The Destruction of Hillary

Back in November of 2008, the Democrats won control of both Houses of Congress and the presidency. So, when they took office in January of 2009, they were looking invincible. The Republicans could not stop anything they wanted to do. That is of course when Obamacare became law. Then in February of that same year I was reading a passage from the Bible, and in it I saw a parallel of what was happening then with what I was reading in the Bible. I saw the Republicans winning back the House in 2010 from what I was reading. I then went to my church and prophesied that the Republicans would win back control of the House of Representatives in the next election, and that came to pass.

Now, while I was reading 1 Kings 22, I was again seeing a parallel with what I was reading and what is occurring today. So, I will go over what it says in that passage and what I was seeing while reading that passage. In the passage we have the story of King Ahab of Israel trying to decide if he wants to win back some land the Syrians took from Israel. He at the request of King Jehoshaphat of Judah sends for some prophets to prophesy whether he should attack the Syrians or not. Four hundred prophets come and all prophesy that God will give him victory over the Syrians. Jehoshaphat though is not convinced that what he is hearing is true, so he asks Ahab if there are any other prophets for which he can get a word from God. Ahab replies there is one named Micaiah, but he does not like him, because “He does not  prophesy good concerning me, but evil.” Jehoshaphat urges him to contact him anyway and so Micaiah is brought to the king.

Micaiah ends up prophesying the death of Ahab, and that a lying spirit had been sent to the other prophets to convince Ahab to go to battle against the Syrians. Ahab has Micaiah arrested and goes to the battle. He ends up dying just as Micaiah prophesied. So, with this whole story, what did I see that connects with the events of today? The connection of today’s events with that passage is what I will bring forth now.

Bill Clinton has an Ahab spirit, and Hillary has a Jezebel spirit. Ahab was an immature man who showed his immaturity when he sulked over Naboth not selling him his vineyard. I remember all those times when Bill got into trouble that he would react immaturely. I could see that Ahab spirit manifesting itself in him.

Jezebel was a domineering woman. She was the daughter of the king of Sidon. She was completely against God (being a worshiper of Baal) and led Ahab into that worship. She exercised power whenever she wanted, and would use the king’s name to accomplish her desires. Her parallel with Hillary is very striking.

When Jezebel saw her husband sulking over Naboth not selling him his vineyard, then she took action. She had Naboth executed in such a way that neither she nor Ahab could be implicated in the plot. Then when Naboth was dead, she told Ahab to immediately take possession of Naboth’s vineyard which Ahab was glad to do. This story parallels with the Vince Foster death when Bill was president. Vince supposedly shot himself in the head, but the gun he used was found in his right hand when he was left handed. There was also evidence his body had been moved after he was dead. Hillary immediately upon the report of his death, raided his office to remove all materials that could implicate the Clintons in certain affairs of theirs. The two stories do have similarities.

When I was reading the passage in 1 Kings 22, I noted that all the prophets were prophesying that Ahab would be victorious. As of today, I know of one prophet who is prophesying who will win the next election, and that prophet is saying Hillary will win if she wants it. Regarding the prophecies I have seen, some may prophesy a righteous man will win the next election, but they do not name anyone. Regardless of any of those prophecies, most people feel Hillary will most likely win next year’s presidential election. So, what will happen next year?

In my book, God calls Obama a king and also a dictator. I believe the economy will crash in September or October and riots will break out. My book prophesies about the same spirit that caused the riots of 1968 and the surrounding months will manifest itself again in these coming months. We have already seen it working in Ferguson and Baltimore in recent days. Look for these riots to increase in the coming months, especially when the economy collapses. With this increased discord in our society, Obama will call for martial law. This is something for which he has been preparing using executive orders. With martial law in place and the election getting close, he will simply state that an election cannot be held because of all the chaos, and the election will be suspended. He will thus remain in office beyond his second term. So, what does that mean for Hillary?

What I saw in the Bible passage I was reading was the destruction of Hillary Clinton. I did not see her defeat but rather her destruction. She will not become president; she will be destroyed in some fashion. This does correlate with what I believe about Obama remaining in office as president. If Hillary is running for president and wants to be president, then Obama has to deal with her. So, most likely I believe Obama will release the material that will destroy her politically forever. It may even result in her arrest. Regardless, all I can say for certain about what I saw can only be described as Hillary being destroyed.

So, you may want to ask if I am certain of this. I saw back in very early 2009 the Republicans winning back the House of Representatives when seeing it through the scriptures, and today I have seen this when reading through the scriptures. So, I believe it is a very safe bet to believe Hillary is not going to be our next president. I of course think Obama will stay in office and suspend the next election, anyway. What I saw in this scripture only confirms to some extent what I was already thinking. What I was already thinking had no effect on what strongly came to me in the passage I read. You can believe this or not. Just store this in your memory somewhere and watch what happens in the coming months.


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