A Prophetic Word to Obama

These are the words God gives me for you President Obama. It includes you and the other leaders in Washington. “End your oppression of the people in this country. End your campaigns against those you despise, mete out equal justice to everyone, and end the bloodbath of the innocent. If you do this, then I will not remove you from power but will restore a right spirit in this city. However, if you disobey Me, then this city shall be destroyed, and I will turn my wrath on you. I will raze it to the ground and drive out all inhabitants. I will send the enemy to lay siege on it to destroy it, bringing an end to its days as a great city. Then those in the other nations will see what has come to pass and will with astonishment say, ‘Why did God do this to this great city?’ The answer they will be given is, ‘Because they turned their back on the God this country was founded on to worship. They chose new gods to worship
and sacrificed their time to them.’ Do not cry for those who died when the enemy came rushing in. Cry for those who were driven from their land who will never have the opportunity to return. All those who hope to return, whom I have driven from the land, whether he is rich or poor and a ruler or not, shall never return to this land. I will raise a wall which cannot be breached to prevent those I judge from returning. Wherever I send those I drive out will die in the place I send them.

“Those who obtain riches by stealing shall receive their due reward. When you build your houses and do not give your wages to the workman, when you deck it with rich décor to cause your neighbor to covet it, shall I not punish you for this? You strive to make yourself important and to rule others, but your forefathers were not like this. They sought equal justice for their fellow man and worked for what they earned. They were honest and prosperous because they followed my laws. Because your forefathers sought Me, they gave of their sustenance to the poor and needy. They sought justice for those who had been wronged, but your hearts and words are perverted. You claim you are the champion of the poor and needy. However, you have been corrupt, coveting what others had to make them your own. You passed your laws of violence to shed innocent blood. You sought to take from others with force through the power you had been given. Therefore, you congressmen and senators, my words come against you and your president. I am stripping you of your power. There will be no sadness over your downfall, and you will be driven from this city in shame. I will make all of your names a curse.

“Go to the towns and cities of your youth and bewail the destruction
wrought upon them because of the heresy in your hearts. From your youth you have rejected Me. I gave you prosperity, and you did not reverence Me. You have said you will not listen to my words of judgment, and so the pastors you have chosen will be taken from you. The idols in your life will bring shame to your name. The wickedness you have practiced will be exposed for all to see.

“You who think you are safe in your houses of luxury will feel the
tremors as the enemy nears. Like the woman about to give birth to
her child, you will not be able to keep the birth of the consequences of your sin from ensnaring you. You, Mr. President with all the charisma and following you desire to have will not stop my judgment from passing on to you. All of you shall be delivered into the hands of the enemy who is rapidly coming. Your greatest fear is upon you. The spirit of Nebuchadnezzar is in your heart and is in this land. He will lead you to your destruction and bring the enemy into your towns. I will scatter you with my winds into lands where you were not born. There you will fulfill your days, never to see your homeland again. From you, Mr. President on down, I will scatter you and the other leaders; removing you from this land. I will purge your evil from this nation to never afflict this soil again. Any ruler who brings such evil will not be allowed to prosper. I will punish him for his sins and take him off his throne.”

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