Days Without Electricity

You do not hear much from the left today about ridding us of nuclear power, but it is still an item on their agenda. President Obama of course has said he will put the coal industry out of business and has succeeded in doing that with some companies. This has resulted in thriving communities becoming ghost towns where mining was done. One thing you have not heard mentioned from the left a lot yet is their agenda to rid us of hydroelectric power. What are they going to leave us to generate electricity if we lose these sources of power? Look at the spirit behind them, and then you can understand.

First, if we were to lose those sources of power, what alternatives remain? Well, there is wind power, but wait; it is extremely inefficient for delivering power over long distances, not to mention the areas that must be cleared out to put huge numbers of wind turbines. Then there is the problem of all the birds that get killed flying into the wind turbines. Environmentalists really would have too much of a problem with that form of power. Next, there is solar power.  Still today, solar power is very inefficient, and there is yet another environmental problem with this type of power generator. Solar panels require metal, and that means we have to dig into the earth to extract metal ore. That is a huge problem for environmentalists. It does not matter what you do to generate power, the left will always have a problem with it and will eventually oppose it. Why are they or why will they be opposed to anything we use to generate electricity? The answer is simple. Liberals do not want us to have electrical power.

This is a spiritual matter. It is because of the hatred in their hearts for God that they must attack the rest of us. Anywhere they see righteousness; they must stamp it out. Sufficient electrical power for a society means prosperity and blessings from God. They do not want to see evidence of God blessing people. They do want electrical power for themselves, but they do not want you to have any unless they control it to ration you out a little. That way, it is not a blessing from God, but rather as they see it, it is a blessing from them. They want control of all the electrical generated power in this country.

As mentioned in my blog piece, “There Will Be No Presidential Election in 2016,” President Obama signed an executive order giving him control over all our food, electricity, water, power and communications in a national emergency. Such a declaration will be made sometime after our economy collapses later this year. He will then be seizing power over community after community in this country. Any city that resists will have its water and power cut off. Let me show you what God says in my book about this:

“Since you have not heeded my warnings, I will use the spirit of Nebuchadnezzar to afflict you. This spirit will bring the enemy into this land to destroy it. I will end your lives of leisure in this country. Your weddings, parties, and grand events will come to an end, and the sounds of mirth will no longer be heard. Your land will be full of power shortages and will be laid to waste. You will become servants to those who come in to afflict this country until I have totally purged this land of all those who pollute it.”

Those who are brought in to afflict the United States will be foreign troops from the United Nations Obama will send in to restore order in the United States since there will be chaos in our cities throughout the country. When militias or others resist these troops, the electricity, water and food will be cut off to a city. Does this sound ridiculous to you? What does God say will happen in the next sentence from this passage I just quoted?

“When the period of my judgment has run its full course, then I will punish those foreigners who came into the United States to destroy it. Your president will fall also, he who has succumbed to the spirit of Nebuchadnezzar.”

Liberals want control of people’s lives so they can be the god of this world. They do not want you to have electrical power unless they are the benevolent ones dishing out gifts of electrical power to the masses. This way, they have total control over you. That has always been the ultimate goal of their agenda. They will always want electrical power for themselves, but you cannot have any unless you succumb to them. This is the way Satan works. He controls his servants and manipulates them into destroying the lives of everybody else in an attempt to defeat God. He must stop the blessings of God from being distributed onto God’s children. That is why the left cannot stand to see a prosperous people. Satan, their father cannot stand to have God’s people blessed, and thus neither can the left stand to see people living in prosperity. They must bring everyone down and control them.

Our days are numbered in this nation. Time to repent is coming to an end before God’s irreversible judgment begins. Do you want to see all that has been stated in these two passages I quoted come to pass? It does not have to happen if only all of us would repent and put God back into our society. However, as long as sins like homosexuality are called good, and those who speak out about immorality in our society are called evil, then there is no hope for us to stop God’s judgment from beginning later this year on this nation.

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