How to End the Debt Crisis

When the Pilgrims began their colony in Massachusetts in 1620, they began using a Communist (Socialist) system. No one owned any private property nor was there a division of labor meaning individuals did not have specific tasks and roles. Instead, food was grown for the town, and then the food was equally distributed to everyone. By 1623, they realized they needed to make a change for everyone to survive. Why did it fail?

When someone is guaranteed things to survive whether that person does any work or not, then you will get people who will not work, thus placing the burden on others who do to carry the load. That is what we have going on in the United States, today. People are handed checks from the government who do not work, and they expect to continue to receive such checks for the rest of their life and never work to earn a dime. With more and more people not working in this country, more and more people are getting used to getting assistance from the state, and are thus opting to never work again. This greater work load on those who are working can only lead to a collapse of the entire economy when there are too few people to support those who do not work at all. Argentina’s economy crashed not that many years ago when it was reported 90% of the people who worked were government employees. That meant that only 10% of the population was paying for the other ninety percent’s wages. Their economy had to collapse with that imbalance, and we are headed in the same direction.

To top all things off, we have a federal government which always, every year spends more than it takes in from all sources. Even when the politicians have crowed about having a balanced budget like they did during some of the Clinton years, there was more money going out than coming into the treasury. They were playing a smoke and mirrors game. The country was in debt and has been in debt since they went off the gold standard. The politicians did not like the gold standard, because they wanted to increase spending, and so they did without hesitation. So, what can we do to balance the budget and save this country? What can we do to erase our greater than 18 trillion dollar deficit? If I were president, I know what I would do.

Every year, Congress appropriates “x” amount of dollars for some program or a certain amount of money for national defense and the like. As a result, they always spend more money than comes into the treasury; and when the economy turns down, they raise taxes to make up for what they say is lost revenue. They do not tell you the truth and want you to believe that higher taxes means more income for the government when the opposite is true. Studies have shown that when taxes exceed 11%, then incoming revenue to the government shrinks. This is not the kind of system we need to be running.

What I would do is assign percentages to each program. The total revenue that comes into the government is 100%. National Defense would get a certain percentage of that revenue, e.g. 10%. Federal employees would get a certain percentage for their pay as well as other programs which in total will add up to 100%. With this system, the government would never spend more that it takes into the treasury. Also, if Congress wanted to increase its pay, then they would have to cut the wages of their fellow government employees. Do you think that would make it easier for them to give themselves pay raises? If we allow for something like 2% of our incoming revenue to be allocated for reducing our national debt, then after several years, our national debt would be zero. It is insane assigning a certain amount of dollars for each program instead and allow our politicians to come up with ways to buy votes just to satisfy their flesh desires for greater power over all our lives. That is why we are facing the threats of tyranny today from our government. They spend more money than they take in so that they can have more power over all of us. By impoverishing us, they know we will have to turn to them for help in meeting our everyday needs. That is why they always want to increase taxes.

In Luke 21: 1-4, we read about a woman who threw all her money into the treasury which was insignificant to what the rich people were putting into the treasury. If you listen to the politicians of today in this nation, the rich are not paying their fair share, and yet they are paying a higher percentage of their income to the government than the average citizen. Yet, Jesus said about this woman in the book of Luke that she cast in more money than them all. Why? Because she gave 100% of what she had even though it was insignificant to what the rich were giving. It is the percentage of what you give that is fair and not the dollar amount or the amount of money you have in your bank account. Our politicians make the system unbalanced in the percentages and always ask for increasing the percentages even more on the rich, because they want everyone’s money for themselves. These are the kind of people that do not need to be our leaders. We need people with true morals. So, what can we do?

We can only fix things if we repent in this nation and turn back to God immediately. If we repent, then we will have the morals to put the correct people in office to run this nation. Without repentance, the evil leaders we have today will continue to rule. Not everyone in our government is evil, but there has to be a total house cleaning to ever have  a chance of getting things right. But, it is our hearts that have let us down. We have been satisfied to elect the same people over and over to be our leaders, and they have led us to the brink of destruction. We have done this, because we got too comfortable and let God be turned out of our society without putting up any true struggle to stop that from happening. If we do not set things right immediately by repenting now, then we deserve what is going to happen to us in a few months from now.

(Note: There is a Charles Brannan running for president in the Green Party. I am not that person.)

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