Vision About God’s Judgment on the U.S.

What is going to happen in the United States in the next few years? There are a lot of prophesies out there, and they cannot all be right, so who do you believe? One thing you can be sure of is that God gives the same word to more than one prophet. Look for confirming words.

The following video concerns a woman named Rebecca Sterling who had a vision of the events of today back in 1999. She made dolls of figures she saw in the vision. She saw in the vision a mixed race president and made dolls of both him and his wife. The beginning of the video explains a woman Rebecca saw that signaled the events that would follow after she saw this woman appear in real life.

The woman she saw in the vision turned out to be the daughter-in-law of the American general killed in Afghanistan last year. She saw her at her father-in-law’s funeral. The rest of the vision centered on the events in the United States which would be part of God’s judgment of America. I want you to see this video because she agrees with what I have been saying all these last several years. I had never heard of Rebecca until someone sent me this video a few days ago. After you have seen the video, I will comment on what you saw in the video regarding all the events discussed in it.


She talks about a financial collapse occurring before the presidential election. I certainly expect a financial collapse to occur before the next presidential election. She then talks about riots occurring because of lack which is also in agreement with what I have said. Then she says Obama will say we cannot have an election in 2016 because of all the riots and trouble in the cities which is another thing about which I have written. Martial law being invoked by President Obama is the last thing we have both said is going to happen. After that, her vision turns very dark.

When she talks about concentration camps being formed, I do not have any doubt that this could be an event that will occur. We saw Hitler do this, and the president is emulating Hitler as best as he can right now. The spirit that controlled Hitler is no different than the one that controls Obama in how it wants to control enemies of the state.

The one thing that is very shocking is the use of guillotines in this nation. That is a device that has never been used. What makes the mentioning of this device alarming is that in the United States today, there are warehouses that are filled with guillotines. What are they doing here and in such large numbers? Someone has a plan to use these guillotines in the future, and who is it that ordered these guillotines? From what is said in this video hints that Obama and his administration may be behind this, although you would think it would be a bit premature for him to take such steps. Obviously, someone did not think it was too premature, because they are here now waiting to be deployed and used for some purpose.

Both the man who interviews Rebecca and Rebecca herself think that everyone in the United States will die. They refer to Jeremiah 50 and 51. They believe this refers to the United States as Babylon, and that these chapters say no one will survive. From what is in my book which covers those chapters, I believe those chapters refer to more than the United States. The United States may be Babylon in one sense, but I believe there is another Babylon arising which will be headed by the Antichrist. Rebecca says Obama is not the Antichrist. That may be true. Some believe Obama is the first beast mentioned in Revelation and that there is a second beast which is the Antichrist. I will study those passages in Revelation some more before I suggest anything regarding those beliefs.

Where I have to differ from them without having looked back at Jeremiah 50 and 51 yet is that all people will die. That is just not how God has done things in the past. That would be assuming everyone in the United States must not be a Christian. God will protect his people who are faithful to him. Not every Christian will flee the United States. Not every Christian will have been largely responsible for all the evil that has seized control of our nation. Many thousands upon thousands of Christians will die in this judgment, but I know God does protect his people in Egypt (America), i.e. when the plagues in Egypt occurred, God protected his people from those plagues.  This does not mean though that God’s people will not suffer. Everyone is going to suffer a great deal. The vast majority will either flee the country or die.

What is in this video is shocking, and it is almost impossible to believe that such events can occur here; but you must remember that when God judges a nation, death and destruction is the result. Who would have thought 50 years ago that our nation would slip into such depravity by 2015? So, is it so much a stretch to think the unimaginable cannot happen again as mentioned in this vision and also in the prophecies God gave me in my book.

God gave me these prophecies to warn this nation to turn back to him. That is why it is called Jeremiah’s Prophecies, because Jeremiah warned the people of Judah to repent thousands of years ago just as I have, today. We only have a few days left before our economy collapses and God’s judgment begins on us. We can stop it if we act today, but are you willing to do it? If you do not act now, why would you think anyone else will act in your place. You are placing your own and your family’s lives into great jeopardy by simply refusing to do what God is commanding you to do, i.e. act today. Rise up and demand the removal of these immoral laws ruling our nation. Rise up and protest. This is our only chance to save this nation. God has to be put back in charge or our end has come beginning this year.

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