stuck with all the same people. A total cleansing is the only solution.

However, the fact is that all those leaders we have in Washington D. C. are there because the average citizen in this country has turned away from God. The leaders we get are a reflection of where we are spiritually throughout this nation. We cannot get change in Washington D.C. before we change. Change starts with us. President Obama lied. Change did not start with him. Change starts with us. We have to repent today to save this country. That is God’s message to all of you, today. There is no other way. Not even Rush Limbaugh has been able to figure this out. Someone needs to tell him, i.e. someone to whom he will listen.

If you heed to any other message than this one, then you are not listening to what God is saying. He demands repentance today to save this country. That is the only solution he gives us. So, wake up America: repent today or else!


The Antichrist Revealed?

December 15, 2015

There are many dreams one can find on the Internet about Obama being revealed to these people as being the Antichrist. I have said he is an antichrist, but he is not the  Antichrist. On one site on the Internet, I came across a person who gives dream interpretations, and he told me that God had confirmed to him 18 different times that Obama was the Antichrist. Confirmations are important, and God does confirm his word to people, but Satan confirms words, too.

When it comes to end time events, watch out for Satan’s hand in interpreting who is the Antichrist and what will happen in the coming days. One needs to be very paranoid about jumping to any conclusions. I am very paranoid about doing such things. There are spirits that feed off of people with these kinds of beliefs.

One example I will give is what happened with a person in the church I was attending. This person was an officer in the church and the pastor’s most reliable aide. I began talking to him and immediately saw this demonic spirit that was feeding off of him. He had got caught up in this freemasonry end time events theory. I could see this spirit and knew that it would cause this reliable person of the pastor to react hostilely to anyone who did not accept his version of end time events. It did not take but two weeks for him to leave the church because the pastor would not accept his version about end time events regarding the Freemasons. I would see this spirit again a few weeks later and gave a warning to the pastor’s wife that this spirit was feeding off of another person, and she sharply rebuked me for saying it. The next day she had to ban this person from her wall on Facebook.

This spirit behind the belief that Obama is the Antichrist is a different spirit. There is no hostility it causes for those who have this belief. It has been sent by Satan to deceive and just get people to look in the wrong direction for the real Antichrist. Satan loves playing this game with God’s people. One must avoid jumping to conclusions until God reveals the Antichrist to everyone who can hear in his church. There will always  be those in his church who are spiritually deaf.

I will take two different approaches for telling you why I do not believe Barack Obama is the Antichrist. The first involves which spirit he actually has. The spirit that is inside of Obama is the Nebuchadnezzar spirit. Maybe Hitler and Napoleon had this same spirit; I am not sure since I was not around to know them, but those two were also antichrists. I do not believe the spirit inside the Antichrist will be this Nebuchadnezzar spirit. I believe the Antichrist will have Satan dominating him rather than a subordinate spirit to Satan. After all, Satan with the Antichrist and the False Prophet will be trying to emulate the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Satan will be there to promote himself when the Antichrist comes on the scene.

The second approach I am taking regards the unveiling or revealing of the Antichrist to the world. In 2 Thessalonians 2: 3-4 it says, “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed (apokalupto), the son of perdition; who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sits in the temple of God showing himself that he is God.” 

I just noticed that the Antichrist is supposed to sit in the temple of God. There is no temple at this time and there could not be one for many years to come. Some will argue that this does not mean the temple in Jerusalem, but I disagree. That is not where I was going, however and so now I will go back to the point I was trying to make.

I will concentrate on the Hebrew word, galah and the Greek word, apokalupto. In the first word galah, we have a word which means to uncover and is used in scripture as the word revealed. Although, it can have a universal meaning, it also is used in an individual context such as in Daniel 10: 1 which says, “In the third year of Cyrus king of Persia a thing was revealed (galah) to Daniel…” Clearly we are talking about a single individual having something revealed to them rather than everyone which would then give us a universal context. This is not the only case where this word does not have a universal context.

Now, let us concentrate on the word apokalupto. This word means to reveal and is used 26 times in the New Testament. In every single case it has a universal context, meaning that whatever is revealed is revealed to everyone who is not deaf to spiritual things at a minimum. This is the word used to describe the unveiling of the Antichrist to the world. The church as a whole will know him as the Antichrist when he is revealed. Obama has not been revealed to me nor to the church at large as the Antichrist, so any confirmations this guy has received about him being the Antichrist  simply did not come from God. God is not going to notify a few and then reveal to everyone later: God is going to unveil him to everyone at the same time. This is a deception coming from Satan.

One must be spiritually aware of Satan’s devices. That is where many of these Internet prophets fail. They do not have a significant ability to discern spirits. Discerning of spirits is a gift God has given me, and he said he is going to expand my ability in this area when he moves me into a ministry he is giving me in another country. I believe that door will be opening very soon based upon the last prophecy he gave me. Anyway, you will come across many things in the Internet about end time events. It behooves you to be very vigilant in waiting on a universal unveiling of end time events from God rather than taking some groups of individual’s interpretations regardless of how many confirmations from God they say they have received.




False Love and the Sign of the Nickel

December 14, 2015

I saw an interview a television journalist gave Bill O’Reilly regarding his book, “The Last Days of Jesus.” It was from a typical liberal journalist who asked him why God chose him to write the book? It was clear the journalist was trying to belittle him as not being different from any other person; meaning God did not really choose him since everybody is the same to God, and thus no one is special enough to be chosen by him to write anything concerning him. This is the typical way liberals see people. They put certain people into groups and think everyone in the group must be treated exactly the same. No one is special.

It is true everyone is equal in God’s eyes, but it is certainly not true that there is no one special in his eyes. Each person is unique and special in their own way, and God does choose people to do things in their life other people are not called by him to do. I was called to write my book, “Jeremiah’s Prophecies: The End of the United States.” I am also called to start another ministry and am waiting on him to open the door for me to walk into that ministry. We all are special to God and can be called to do something for which we are the best person for the job. We all have different talents.

The liberal media cannot see that. They define love for their fellow man by grouping everyone into some group and then supposedly helping that group in their eyes through some government program. What they think is love is not love at all. They look at people as groups while God looks at people as individuals. One cannot really love a group, but one can love an individual. One cannot help an entire group, but one can help some individuals. Liberals define themselves as having been good people by helping groups, and thus they have met their quota for the month or year. That is not love. What they are doing is trying to get points for being good, and that is not going to get rid of that guilty conscious they have before God.

Sure, most deny God with their mouth or simply do not talk about him, but in their heart, they know God exists. God says all of creation testifies to the ungodly of his existence. They simply want to deny his existence in hopes that they will not be judged by God for their sins. But, this is vain hope. Not believing in God does not make God cease to exist. They know in their spirits they are going to stand before God and be judged by him for their sins.

Let us go on to what God told me a few days ago. I saw on the news that the price of nickel was plunging. I did research this and found that last year in December, a person wrote about the plunging prices of commodities like iron ore, copper and nickel that was occurring at that time. He said the last time this happened, it was two months before the stock market crashed in 2008. Watch out when commodity prices of these metals fall. Further research showed me that the price of nickel has steadily fallen since then. It was a high of $7.56/ lb. and has declined steadily to under $4/ lb. in the last year. What God said to me is that this is a sign of the coming collapse of the market.

I have studied many different areas of market trends, and this is the latest. All the trends I have seen point to a market collapse in February of 2016. This is not a prophecy but simply trends I have noticed. I know there will be a market collapse long enough before the presidential election to cause chaos in the streets. President Obama will use this to call for martial law and postpone the election. This is something he has been planning for the last several years.

He signed executive orders a few years back to take control of several sectors of our economy including our water supplies and power grid when martial law is decreed. God said in my book that there will be power shortages throughout the country. He also said that when foreign troops are brought into our country to police our society, that these troops will shut off the water supplies to cities to destroy all opposition. This was written in my book before these executive orders were signed. I can see things slowly come together to fulfill what God says will happen in our nation after our economy collapses.

This nation is in its last days. Time is almost up for the people in this country to repent. I thought a financial collapse would occur this fall although that was never a prophecy in my book. Although the fall has not come to an end yet, it seems it will not happen this fall. What I have seen in looking at the financial trends is a collapse early next year. Whenever it occurs, our time will be up and then death and destruction will begin in earnest. Who would want to go through that kind of disaster?

The very liberals who helped bring us to this point with their false love will become terrified at what they see happening. They will not have God in their life and will look for salvation from President Obama. Since the liberals run our society, they will accept a totalitarian society for which they have already voiced support. When we get this dictatorship established, then the Jews and Christians will be high on their list for arrest and execution. Wake up now, Church! You have let this happen and will soon be getting what you never fought against to prevent.



Death and Immigration

December 9, 2015

The Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, the Republicans and Democrats running for president less Donald Trump with one accord say Donald Trump does not have our values, and that calling for all Muslim immigration  into this country  be suspended  until a later date is an unconstitutional thing to do. Tell me, have any of these people ever read the Constitution? No wonder our Constitution is being ripped up by President Obama with no resistance from the Republicans, because it is obvious no politician knows what the Constitution says.

The McCarran-Walter Act of 1952 moved away from excluding immigrants based simply upon country of origin. Instead it focused upon denying immigrants who were unlawful, immoral, diseased in any way, politically radical etc. and accepting those who were willing and able to assimilate into the US economic, social, and political structures. [1] The Muslims of today in our country cannot be said with any certainty that they want to assimilate into our country. A Pew Research poll asked Muslims if they had the option, would they choose U.S. law or Sharia law? Fifty-one percent said they would choose Sharia law. Also, twenty-five percent said it was okay to attack the U.S. with terrorist acts. That is dangerous. These are people living in this country.

The  McCarran-Walter Act goes on to say in  
U.S. Code
Title 8Chapter 12Subchapter IIPart II › § 1182: “In general any alien who is a representative of a political, social, or other group that endorses or espouses terrorist activity is inadmissible.” What do you think happened recently at a soccer match between Greece and Turkey in Turkey? This was just after the terrorist attack in France. The stadium announcer asked for a moment of silence for those killed in Paris. The crowd was filled with people who hissed and yelled out a chant these terrorists are famous for saying while they are killing innocent people. This ought to tell you besides the deafening silence from the Muslim world that there  at least  a  majority of Muslims in the Middle East  who endorse terrorist activity against the West. The last time I checked, President Obama has been busy sending Middle Eastern Muslims from Syria and elsewhere into this country. The U.S. code says such people are inadmissible. It is President Obama who is disregarding this nation’s security which is the reason given by the code that such people should not be admitted into this nation. So, what else is new?

Even if you disagreed with me about a majority being sympathetic to terrorists who attack the western nations, there is no question there is a large percentage who are sympathetic, and that alone means Muslims as a whole are a dangerous group to allow to come into the United States until we can get a better handle on who to let into this nation. The U.S. code goes on to say:

(Determinations by President respecting number of admissions for humanitarian concerns) If the President determines, after appropriate consultation, that (1) an unforeseen emergency refugee situation exists, (2) the admission of certain refugees in response to the emergency refugee situation is justified by grave humanitarian concerns or is otherwise in the national interest, and (3) the admission to the United States of these refugees cannot be accomplished under subsection (a), the President may fix a number of refugees to be admitted to the United States during the succeeding period (not to exceed twelve months) in response to the emergency refugee situation and such admissions shall be allocated among refugees of special humanitarian concern to the United States in accordance with a determination made by the President after the appropriate consultation provided under this subsection.”

What this means is the president can determine who can come into this country and who cannot come into this country. He can fix the number of refugees at his own discretion and the leeway he has to admit anyone is based on national security. No one can say we are not taking a national security risk by letting in all these Muslim refugees.

How many Christian refugees from Syria are we allowing to enter this nation? The answer is none. Every refugee is given a religious test by being asked of what religion they are. If they say Muslim, Obama says come on into the United States. If they say Christian, they say that person does not qualify. The last I heard, ISIS is martyring Christians wherever they find them. These politicians don’t know the very laws they have passed. They call whatever they feel like calling unconstitutional as the law of the land. Yet, the law of the land is the opposite of what they are saying.

These presidential candidates who say Donald Trump is not qualified to run for president since he advocates something they say is unconstitutional are the very ones who are unqualified to run for president. They are the ones who do not know what the Constitution says. They are the ones who write the Constitution as they see fit with their mouths. What they say is true is actually a lie. We do not need more liars running this country. We already have our fill of liars running the show, now.

Then of course there is the usual argument of banning Muslims from entering this country for a limited time is against our values. I am sorry, but they cannot tell me what my values are nor yours. Let me give you this scenario. The United States is like our home. You would not let just anyone into your home you do not know without being able to trust them to a large extent. Would you risk your entire family  by letting people into your home who are strangers to you? Do you really trust President Obama to judge for you who you can trust. He has a political agenda for everything he does. He is not doing anything that is for your best interest. He is doing what will empower him and the Democrats. National security is not what he is considering in this situation. He has a demonic spirit inside of him telling him what to do. Do not trust him!

So, what is this demonic spirit that is inside of him? It is the spirit of Nebuchadnezzar. Such a term has spread to other blogs the last few years, but its origin comes from me. If someone else mentioned this spirit before the year 2009, then I never heard of them. This spirit was identified in my book, and all the personality traits that King Nebuchadnezzar had can be seen in President Obama, today.  I am not going over these personality traits except one, today. You can search my other blog pieces to find those traits. The one I will cover in this piece is the most dangerous trait of them all.

The one trait that King Nebuchadnezzar had that has not manifested in President Obama yet is that of executing his enemies. If Nebuchadnezzar became angry with a person, they would be immediately executed. He sent Shadrach. Meshach, and Abednego to be executed when they refused to bow down and worship his image when music was played. These were leaders that were favorites of the king. When they refused to bow down and worship his image, then he became furious with them and sent them to be tossed into a furnace. Not only that, he commanded the furnace to be increased in temperature by sevenfold. So much for being in favor with Nebuchadnezzar. This same personality trait will manifest itself in Obama in the near future. You can count on it.

You may ask, why has it not manifested itself in him to date? The answer is because he knows he cannot get away with it, yet. He does not have absolute control of this nation. When he does become a dictator, then things will immediately change. Just think back to Hitler. The concentration camps with all the killing did not begin until he became a dictator. So will it be the same in this nation. When he postpones and cancels the presidential election in 2016, then many so called enemies of President Obama will be rounded up and executed quietly. As time goes on, the executions will no longer be done out of sight. This spirit behind President Obama means to destroy all those who espouse freedom in this nation. Its mission is to eradicate God completely from this society where freedom originates.

I know you find this hard to believe, but you better take warning. God always gives a warning before the bad begins to happen. There are many voices out there giving warning, and when what they tell you is based upon God’s word, you better listen. God always honors his word. The people for whom you should watch out are the ones who tell you good times are coming when evil reigns throughout the society. It is impossible for God to bestow blessings on those who are practicing great evil. The United States is practicing great evil, today. If you find yourself in agreement with the liberal media or those conservatives who tell you what your values are, then reconsider quickly with whom you agree. These people are the very ones for whom God is judging this nation. These are the ones who are rewriting our Constitution and allowing it to be permanently destroyed. You need to understand where God is in these matters.

I am not going to tell you where God is in these matters in this situation other than what I have already said. You ask God yourself. You examine what I have said and see if it is in agreement with what God says in the Bible. It is always best that you can see how things really are through your own revelation the Holy Spirit gives you. I do not expect you can see everything I can see, because God has given me a gift of seeing that which the natural eye cannot see. Each person has a potential to receive a special gift from God and not everybody has a special gift of discernment of spirits. However, the Holy Spirit is your guide to truth. Use him to learn what is really going on in this nation. It is only by attuning yourself with God that you can avoid getting caught up into his judgment which will soon begin on this nation. You are responsible for your own future. Your destiny is based on your own decisions, faith and how close you choose to follow and obey God.



The Climate Change True Agenda Exposed

December 5, 2015

How often do you hear the lie about climate change is going to destroy this planet because of all the carbon man is releasing into the atmosphere? What is the truth about this statement? What is the true agenda the left does not want you to hear? Unfortunately for the left, not everyone on their side can keep their mouths shut. President Obama wants you to believe climate change is the most serious thing with which we have to deal. He says it eclipses the threat by ISIS. Never mind that ISIS has said it plans to kill ten million Americans. Never mind we have just suffered an attack from an ISIS inspired couple. The agenda of climate change according to Obama is far more important. Why?

First, let us listen to what the climate change officials have said, themselves about what is their agenda. In November of 2010, a leading member of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change told a German news outlet:

(EDENHOFER): First of all, developed countries have basically expropriated the atmosphere of the world community. But one must say clearly that we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy. Obviously, the owners of coal and oil will not be enthusiastic about this. One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with environmental policy anymore, with problems such as deforestation or the ozone hole. ” [1]

In February of this year (2015), U.N. climate chief Christiana Figueres admitted that the goal of environmental activists was not to save the world from ecological calamity but to destroy capitalism. She said:

“This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution.” [2]

Then there is  Maurice Strong, who organized the first U.N. Earth Climate Summit (1992) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,  who said:

 “We may get to the point where the only way of saving the world will be for industrialized civilization to collapse. Isn’t it our responsibility to bring this about?” [3]

Where would the money go if this climate change agenda is really about redistributing wealth? First, let me list the nations who will be sending their money to other nations.  They are:

Climate Debtor Nations     Amount Money Sending ($)

United States                             634 billion

European Union                       267 billion

Japan                                          103 billion

United Kingdom                         49 billion [4]


This money is earmarked for the following countries by 2025:

Climate Creditor Nations   Amount Money to Receive ($)

China                                   497 billion

India                                    151 billion

Indonesia                                 63 billion

Russia                                     35 billion

South Africa                              13 billion

Nigeria                                  12.77 billion

Bangladesh                              6.93 billion

Philippines                                    6 billion

Peru                                           6 billion

Ethiopia                                   4.2 billion

Bolivia                                     2.7 billion

Kenya                                         2 billion

Ecuador                                 1.514 billion

Nepal                                         1 billion

El Salvador                              400 million

Brazil                                       65 million [4]


That is more than one trillion dollars being transferred from the West to those sixteen countries.

The climate change scare has been a scam from its inception. It has been the leftist’s way of destroying capitalism, redistributing the wealth of the West to the 3rd world countries, and trying to create a socialist state in the United States in particular after bringing about the collapse of the western world’s economies. Why else would they be planning to send the majority of the money to China who is one of the worst polluters in the world? Is it not China to whom the United States owes the most money? The day they demand payment on our debt to them is the day that will cause the United States’ economy and the dollar bill to collapse.

So, why is this happening? It is about destroying the republic of the United States and replacing it with a socialist type utopia. President Obama wants to bring about a financial collapse. That has been his plan all along. That is why he never has as president took steps to help the United States’ economy grow and come out of the recession that started just before he took office. It is why God said in my book, “Do not accept the lie of the economy recovering and becoming strong again.” He needs the economy to collapse to establish the dictatorship for which he has been planning. Hitler needed one to rise to total rule, and Obama is trying to follow his blueprint. God said:

“The government of this country is being brought under total subjection to this new dictator. All of this nation’s leaders will do him obeisance. This government will be completely stripped of its constitutional customs. Its laws will be ignored, ripped up, and discounted.”

These were God’s words to us in my book. He was warning us this will be what comes to pass if we as a nation and especially the church here do not repent, but that has not happened.

God said in my book to us:

“Your cities are given to a people whose language you do not understand and to take their wealth for someone else to squander.”

“I am breaking your source of power and removing
all your wealth so you cannot stand before an enemy and continue to express your defiance.

“Repent now of your pride and give reverence to Me or I will strip you of your positions and make you the basest of citizens. The South and the North will all fall to the enemy. All shall be removed from their homes—no one will be spared. Look now and see who is coming. The enemy is on a rampage to strip you of all your wealth.”

“There are coming four demonic spirits into this country. The first will slay the inhabitants of this nation. The second spirit will rip their possessions from them to be given to a stranger. The third will devour
all of this nation’s wealth, and the fourth will destroy all that is left standing.

“You shall watch the spirit of Nebuchadnezzar flood
this land and impoverish it. Your neighbors shall lose their homes and depart, and you will be next. All the power and wealth of this country will be taken away by this spirit. You will become the basest of countries.”

This is what is on the horizon for us in this country. When the stock market collapses, the end will quickly begin to manifest. Terrorist attacks and riots will begin in earnest. Foreign troops will be brought into this nation by Obama to quell the unrest. A people’s language of which we do not understand will be patrolling our streets and taking for themselves what we have in our homes. This is what happens to a country that God judges. That nation is pillaged. But, meanwhile President Obama is in the process of using this climate change scam to send taxpayer money to other countries with the intent of impoverishing this nation as much as possible. That is his true agenda.

The left and the president take the side of protecting Muslims extremists, because impoverishing this nation and removing Christianity from it is more important. The left has just finished criticizing those who called for prayer for the victims of this latest terrorist attack which occurred in California. The New York Daily Post wrote,  “God Isn’t Fixing This.”  Why are they attacking prayer?

In the Soviet Union, it was illegal to hold prayer services in government and all publicly administered buildings. Basically, prayer was limited to what was called prayer buildings a church may have. The government was trying to gradually get rid of all vestiges of God in their society. The same thing has been going on in this country the last several decades, and now the left has started becoming more vocal about eradicating praying to God. They will not say the same about praying to Allah, but praying to God is truly a no-no.

What is going on in this nation with the favoritism toward Muslim extremists and hostility toward conservatives and Christians is the leftists running this country and in the media are fighting against God in open warfare. It is God and his laws they fear. This is proof in itself that Christianity is the only true religion. The leftists are not overly concerned about Islam or Buddhism or any other religion; they are especially concerned about Christianity. They are in other words, convicted by their own consciences that they are going to face judgment before the Christian God for their sins.

They know in their spirits that God is the only true God. They know he is the one that created them and all there is that exists including the universe. It is God who they fear and must try to eradicate from this nation. They think that maybe if they can rid the very mention of God from all of us, that somehow he will not really exist and eventually judge them for their sins. They want to hang onto the sin in their lives. They refuse to repent. Oh, how very foolish can they be?

This is the true battle going on in this country. This Nebuchadnezzar spirit behind President Obama has set out to destroy our Constitution and install a dictatorship. With a dictatorship, Christianity can be made illegal. This fight has been always about eradicating God from our society. After all, it is because of God we have had all the freedoms listed in the Constitution. Without God, when they successfully remove God from our society, all freedom will disappear. This is the true agenda. This is what awaits us if we do not repent today and immediately put God back in charge in our society. We have no time left to put this off. It is today or there will be no tomorrow for this nation. This is what God is saying to all of us right now.