Leaving the United States

There is an issue that has come up to me lately and is present among many who are prophesying about the days of judgment fast approaching the United States. The issue is whether Christians should flee the U.S. or not. I also need to talk about the issue of whether Christians should prepare for the days ahead after judgment begins on the United States. For those who stay in the U.S., should they prepare? The answer may seem obvious for the last question, but there is a twist to that issue of which Christians should be aware. I will address these issues as precisely as I can.

Unless we repent (God’s Church in the U.S.), then there will fall judgment on the United States this fall. Unless Christians rise up in a massive protest and refuse to take no for an answer against all the unrighteous laws governing our society right now, then the end has come for our country. Will you, (God’s Church in the U.S.) repent and act now to save this nation? This is truly the only question that really matters. The rest becomes academic after this.

Let us deal with the latter matter first of which I mentioned. For those who stay in the United States, should they prepare for what is coming regarding God’s judgment on this nation? There is nothing wrong about preparing, but where is your heart? Are you concerned about your neighbor who is lost? What do you think Jesus told you just before he ascended into heaven? “Go into the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16: 15) If you are preparing for God’s judgment on this nation and ignoring your neighbor who is lost; what good are you doing for them and this country for that matter? You are letting it continue down the path to destruction. This kind of action is not pleasing to God.

Having observed a little bit of the Jim Bakker program in recent days, I observed they were telling people to prepare for the coming judgment, but they were not saying anything about what we need to do to take this nation back from those evil people who run this country.  I must add they are no different from the other Christians shows I have observed to this point in time . They like to tell us about the prophecies about the destruction of this nation coming, but they do not tell us to rise up against the evil that reigns in this nation and take this nation back for God. This is an errant message.

If no one rises up to save this nation, then it can only fall, and then we are breaking God’s commandment to preach the Gospel to every creature. Preparing for the end and not fighting back to restore this nation back to God is a selfish act. These Christians are only showing concern for themselves and their families over concern for the lost. After all, the lost cannot turn from their sin if we do not witness to them. This nation cannot be saved if Christians do not point out its sin and stand against it.

If you are preparing for the judgment on this country and not fighting to save this nation from its destruction first and foremost, then you will be swallowed up in God’s judgment regardless of whether you have prepared for this judgment or not. You cannot escape God’s wrath when you are standing outside of God’s will. When you are in sin, then you are open to the consequences of sin. Yes, you are outside of God’s will when you do not do what Jesus told you to do just before he ascended into heaven. A light must be on the top of a hill for all to see. “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” (Matthew 5: 16)

On the Jim Bakker program, they were saying about the Christians who prepare by massing large stores of food for the days to come, that the lost will come to them for food, and they will be a witness to them of how well God provides for his children. These people were simply making an excuse to selfishly stock up food for themselves and hoping to justify themselves before God by saying they will then be a witness to the lost when the bad days come upon us. There is a demonic spirit behind this kind of reasoning.  Selflessness is putting others ahead of you over your desires. We do not see selflessness in this case. What does God say about this in my book? He says,

“The appeasers in this country will come to my prophets asking
for a word from God, hoping to hear my judgment will not finish its work. I tell those who have the spirit of Zedekiah operating in their lives that they will not escape my punishment. They have allowed the evil to go on in this country, including the attacks against my church, while hoping their prayers to Me would be enough for them to escape my wrath. I speak to you who have Zedekiah’s spirit inside of you: you will face my judgment. I warned you to turn from your sins or else your land would be judged, but you have never listened. Turn to those who told you good times are coming to the United States and seek their help. They are the ones on whom you have always placed your dependence. Put your trust in them. Can any man deliver himself from my wrath? Ignore my words and put your trust in your riches and let us see whose words will stand.”

What does that last sentence say again? ” Ignore my words and put your trust in your riches and let us see whose words will stand.” For those who are storing food and provisions for the days to come to protect themselves from God’s judgment on this nation without fighting to save it, then they are trusting in their riches to save themselves. What did God say in the previous sentence to that one? Can any man deliver himself from my wrath?” Do you think you can escape God’s wrath when you have not even sought God for yourself to know what he wants you to do first?

The majority of these people about which I am talking are simply following the suggestions of these television ministers and have not heard from God themselves. Prophecy does not work that way. This is errant teaching. Rise up now and fight the evil in the land first, and then in the meanwhile you can prepare for what is coming if you so desire. God’s commission to you is to save the lost and not let the evil reign. Do not try to put the cart before the horse and say, “I will prepare first and then think about trying to save this nation.” It will then be too late to act. Saving this nation requires more than praying for revival. Saving this nation requires action. “Faith without works is dead.” (James 2: 26)

 Now regarding the first issue mentioned in the introductory paragraph: “Being a Christian, should I flee the United States since it is being judged?” What do you think would be the answer to that question? If you hear any prophets telling you to do this, should you listen to them? I can tell you to run away from such prophets. Unless you hear from God yourself, first, you should not listen to these people.

Prophecy gives people instruction, correction and confirmation. You can learn how to move into a closer relationship with God which involves instruction, or if you are in error God can expose where you have missed God. However, I have experienced prophets missing God in the latter area and causing harm to the people to which they are witnessing. It is dangerous to go so far and not recognize what message comes from God and instead comes from the enemy. That prophet needs to be sure it is God’s voice or not say anything at all. There are so many prophets on the Internet today who are prophesying false things because they cannot recognize God’s spirit. I am not immune from missing God myself. I am not going to tell someone they are in error when I am not sure I am truly hearing from God.

The area that these prophets are abusing when they tell God’s people to flee the United States is in the area of confirmation. Have you heard from God to leave the United States? No prophet can tell you to leave the United States except through a confirming word. That means, God has told you first to leave, and then the prophet confirms that word to you by telling you the same thing. If you have not heard from God first, then ignore that word from that prophet.

If a prophet says all Christians should leave the United States, then that is a false message. Corporate messages do not apply to all of God’s people. Each person has their own destiny and ministry from the Lord. You are always going to find that God leaves a witness in every part of the earth. Your job is to find out what it is that God wants you to do. Ask him, “Should I leave the United States, or should I stay and minister to others here?” Only God can answer that question for you.

We are entering into days of decision for this nation. Will God’s Church rise up to save the United States or will it let it fall. Our job as Christians is to do all we can to save this country. If we do not do that little, then there is no hope that judgment from God on the United States can be averted.





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4 Comments on “Leaving the United States”

  1. DoUwant2go2heaven? Says:

    God actually does tell us where we must flee in His word. He gives us 2 options actually.

    1. To our own country because Babylon the Great is a land of immigrants. Isaiah 13:14, Jeremiah 50:16, Jeremiah 51:9

    2. Jerusalem! Jeremiah 51:50, Zechariah 2:7, Revelation 18:4, Psalm 137

    The prophets emphasize over and over and over again the necessity of going to Jerusalem before the Day of the LORD begins! Ezekiel 9 speaks about it. Amos 7 pictures it! Amen! Yes, God will be a wall of fire round about Jerusalem on the day when He rises to the battle. Read Ezekiel 38-39.

    A good place to start is by making His feast days. Assemble in Jerusalem for His appointed times! They are perpetual statutes that have never been abolished. Read Leviticus 23, Deuteronomy 16:16. Go for the feast of Tabernacles this year! The time of the last blood moon of the tetrad! God is giving us these signs for a reason!

    READ JOEL 2:30-32!!!!!

    Deliverance is in Jerusalem! Mount Zion! But only for the remnant! The ones who OBEY HIS voice!

    The bottom line is that Jesus Christ has told us everything before it comes to pass! That is why 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11 says that the DAY of the LORD will not overtake those who are in the light by surprise! Jesus said that if we are watching for the thief to come, then we will not allow our houses to be broken into! Paul said that he didn’t have to write about the APPOINTED TIMES of the LORD for we should be well aware when they are because God has told us to watch and pray in order that we might be accounted worthy to escape all these things and to stand before the Son of Man.

    God has said that we are to warn the people when we see the sword coming! Once we have warned, our job is done. The warning is going out, now you must decide what to do with the information given!

    And FYI Near and far fulfillment of prophecy must always be in the back of your mind when you study the prophets. The warnings that God gave His people to flee from Babylon in the OT were not for their time. It is a warning for our time! Hence why it is repudiated in the NT in Revelation 18:4.

    Daniel even said that he studied the book of Jeremiah and found out the 70 year prophecy! Daniel saw the warnings to flee in Jeremiah, but yet Daniel stayed even after Babylon was defeated by the Medes and Persians. In fact Daniel and the lions den happened during the reign of a Persian king! Daniel didn’t flee from Babylon when it was conquered! Therefore the warnings to flee from Babylon in the Old Testament are instructions and guidelines for us NOW!

    JEREMIAH 51:50!!!!

    We must go to Jerusalem!

    Psalm 122!!!!!

    Amen and Amen, The time is short! Amen.

    Ezekiel 30:1-3!

    • People can flee as instructed by the Holy Spirit, but my point is a prophet cannot tell someone to leave without them hearing from God first. A prophet is operating outside of his authority when telling someone to do something that God has not confirmed to that person beforehand.

      • Douwant2go2heaven? Says:

        Blessings my brother. I thought prophets only spoke what God said? Hence they preface the words God gives them by saying “thus saith the LORD”, correct?

        If so, God has told us where we must go in His word. Therefore we can hear from God directly my friend. It’s all right there in His word. No need to guess about it. Amen

      • I am going to reply through your email address. If it is not correct, then comment again with it given, and I will not approve the comment so it will not be up on my site for others to see if this is what bothers you.

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