Daniel Sees the Fall of the United States

“Did Daniel see in his visions the fall of the United States? Is the United States included in the visions of Daniel? While many cannot see the United States being mentioned in Bible prophecy, God certainly knew that this nation would rise and become the greatest power in the world among nations. So, how could he ignore us? Well, the fact is that the Old and New Testament prophets never named kingdoms or nations in their prophecies with which they were not already familiar. They could only describe regions of the world. If they name a country that is east of Israel, then look for a nation from that direction to fulfill the given prophecy of the prophet for end time events.

So, where in the book of Daniel can we find the mention of the United States? Let us look at Daniel 7. In the first 6 verses of Daniel, he prophesies about three different beasts and then moves on to describe a fourth beast in verse 7. The first beast was a lion which represented the New Babylonian empire which had already destroyed the last kingdom of the Jews and brought him to Babylon as a child where he became one of that kingdom’s leaders. This kingdom of Babylon would be replaced with the second beast he saw which was a bear. The bear represented the Persian Empire which would conquer the Chaldeans (Babylonians). The Persian Empire would be overthrown by the third beast which was the Macedonian empire of Alexander the Great. The third beast was described as a leopard. We then get to the fourth beast.

The Bible reads:

“After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns.

“I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things.” (Daniel 7: 7-8)

Here in these verses, a fourth empire rises that is diverse from the other beasts. It has a symbol of iron. Iron in another vision of Daniel symbolized Rome. From the dividing up of Alexander’s empire after his death, Rome eventually emerged as the greatest power in the western world. The Roman empire in Biblical prophecy never really comes to an end. Nations arise out of Rome, become segmented, but still retain in their heritage some of the iron of Rome. Western culture as it stands today is the offspring of Rome. So, when Daniel talks about this fourth beast, he is referring to the nations of the western world that emerged after Rome collapsed as an empire. The Roman Empire was never conquered but rather died.

The little horn mentioned in the passage is most assuredly referring to the Antichrist that will one day arise. Some will say this already happened in ancient times, but I believe it is talking about a past event and also about another Antichrist arising today in our world. This horn is described as being little, i.e. it is smaller than the other horns. This means we are talking about a man while the other ten horns refers not only to kings but nations. However, three horns were uprooted by the little horn. I see this as meaning three leaders of particular nations that arise who have power over their nations and other nations, but will eventually fall. The first of the three horns I believe is Napoleon and his country of France; the second is Hitler and his country of Germany, and the third brings us to today.

So, can we discern which is the third nation to arise, and who is that leader? There is no doubt that Barack Obama is an antichrist. He is not the Antichrist, but he is an antichrist. In the Bible code, Barack Obama’s name appears in the book of Revelation where the Antichrist is mentioned. His name also means lightning, and Jesus himself described Satan as lightning falling from heaven. Another passage says, “For as the lightning that lightens out of the one part under heaven, shines to the other part under heaven; so shall also the Son of Man be in his day.” (Luke 17: 24) Jesus is telling us that lightning is a sign to look for in regard to his returning to the earth. So, what I can tell you is that there is a satanic spirit behind President Obama. You can observe how he will not vilify terrorists around the world, but rather consistently does things to weaken Israel and its security. Satan is always behind movements to imperil the nation of Israel. Barack Obama is this third horn that will be removed by the Antichrist.

Can I tell you I know this is true beyond a doubt? No, I cannot tell you that. But, this is what came to me as I was reading this passage regarding the rise of the Antichrist. Daniel goes on to say:

“Then I would know the truth of the fourth beast, which was diverse from all the others, exceeding dreadful, whose teeth were of iron, and his nails of brass; which devoured, brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with his feet; and of the ten horns that were in his head, and of the other which came up, and before whom three fell; even of that horn that had eyes, and a mouth that spoke very great things, whose look was more stout than his fellows.

“I beheld, and the same horn made war with the saints, and prevailed against them…The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces. And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings.

“And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.” (Daniel 7: 19-21, 23-25)

We are seeing President Obama trying to change our laws. When he wants something, he signs an executive order to try and get just that thing to happen. He appoints people to the courts to aid him in changing our laws. Look at what happened with the legalization of gay marriage. Look at how he got the treaty with Iran ratified. He managed to put the burden on the Senate to get a two-thirds vote to stop the treaty rather than having a two-thirds vote to ratify it. He has consistently skirted our Constitution. Obama clearly has an antichrist spirit and is unwittingly laying the foundation for his own demise by the Antichrist who will replace him on the scene. This is what I see in this passage.

So, in regard to this passage from Daniel, I see the fall of the United States as inevitable. I think Obama is this third horn deposed by the Antichrist paving the way for his rise to power. Since the Antichrist is described as a little horn, there is a suggestion he will not be a leader of a nation like those before him, but will actually be leading a different type of entity. I believe I know what that is since such an entity is described in my book.

Regardless of all this, if God’s people would just repent and take back this nation today, all of this about our fall could be prevented. God is warning us today to repent: that means we have the opportunity from him to stop this nation’s destruction. If only God’s people in this nation would get up out of their easy chairs and take back this nation by force. It is the only way this country can be saved. Political parties will never change and are useless in saving us from our predicament.

God says that all this talk and excitement about who will be the next president is unimportant. Our current president is not going to leave office. It has been reported he has even mentioned about having a third term on October 28. I did not hear him myself, so I cannot confirm that information. I will let you research that yourself. I do not need to know whether he said it or not; I already know that God has called him the last president of the United States. Yet, things could change if we would only repent and purge out the evil laws that now dominate our society. That we can only do by protesting and refusing to have these laws reign over us anymore.



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