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A Review of Prophecies

July 20, 2015

For those who are new to this blog, I will go over prophecies in my book which was written back in 2009. I have watched the prophecies in it be fulfilled one after the other. The most striking thing is how it describes what President Obama has been doing to skirt our Constitution. If you had read these prophecies back when they were written, then all that has been coming to pass these last six years would not be surprising to you.

The first prophecy I will talk about is the one which told me President Obama would be reelected. This prophecy from my book reads:

“Do not let the prognosticators and false prophets tell you the power of the spirit of Nebuchadnezzar will be broken in the next election. I will increase its stranglehold over you. It will finish the work I have sent it to accomplish.”

The spirit of Nebuchadnezzar mentioned in this passage is the spirit that controls President Obama. This passage goes on to say that this spirit (or Obama as the tool of this spirit) will have its power over us increase after the 2012 election. That is what we have been witnessing since the last presidential election. While some people like Dick Morris were saying Obama would not be reelected, and then the television political pundits were telling us that Obama was now a lame duck president who no longer had much power over us: we have observed Obama’s power increase over us despite what they said. Why is Obama’s power increasing over us? It is increasing because God put President Obama into power to either bring us to repentance or bring judgment down on us. That is what it means when God says to us,  “It will finish the work I have sent it to accomplish.”

The next prophecy I will discuss is where President Obama will ignore the Constitution and worse. One passage reads:

“…the spirit of Nebuchadnezzar will cut up and ignore the Constitution of the United States.”

Another passages reads:

“Know this: the United States is being placed totally into the hands of the spirit of Nebuchadnezzar. It already controls the White House. The government of this country is being brought under total subjection to this new dictator. All of this nation’s leaders will do him obeisance. This government will be completely stripped of its constitutional customs. Its laws will be ignored, ripped up, and discounted. This must continue until the time my judgment reaches its full end. Any effort to overthrow the tyranny that is coming will be frustrated and cannot prosper.”

In this passage we can see that it is God’s judgment that causes our Constitution to be ignored and discarded by what he calls a dictator. We will live under tyranny at some point, and know this: dictators do not have term limits.

What have we been watching these last six years? We have watched the president ignore our Constitution and use executive order after executive order to get what he wants. The latest thing he has done to rip up our Constitution involves this treaty signed by the United States with Iran. A treaty to be approved requires a 2/3 vote in Congress to go into effect. President Obama with help from his Democrat allies has used an unconstitutional law (the Corker bill) to turn that process upside down.

Now instead of a 2/3 vote by Congress to approve the treaty with Iran: it now takes a 2/3 vote by Congress to disapprove the treaty. That makes this bill an anti-treaty law. This law basically nullifies the power the Constitution gives Congress to approve any treaty with a 2/3 vote. That cannot be since any such law that nullifies that provision in our Constitution would have to be passed as a Constitutional amendment. This has not been done, so the Corker bill is an unconstitutional law.

What does this mean? It means all efforts to stop the president from achieving his agenda have failed. How much success did the Republicans have in stopping the health care law from being passed? How much success have the opposition had in stopping the president from banning oil exploration being done in various places, but especially in the Gulf of Mexico since the BP disaster? The answer is none. If not for fracking done on privately owned lands, we would not be the world’s leader in oil production and would be dependent on the Middle East for our oil. Gasoline prices as a result would be much higher than they are today. President Obama will not allow any kind of oil production be done on public land. He wants our energy prices to increase to destroy our ability to be self sufficient. This is the agenda of the Nebuchadnezzar spirit to destroy this nation.

In my book it says:

“I speak to the political parties in the United States opposed to the
spirit of Nebuchadnezzar in the White House to end their resistance to this spirit. Place yourselves into the bondage he brings. He was elected to the office for a reason. If you resist, you will bring death and destruction upon yourselves. I have given him dominion over you and this country to bring my judgment upon it.”

In this passage God even warns the Republicans to not even try to resist what the president is doing. It is hinting to us that their efforts to resist his agenda will not work. In the previous passage I quoted, it told us more directly,

Any effort to overthrow the tyranny that is coming will be frustrated and cannot prosper.”

Again, this passage is telling us that resistance to the president’s agenda cannot succeed. His defiance to the Constitution and ripping it up cannot be stopped by the Republicans.

Nebuchadnezzar was a leader who would not compromise with anyone. It was his way or the highway with him. Except in his case, the highway meant the person’s execution. We have watched President Obama from his first days in office make no compromises with the Republicans. Compromises by this president have been few and far between. The president has taken on the personality of that ancient king of Babylon. He is uncompromising and strikes back at those who put themselves in his way. We saw how he treated veterans during the last government shutdown by closing access to veteran memorials in Washington D.C. a few years ago. He will hurt anyone if it helps him get his way. This is the manifestation of the Nebuchadnezzar spirit in him that controls him.

In my book written back in 2009, we were trying to recover from the market crash of 2008. Normally, in a couple of years, our country has been able to recover from such crashes. However, today we are still trying to recover from the crash of 2008. Unemployment remains high despite what the government reports. While they report around 5% or so is the unemployment rate, we know that the real unemployment rate is closer to 11%. Many thousands and thousands of people are either underemployed or have given up looking for work.

The labor force participation rate has reached its lowest rate since February of 1978. That means that less than 64% of able bodied people are working in an economy that consists of people who are working and those who are not working but looking for employment. All of this means our economy has not recovered from the market crash of 2008. People as a whole in this country do not feel like the economy has recovered. This is despite the stock market being propped up by federal funds being sent into it.

While the amount of such funds may have decreased in recent months, the people in this nation as a whole do not feel we live in a healthy economy.  They have a good reason for believing this. Another crash could lead to another Cypress. In Cypress, the government had to take the steps of raiding people’s bank accounts to keep funding itself. Since the banks in this nation are not in great health today because of the crash in 2008, then the next crash will lead to our bank accounts being emptied by the federal government.

In my book it says:

“Do not accept the lie of the economy recovering and becoming strong again. Bring your necks under the bondage of your king in the White House.”

This prophecy told us way back in 2009 that our economy would not recover. We have watched this prophecy be fulfilled. It is waiting for the next crash which will bring us even further down economically than we were in 2008. What does this mean?

Unfortunately, this means when the market crashes the next time (which should be this fall), then the time for this nation to repent will have passed, and God’s unalterable judgment on us will begin. Once his judgment begins, no prayer will save this nation. In my book, God says:

“There will be no prayer of deliverance for this people because I
will refuse to hear such prayers. Although they will cry out to Me with buckets of tears, there can be no forgiveness without repentance. Why have the sheep in my church turned from Me? Why have they embraced the world’s values into my church?”

It takes repentance to save this nation. It is not electing Republicans or conservatives, it is God’s church repenting. The power is in our hands to change this nation. The Church has to stand up and take back this nation to save it. By remaining silent and passive, the evil have taken over our culture and replaced it with decadence that God will not permit. Judgment must come when all morality disappears inside a country. God’s own word says the land itself will vomit us out. The earth does react to an overabundance of sin in any nation at some point, and we have reached that point in the United States.

If you want to save the United States from God’s judgment, you must act today. There is no time left to not react. We need pastor’s to organize people across this country to start a massive protest to take back this nation before it is too late. You might think that will not do any good because the laws are already in the books, but you have to remember that God is on our side. We have to act, though. Faith without works is dead. This country was not born by our Founding Fathers only praying for this nation. They physically took action and fought the British to bring to pass that for which they were praying. Act now to save this nation. There is no other way.









Leaving the United States

July 15, 2015

There is an issue that has come up to me lately and is present among many who are prophesying about the days of judgment fast approaching the United States. The issue is whether Christians should flee the U.S. or not. I also need to talk about the issue of whether Christians should prepare for the days ahead after judgment begins on the United States. For those who stay in the U.S., should they prepare? The answer may seem obvious for the last question, but there is a twist to that issue of which Christians should be aware. I will address these issues as precisely as I can.

Unless we repent (God’s Church in the U.S.), then there will fall judgment on the United States this fall. Unless Christians rise up in a massive protest and refuse to take no for an answer against all the unrighteous laws governing our society right now, then the end has come for our country. Will you, (God’s Church in the U.S.) repent and act now to save this nation? This is truly the only question that really matters. The rest becomes academic after this.

Let us deal with the latter matter first of which I mentioned. For those who stay in the United States, should they prepare for what is coming regarding God’s judgment on this nation? There is nothing wrong about preparing, but where is your heart? Are you concerned about your neighbor who is lost? What do you think Jesus told you just before he ascended into heaven? “Go into the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16: 15) If you are preparing for God’s judgment on this nation and ignoring your neighbor who is lost; what good are you doing for them and this country for that matter? You are letting it continue down the path to destruction. This kind of action is not pleasing to God.

Having observed a little bit of the Jim Bakker program in recent days, I observed they were telling people to prepare for the coming judgment, but they were not saying anything about what we need to do to take this nation back from those evil people who run this country.  I must add they are no different from the other Christians shows I have observed to this point in time . They like to tell us about the prophecies about the destruction of this nation coming, but they do not tell us to rise up against the evil that reigns in this nation and take this nation back for God. This is an errant message.

If no one rises up to save this nation, then it can only fall, and then we are breaking God’s commandment to preach the Gospel to every creature. Preparing for the end and not fighting back to restore this nation back to God is a selfish act. These Christians are only showing concern for themselves and their families over concern for the lost. After all, the lost cannot turn from their sin if we do not witness to them. This nation cannot be saved if Christians do not point out its sin and stand against it.

If you are preparing for the judgment on this country and not fighting to save this nation from its destruction first and foremost, then you will be swallowed up in God’s judgment regardless of whether you have prepared for this judgment or not. You cannot escape God’s wrath when you are standing outside of God’s will. When you are in sin, then you are open to the consequences of sin. Yes, you are outside of God’s will when you do not do what Jesus told you to do just before he ascended into heaven. A light must be on the top of a hill for all to see. “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” (Matthew 5: 16)

On the Jim Bakker program, they were saying about the Christians who prepare by massing large stores of food for the days to come, that the lost will come to them for food, and they will be a witness to them of how well God provides for his children. These people were simply making an excuse to selfishly stock up food for themselves and hoping to justify themselves before God by saying they will then be a witness to the lost when the bad days come upon us. There is a demonic spirit behind this kind of reasoning.  Selflessness is putting others ahead of you over your desires. We do not see selflessness in this case. What does God say about this in my book? He says,

“The appeasers in this country will come to my prophets asking
for a word from God, hoping to hear my judgment will not finish its work. I tell those who have the spirit of Zedekiah operating in their lives that they will not escape my punishment. They have allowed the evil to go on in this country, including the attacks against my church, while hoping their prayers to Me would be enough for them to escape my wrath. I speak to you who have Zedekiah’s spirit inside of you: you will face my judgment. I warned you to turn from your sins or else your land would be judged, but you have never listened. Turn to those who told you good times are coming to the United States and seek their help. They are the ones on whom you have always placed your dependence. Put your trust in them. Can any man deliver himself from my wrath? Ignore my words and put your trust in your riches and let us see whose words will stand.”

What does that last sentence say again? ” Ignore my words and put your trust in your riches and let us see whose words will stand.” For those who are storing food and provisions for the days to come to protect themselves from God’s judgment on this nation without fighting to save it, then they are trusting in their riches to save themselves. What did God say in the previous sentence to that one? Can any man deliver himself from my wrath?” Do you think you can escape God’s wrath when you have not even sought God for yourself to know what he wants you to do first?

The majority of these people about which I am talking are simply following the suggestions of these television ministers and have not heard from God themselves. Prophecy does not work that way. This is errant teaching. Rise up now and fight the evil in the land first, and then in the meanwhile you can prepare for what is coming if you so desire. God’s commission to you is to save the lost and not let the evil reign. Do not try to put the cart before the horse and say, “I will prepare first and then think about trying to save this nation.” It will then be too late to act. Saving this nation requires more than praying for revival. Saving this nation requires action. “Faith without works is dead.” (James 2: 26)

 Now regarding the first issue mentioned in the introductory paragraph: “Being a Christian, should I flee the United States since it is being judged?” What do you think would be the answer to that question? If you hear any prophets telling you to do this, should you listen to them? I can tell you to run away from such prophets. Unless you hear from God yourself, first, you should not listen to these people.

Prophecy gives people instruction, correction and confirmation. You can learn how to move into a closer relationship with God which involves instruction, or if you are in error God can expose where you have missed God. However, I have experienced prophets missing God in the latter area and causing harm to the people to which they are witnessing. It is dangerous to go so far and not recognize what message comes from God and instead comes from the enemy. That prophet needs to be sure it is God’s voice or not say anything at all. There are so many prophets on the Internet today who are prophesying false things because they cannot recognize God’s spirit. I am not immune from missing God myself. I am not going to tell someone they are in error when I am not sure I am truly hearing from God.

The area that these prophets are abusing when they tell God’s people to flee the United States is in the area of confirmation. Have you heard from God to leave the United States? No prophet can tell you to leave the United States except through a confirming word. That means, God has told you first to leave, and then the prophet confirms that word to you by telling you the same thing. If you have not heard from God first, then ignore that word from that prophet.

If a prophet says all Christians should leave the United States, then that is a false message. Corporate messages do not apply to all of God’s people. Each person has their own destiny and ministry from the Lord. You are always going to find that God leaves a witness in every part of the earth. Your job is to find out what it is that God wants you to do. Ask him, “Should I leave the United States, or should I stay and minister to others here?” Only God can answer that question for you.

We are entering into days of decision for this nation. Will God’s Church rise up to save the United States or will it let it fall. Our job as Christians is to do all we can to save this country. If we do not do that little, then there is no hope that judgment from God on the United States can be averted.





The Church is the Root of the Fall of the U.S.

July 10, 2015

I have recently seen a very few shows hosted by Jim Bakker. For those who do not know, he is a television minister. I like him, but he is typical of all the ministers seen on television in the United States, today. They all without exception from all the ones I have seen have no fight in them.

Our Founding Fathers were not only prayer warriors, but they did much more than pray for this nation. They spilled their blood and fought for it. George Washington on his horse went in the line of fire as the biggest target against the British and exhorted his men to stand and fight them. He did not cower in fear of being hit by all those British guns firing their weapons in his direction. He knew he had a battle to fight and win, so he did what he had to do. He trusted God to protect him, and as a result he was never shot. Where are the George Washingtons among the Christians of today in the United States? Sadly, I cannot find a one in this batch of Christians.

On the Jim Bakker Show, they talk about the judgment that is coming. Ministers and Christian authors come on the show and tell what God has showed them, but they never offer any remedy to what is going on in the United States. They have a defeatist attitude. All they are doing in the Bakker show besides talk about the coming judgment is offer 1-year food supplies up to 7-year food supplies. They are basically saying to the church to prepare for the bad days ahead. Where your actions are is where your faith is located. Jesus takes no pleasure in a church who only prepares for defeat. He is coming back for a victorious church. There can be no rapture for those who only live in defeat. They are at best delaying Jesus’ return to this world by saying, “I am only concerned for myself personally, and the rest of the world can go to h_ _ _!” They need to be standing up and trying to save this country. That is where their greatest effort should be.

Praying for this nation is certainly something all Christians should be doing, but faith without works is dead. One has to not only pray for this nation but also has to rise up in action to support that for which he or she has been praying. Our Founding Fathers prayed and then got up off their knees, grabbed a weapon on fought for this young nation. I have not seen hardly any Christian rise up off their knees to fight for this country. Why are there not Christians protesting now in the streets about gay marriage being legalized? Why are there no Christians protesting and demanding that our government place God back into the public square? There are hardly any, so by their silence they are guaranteeing God’s judgment will fall upon us in just a few weeks from now. This should never be allowed to happen, but unfortunately, since the Church in the United States has no backbone; it is going to happen.

A certain minister had a dream about what is coming to the United States. He saw people running into stores by the thousands to steal what was inside. They pushed aside all the electronics and instead grabbed all the food. What is coming to the United States is riots across the country with people breaking into stores to get to the food inside. The riots that are coming to the United States in great numbers will be generated from want. People will be lacking the very essentials to live. They will not have the money to buy food, and so they will turn into animals to get what they need to survive. People will gun down one another to grab what food they can get to survive just a little longer. And one Christian after another was heard to be saying, “This should not have happened.”

For those Christians who are being defeatists and are only praying and preparing for God’s judgment on this nation; you are not going to escape his wrath. In my book, God is speaking and says:

“The appeasers in this country will come to my prophets asking
for a word from God, hoping to hear my judgment will not finish its work. I tell those who have the spirit of Zedekiah operating in their lives that they will not escape my punishment. They have allowed the evil to go on in this country, including the attacks against my church, while hoping their prayers to Me would be enough for them to escape my wrath. I speak to you who have Zedekiah’s spirit inside of you: you will face my judgment. I warned you to turn from your sins or else your land would be judged, but you have never listened. Turn to those who told you good times are coming to the United States and seek their help. They are the ones on whom you have always placed your dependence. Put your trust in them. Can any man deliver himself from my wrath? Ignore my words and put your trust in your riches and let us see whose words will stand.”

God has been calling on his church to repent, and the church has not listened. By staying silent all these years as the country went to pot, the church (which is all of you) has in reality condoned all that has come to pass in the United States these last few decades. All of you should have risen up in outrage and done what is necessary to take this nation back. All of us need to act today while there is still time to act. This is our last chance.







Vision About God’s Judgment on the U.S.

July 4, 2015

What is going to happen in the United States in the next few years? There are a lot of prophesies out there, and they cannot all be right, so who do you believe? One thing you can be sure of is that God gives the same word to more than one prophet. Look for confirming words.

The following video concerns a woman named Rebecca Sterling who had a vision of the events of today back in 1999. She made dolls of figures she saw in the vision. She saw in the vision a mixed race president and made dolls of both him and his wife. The beginning of the video explains a woman Rebecca saw that signaled the events that would follow after she saw this woman appear in real life.

The woman she saw in the vision turned out to be the daughter-in-law of the American general killed in Afghanistan last year. She saw her at her father-in-law’s funeral. The rest of the vision centered on the events in the United States which would be part of God’s judgment of America. I want you to see this video because she agrees with what I have been saying all these last several years. I had never heard of Rebecca until someone sent me this video a few days ago. After you have seen the video, I will comment on what you saw in the video regarding all the events discussed in it.


She talks about a financial collapse occurring before the presidential election. I certainly expect a financial collapse to occur before the next presidential election. She then talks about riots occurring because of lack which is also in agreement with what I have said. Then she says Obama will say we cannot have an election in 2016 because of all the riots and trouble in the cities which is another thing about which I have written. Martial law being invoked by President Obama is the last thing we have both said is going to happen. After that, her vision turns very dark.

When she talks about concentration camps being formed, I do not have any doubt that this could be an event that will occur. We saw Hitler do this, and the president is emulating Hitler as best as he can right now. The spirit that controlled Hitler is no different than the one that controls Obama in how it wants to control enemies of the state.

The one thing that is very shocking is the use of guillotines in this nation. That is a device that has never been used. What makes the mentioning of this device alarming is that in the United States today, there are warehouses that are filled with guillotines. What are they doing here and in such large numbers? Someone has a plan to use these guillotines in the future, and who is it that ordered these guillotines? From what is said in this video hints that Obama and his administration may be behind this, although you would think it would be a bit premature for him to take such steps. Obviously, someone did not think it was too premature, because they are here now waiting to be deployed and used for some purpose.

Both the man who interviews Rebecca and Rebecca herself think that everyone in the United States will die. They refer to Jeremiah 50 and 51. They believe this refers to the United States as Babylon, and that these chapters say no one will survive. From what is in my book which covers those chapters, I believe those chapters refer to more than the United States. The United States may be Babylon in one sense, but I believe there is another Babylon arising which will be headed by the Antichrist. Rebecca says Obama is not the Antichrist. That may be true. Some believe Obama is the first beast mentioned in Revelation and that there is a second beast which is the Antichrist. I will study those passages in Revelation some more before I suggest anything regarding those beliefs.

Where I have to differ from them without having looked back at Jeremiah 50 and 51 yet is that all people will die. That is just not how God has done things in the past. That would be assuming everyone in the United States must not be a Christian. God will protect his people who are faithful to him. Not every Christian will flee the United States. Not every Christian will have been largely responsible for all the evil that has seized control of our nation. Many thousands upon thousands of Christians will die in this judgment, but I know God does protect his people in Egypt (America), i.e. when the plagues in Egypt occurred, God protected his people from those plagues.  This does not mean though that God’s people will not suffer. Everyone is going to suffer a great deal. The vast majority will either flee the country or die.

What is in this video is shocking, and it is almost impossible to believe that such events can occur here; but you must remember that when God judges a nation, death and destruction is the result. Who would have thought 50 years ago that our nation would slip into such depravity by 2015? So, is it so much a stretch to think the unimaginable cannot happen again as mentioned in this vision and also in the prophecies God gave me in my book.

God gave me these prophecies to warn this nation to turn back to him. That is why it is called Jeremiah’s Prophecies, because Jeremiah warned the people of Judah to repent thousands of years ago just as I have, today. We only have a few days left before our economy collapses and God’s judgment begins on us. We can stop it if we act today, but are you willing to do it? If you do not act now, why would you think anyone else will act in your place. You are placing your own and your family’s lives into great jeopardy by simply refusing to do what God is commanding you to do, i.e. act today. Rise up and demand the removal of these immoral laws ruling our nation. Rise up and protest. This is our only chance to save this nation. God has to be put back in charge or our end has come beginning this year.

Today is Your Day to Act

July 2, 2015

Rush Limbaugh asked the question of why is there no outrage over what has been going on in the United States in these last several years? Why is there no one standing up doing something about these attacks on the family and our culture? I had already touched on that subject before, but now I will delve into that very question with more detail.

When Moses was delivering his speeches to Israel in the book of Deuteronomy, he prophesied to them of what would happen to them sometime after they had conquered the land of Canaan and had begun to enjoy its riches. God said to Israel through Moses:

“For when I shall have brought them (the people of Israel) into the land which I swore to their fathers, that flows with milk and honey; and they shall have eaten and filled themselves, and become fat; then will they turn to other gods and serve them, and provoke me, and break my covenant (laws).” (Deut. 31: 20)

God’s people in the United States have become fat. They like the life they have now and do not want to be inconvenienced by protesting about what is going on in this nation. They will pray for change but will not lift a finger of their own to bring about change themselves.

In the Lord of the Ring trilogies, there is a spot in the film where Frodo says, “I can’t do this, Sam.” Sam responds,

I know. It’s all wrong. By rights we shouldn’t even be here. But we are. It’s like in the great stories, Mr. Frodo. The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger, they were. And sometimes you didn’t want to know the end. Because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened? But in the end, it’s only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer. Those were the stories that stayed with you. That meant something, even if you were too small to understand why. But I think, Mr. Frodo, I do understand. I know now. Folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back, only they didn’t. They kept going. Because they were holding on to something.”

Another way of saying what Sam was saying here is that, “You were born for such a time as this. If you want to hold onto the good in this land, then you must take action and do it yourself, because you were placed here with this opportunity to set things right.”

Another scene has Frodo thinking, “I wish the ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened.” Gandalf is then speaking to him in his mind saying,

“So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you.”

We are in times just like the time depicted in the Lord of the Rings. However, in our case the forces are more spiritual than physical although physical manifestations abound. For example, gay marriage is now legal in all states and no state can so no to it. Dark forces are dominating the United States, today. The Christians of today were born for this time, and this is their time to stand up and fight just as Sam and Frodo did in the Lord of the Rings story. But, alas the people of God’s Church have decided they like the leisurely life more. They do not want to inconvenience themselves over moral issues. They do not want any disruption in their own private lives. That is a classic example of self being more important than God in a person’s life. That is why we are in this dilemma in the United States.

It is never hard for the people opposed to God to rise up in rebellion and outrage. Korah and many others rose up against Moses and Aaron wanting more power for themselves. God destroyed those rebels. However, when the community at large (which is the entire country in our case) sees evil gaining footholds inside of it, there are almost always only a very few who will rise up against the evil that is trying to seize power over the community. In one case in the Torah, Phinehas, the grandson of Aaron was the only person who rose up in a rage to put an end to the evil trying to get a foothold inside the congregation, i.e. the people of Israel. God honored Phinehas for standing up to that evil. We need Christians in the United States rising up in outrage to stand up against gay marriage, abortion and the removal of God from our society. Without this, the end has come for this nation. Is there anyone that has a will to fight amongst us?

Why are there no Frodos and Sams among us? Why do we let evil reign over us? Why do we think there is not a price to pay for letting evil have its way in our society? Alas, there is a price, and we will be paying for it very soon.

All of you who have decided that you do not want to inconvenience yourself in this matter and do not want any disruption in your own private life; beware. Because, God is going to cause there to be a total disruption of your life. God is going to judge this nation starting this fall, and nothing will ever be the same in this country again. Horrible times are coming, because God will cleanse all the evil out of it and drive millions of people out of this nation in the process. He will leave nothing in it that offends. No wishy washy Christian will escape the hard times that will disrupt his or her life. Things are going to be very bad. Millions are going to die in this judgment. After all, millions of babies have died by legal abortion, and the law of sowing and reaping is still in effect.

If you want to save this nation, then it is you who were born for such a time as this. It is you who has to take action. If you are waiting for someone else to do it, then it will not get done. Someone has to act, and it is going to take a lot more than one of us to do it. We all need to unite to save the United States. God has warned us, and if we do not act just like they did not act in Jeremiah’s day, then the end of the United States will come. There is no doubt that the end is near for us and lives of leisure are coming to an end in this country. Today is your day to be a Frodo and Sam and make a difference.