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The Destruction of Hillary

April 29, 2015

Back in November of 2008, the Democrats won control of both Houses of Congress and the presidency. So, when they took office in January of 2009, they were looking invincible. The Republicans could not stop anything they wanted to do. That is of course when Obamacare became law. Then in February of that same year I was reading a passage from the Bible, and in it I saw a parallel of what was happening then with what I was reading in the Bible. I saw the Republicans winning back the House in 2010 from what I was reading. I then went to my church and prophesied that the Republicans would win back control of the House of Representatives in the next election, and that came to pass.

Now, while I was reading 1 Kings 22, I was again seeing a parallel with what I was reading and what is occurring today. So, I will go over what it says in that passage and what I was seeing while reading that passage. In the passage we have the story of King Ahab of Israel trying to decide if he wants to win back some land the Syrians took from Israel. He at the request of King Jehoshaphat of Judah sends for some prophets to prophesy whether he should attack the Syrians or not. Four hundred prophets come and all prophesy that God will give him victory over the Syrians. Jehoshaphat though is not convinced that what he is hearing is true, so he asks Ahab if there are any other prophets for which he can get a word from God. Ahab replies there is one named Micaiah, but he does not like him, because “He does not  prophesy good concerning me, but evil.” Jehoshaphat urges him to contact him anyway and so Micaiah is brought to the king.

Micaiah ends up prophesying the death of Ahab, and that a lying spirit had been sent to the other prophets to convince Ahab to go to battle against the Syrians. Ahab has Micaiah arrested and goes to the battle. He ends up dying just as Micaiah prophesied. So, with this whole story, what did I see that connects with the events of today? The connection of today’s events with that passage is what I will bring forth now.

Bill Clinton has an Ahab spirit, and Hillary has a Jezebel spirit. Ahab was an immature man who showed his immaturity when he sulked over Naboth not selling him his vineyard. I remember all those times when Bill got into trouble that he would react immaturely. I could see that Ahab spirit manifesting itself in him.

Jezebel was a domineering woman. She was the daughter of the king of Sidon. She was completely against God (being a worshiper of Baal) and led Ahab into that worship. She exercised power whenever she wanted, and would use the king’s name to accomplish her desires. Her parallel with Hillary is very striking.

When Jezebel saw her husband sulking over Naboth not selling him his vineyard, then she took action. She had Naboth executed in such a way that neither she nor Ahab could be implicated in the plot. Then when Naboth was dead, she told Ahab to immediately take possession of Naboth’s vineyard which Ahab was glad to do. This story parallels with the Vince Foster death when Bill was president. Vince supposedly shot himself in the head, but the gun he used was found in his right hand when he was left handed. There was also evidence his body had been moved after he was dead. Hillary immediately upon the report of his death, raided his office to remove all materials that could implicate the Clintons in certain affairs of theirs. The two stories do have similarities.

When I was reading the passage in 1 Kings 22, I noted that all the prophets were prophesying that Ahab would be victorious. As of today, I know of one prophet who is prophesying who will win the next election, and that prophet is saying Hillary will win if she wants it. Regarding the prophecies I have seen, some may prophesy a righteous man will win the next election, but they do not name anyone. Regardless of any of those prophecies, most people feel Hillary will most likely win next year’s presidential election. So, what will happen next year?

In my book, God calls Obama a king and also a dictator. I believe the economy will crash in September or October and riots will break out. My book prophesies about the same spirit that caused the riots of 1968 and the surrounding months will manifest itself again in these coming months. We have already seen it working in Ferguson and Baltimore in recent days. Look for these riots to increase in the coming months, especially when the economy collapses. With this increased discord in our society, Obama will call for martial law. This is something for which he has been preparing using executive orders. With martial law in place and the election getting close, he will simply state that an election cannot be held because of all the chaos, and the election will be suspended. He will thus remain in office beyond his second term. So, what does that mean for Hillary?

What I saw in the Bible passage I was reading was the destruction of Hillary Clinton. I did not see her defeat but rather her destruction. She will not become president; she will be destroyed in some fashion. This does correlate with what I believe about Obama remaining in office as president. If Hillary is running for president and wants to be president, then Obama has to deal with her. So, most likely I believe Obama will release the material that will destroy her politically forever. It may even result in her arrest. Regardless, all I can say for certain about what I saw can only be described as Hillary being destroyed.

So, you may want to ask if I am certain of this. I saw back in very early 2009 the Republicans winning back the House of Representatives when seeing it through the scriptures, and today I have seen this when reading through the scriptures. So, I believe it is a very safe bet to believe Hillary is not going to be our next president. I of course think Obama will stay in office and suspend the next election, anyway. What I saw in this scripture only confirms to some extent what I was already thinking. What I was already thinking had no effect on what strongly came to me in the passage I read. You can believe this or not. Just store this in your memory somewhere and watch what happens in the coming months.



The Deception of the Prophets

April 20, 2015

I remember back in 2009 when Barack Obama was being inaugurated how that many Christians and prophets were saying God’s spirit was all over Washington, D.C. because of God’s plans to restore America to righteousness using Obama. They felt God moving into Washington, D.C. when I knew darkness was actually descending into it. Washington, D.C. was already in darkness through all the sin dominating the leaders in it, but I knew an even more odious darkness was moving into the city with the presence of Obama. I could not understand how these prophets could not see that. What was happening was a spirit of deception unlike any I had ever seen. This spirit is a master of deception that can blind any Christian who lacks good spiritual vision.

There are several gifts God gives to his children, and one of those gifts is discernment. Some of his servants specialize in discernment while others may specialize in other gifts if a Christian ever gets that far into developing their God given spiritual abilities. Rush Limbaugh, if he is a Christian shows great discernment potential. If he would move into a deeper relationship with God, God would increase his ability to discern things. Even though his ability to discern things is not where it could be, he was able to discern Obama was not good news for the United States but rather bad news.  Yet, with his undeveloped spiritual eyes, he could see things other Christians and prophets could not see. That is a sad statement for the Church at large.

My God given ability is also discernment. I know how spirits operate and can recognize a particular spirit by observing how it operates. I knew what spirit was inside of Obama and was the first to name it as far as I know. Whether I was or was not the first is not important, but one must recognize the spirit one has to deal with in order to know how to defeat it. It is very much like what is mentioned in video games; “You can control a spirit if you can name it.” It is not quite that easy, but there is power in using a name to overcome a spirit.

After President Obama’s inauguration, there were several prophecies about his assassination. Could it be true he will be assassinated? Why are there prophecies coming out mentioning his assassination? Again, I can tell you that it is happening because of this Nebuchadnezzar spirit that controls Obama. It is this spirit that is propagating these prophecies. It is using its tremendous ability to deceive God’s prophets to blind Christians from dealing with the only solution to solving the problem of this nation’s demise. It is distracting Christians from dealing with the sin in their lives.

It is because of sin the United States is on the verge of facing God’s total judgment. It is because Christians do not repent and lead this country back to God that judgment will manifest itself soon in this nation. This Nebuchadnezzar spirit knows that repentance is the key to saving this nation, so it must distract Christians from doing this. It knows that if Christians believe President Obama will die in office, then they will pin their hope into the notion that this nation will not be destroyed by God. They will wait and see hoping a new president will arise and help lead this country back to God when God is actually warning us we have to repent ourselves and turn back to him. This spirit has been successful in delaying Christians from doing the one thing that is necessary to save this country, and that is repent.

Do not let yourself be deceived by this spirit. This is a powerful antichrist spirit that can deceive Christians who do not allow themselves to have a deeper relationship with God. There are prophets amongst us who have a gift of prophecy but have no deep spiritual vision. What a waste of a gift. When one does not develop their spiritual vision, then they leave themselves open to making false prophecies. When a prophet makes a false prophecy, then that prophet has harmed those Christians who have heeded the words of that prophet. It is dangerous to prophesy with a lack of spiritual vision. It leads one to make wrong conclusions. One has to recognize the spirits to know where the truth really lies; otherwise a prophet can actually be receiving a prophecy from a demon.

The truth is the Christians in the United States need to repent and turn this nation back to God to save it from being judged and destroyed. Christians cannot pin their hope in some new leader coming into the presidency to lead this nation back to God. Repentance starts with us and not some man. We have to act for change to come. If you are waiting on some future president, then you are lacking spiritual understanding in how salvation really works. A man cannot change your heart; it takes God to change your heart, and it all starts with you answering God’s call. God has not called you to be an observer but a doer. Too many Christians are applauding words about change coming thinking that means they do not have to do anything themselves. If we do nothing, then change cannot come. We cannot wait for someone else to do it. We have to do it ourselves. If our Founding Fathers had waited on someone else to act, then this nation would have never been born .Today, is your day to act.

How to End the Debt Crisis

April 16, 2015

When the Pilgrims began their colony in Massachusetts in 1620, they began using a Communist (Socialist) system. No one owned any private property nor was there a division of labor meaning individuals did not have specific tasks and roles. Instead, food was grown for the town, and then the food was equally distributed to everyone. By 1623, they realized they needed to make a change for everyone to survive. Why did it fail?

When someone is guaranteed things to survive whether that person does any work or not, then you will get people who will not work, thus placing the burden on others who do to carry the load. That is what we have going on in the United States, today. People are handed checks from the government who do not work, and they expect to continue to receive such checks for the rest of their life and never work to earn a dime. With more and more people not working in this country, more and more people are getting used to getting assistance from the state, and are thus opting to never work again. This greater work load on those who are working can only lead to a collapse of the entire economy when there are too few people to support those who do not work at all. Argentina’s economy crashed not that many years ago when it was reported 90% of the people who worked were government employees. That meant that only 10% of the population was paying for the other ninety percent’s wages. Their economy had to collapse with that imbalance, and we are headed in the same direction.

To top all things off, we have a federal government which always, every year spends more than it takes in from all sources. Even when the politicians have crowed about having a balanced budget like they did during some of the Clinton years, there was more money going out than coming into the treasury. They were playing a smoke and mirrors game. The country was in debt and has been in debt since they went off the gold standard. The politicians did not like the gold standard, because they wanted to increase spending, and so they did without hesitation. So, what can we do to balance the budget and save this country? What can we do to erase our greater than 18 trillion dollar deficit? If I were president, I know what I would do.

Every year, Congress appropriates “x” amount of dollars for some program or a certain amount of money for national defense and the like. As a result, they always spend more money than comes into the treasury; and when the economy turns down, they raise taxes to make up for what they say is lost revenue. They do not tell you the truth and want you to believe that higher taxes means more income for the government when the opposite is true. Studies have shown that when taxes exceed 11%, then incoming revenue to the government shrinks. This is not the kind of system we need to be running.

What I would do is assign percentages to each program. The total revenue that comes into the government is 100%. National Defense would get a certain percentage of that revenue, e.g. 10%. Federal employees would get a certain percentage for their pay as well as other programs which in total will add up to 100%. With this system, the government would never spend more that it takes into the treasury. Also, if Congress wanted to increase its pay, then they would have to cut the wages of their fellow government employees. Do you think that would make it easier for them to give themselves pay raises? If we allow for something like 2% of our incoming revenue to be allocated for reducing our national debt, then after several years, our national debt would be zero. It is insane assigning a certain amount of dollars for each program instead and allow our politicians to come up with ways to buy votes just to satisfy their flesh desires for greater power over all our lives. That is why we are facing the threats of tyranny today from our government. They spend more money than they take in so that they can have more power over all of us. By impoverishing us, they know we will have to turn to them for help in meeting our everyday needs. That is why they always want to increase taxes.

In Luke 21: 1-4, we read about a woman who threw all her money into the treasury which was insignificant to what the rich people were putting into the treasury. If you listen to the politicians of today in this nation, the rich are not paying their fair share, and yet they are paying a higher percentage of their income to the government than the average citizen. Yet, Jesus said about this woman in the book of Luke that she cast in more money than them all. Why? Because she gave 100% of what she had even though it was insignificant to what the rich were giving. It is the percentage of what you give that is fair and not the dollar amount or the amount of money you have in your bank account. Our politicians make the system unbalanced in the percentages and always ask for increasing the percentages even more on the rich, because they want everyone’s money for themselves. These are the kind of people that do not need to be our leaders. We need people with true morals. So, what can we do?

We can only fix things if we repent in this nation and turn back to God immediately. If we repent, then we will have the morals to put the correct people in office to run this nation. Without repentance, the evil leaders we have today will continue to rule. Not everyone in our government is evil, but there has to be a total house cleaning to ever have  a chance of getting things right. But, it is our hearts that have let us down. We have been satisfied to elect the same people over and over to be our leaders, and they have led us to the brink of destruction. We have done this, because we got too comfortable and let God be turned out of our society without putting up any true struggle to stop that from happening. If we do not set things right immediately by repenting now, then we deserve what is going to happen to us in a few months from now.

(Note: There is a Charles Brannan running for president in the Green Party. I am not that person.)

How Do We Stop Iran?

April 8, 2015

Iran is of course, on a path to obtain nuclear weapons. President Obama despite what he says is going to allow Iran to have them. Why is he on such a suicidal course? It has to do with that spirit that is controlling him which wants to invade the west. But what can be done to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon? Better yet, what is the future of Iran? Those are the two questions I will deal with in this piece.

Iran has been egged on by its leadership to fight against the west ever since the Shah fell from power during the Jimmy Carter administration. For more than 35 years Iran has been plotting and aiding terrorists in the Middle East and beyond. They have inherited from the Arabs that spirit inside of Ishmael, the son of Abraham which puts itself in opposition against every man on earth who is not his brother. In Genesis 16: 11-12, an angel speaks to Hagar who is pregnant with Ishmael and says, “Behold, you are with child, and shall bear a son, and shall call his name Ishmael; because the Lord has heard your affliction. He will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.” Ishmael is the father of the Arabs. And to this day, the Arabs and those who have adopted that same spirit inside of Ishmael all dwell in the same region of the world with all those countries side by side of each other. In the Middle Ages, the Arabs sprang out of the desert and set themselves in opposition to everyone who was not an Arab and today with the terrorists and Iran; we see the same mindset manifesting itself, today. Who thinks that God’s word does not come to pass?

Now, the question is, since President Obama is not going to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, how can they be stopped? Well the truth is; someone in a leadership position with the capability must do something. To date the only man that fits that description is Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel. But, let us go to a hypothetical and assume I am president of the United States; what would I do? I know what I would do, and I would be realistic about what our capabilities are at this point in time.

The United States is in a catastrophic debt situation. We are more than 18 trillion dollars in debt and starting another war by sending troops to any country at this time will only hasten our demise. We need to drastically cut spending and stop financing the United Nations for one thing. I would expel the United Nations HQ from this country and let them find another place to meet and not be the one propping up that organization any more. That is not going to happen, but that is what I would do. Going back to dealing with Iran, what would I do then if I would not send troops into Iran? Bombing the nuclear sites is always a possibility, but some sites are too well protected. Apparently, we do not even produce bunker busting bombs any more. So, bombing those sites would not really stop Iran, but could only delay them from developing the weapon. So, what other option is there?

I would deal with Iran in somewhat the way we dealt with the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union never attacked us, because it knew we would destroy them if they ever launched an attack. We have to do the same thing to Iran. I would tell them that if they ever tested a nuclear weapon, then I would launch an immediate nuclear attack on Iran and destroy every square meter of that country. If Iran ever put one nuclear warhead on any of their missiles, I would again launch an immediate nuclear attack on them and destroy them. If we are ever attacked by any terrorists detonating a nuclear device anywhere in the world against an American target, I would launch an immediate nuclear attack on Iran and flatten the whole country. That is what I would tell them I would do. The leaders may be fanatics and want to bring an end to the world through their perverted view of how the world will be made to become Muslim, but they will think twice if their own personal lives are threatened.

Now, what does God say about the future of Iran? Does it look bleak for us what God says about them? No, because God in my book tells us what he will do with them. God says, “Iran, I am going to break the power of your leadership. I will destroy your mighty army that lives to fight against Me .From all directions I am sending a storm into your land to destroy your political might. I will scatter those who oppose Me in your country to nations who do not face your plight…my rage against you waxes hot for the wickedness of your plots. I am setting my throne in Iran as I wipe out all its leaders to reestablish a kingdom that honors Me in this land as it did once before.”

God will remove the present leadership of Iran at some point in the future. I do not know when it will be, and I suspect it will not be for quite a few years, yet; but it will happen. We will have to wait and see what is going to happen, but we do know from scripture God is going to protect Israel, and I know from my knowledge of this Nebuchadnezzar spirit that controls President Obama that an attack against the west will be launched at some point in the next few years or sooner.

Nazi America: Christians and Jews the Target

April 3, 2015

We are seeing today the beginnings of an onslaught against the Jews of Israel by President Obama and against the Christians in the United States by the left. If it was not so ridiculous to think that this could have ever been possible in this nation, maybe then what will soon follow could be stopped. However, any sense of decency in this country has long vanished, and we are spiraling to very troubling times ahead.

There are still many Christians in the United States, today but they choose to stay silent for the most part and let things in this nation take a turn for the worse. Because the Christians in this country do not stand up to be heard loudly by everyone here, our politicians back down when protests erupt by the left. Anything that hints of Christian values finding its way into any law causes our politicians to begin shaking in their boots  as they cower in fear at the pressure the liberal media begins pouring down on them. There is hardly a brave one among them who will defend this nation’s former Christian heritage.

In Indiana, the press began looking for Christian businesses to ask them if they would serve homosexuals at a theoretical event like a wedding between two homosexuals. A reporter found one who would not, and the left then pounced on this business basically forcing it to close down. Since then donations have been coming in to the owner to help her, but this is not addressing the real issue of standing up to the left by rising up and protesting. Silent giving is good, but our culture is fast fading away with the extremely vocal left getting all the news coverage supporting their positions. We help one business owner while the media indoctrinates the rest of the country with its godless doctrine. That is how you fight a losing war.

On another front, President Obama is reported to be threatening the Prime Minister of Israel by saying he will no longer support Israel in the United Nations. This has not been confirmed, but there is no doubt Obama is no true friend to Israel.  I have personally heard the people in his entourage make anti-Jewish comments of a very disgusting manner. There is great hatred for Jews in his administration, and this reflects on what his true position is regarding Israel. He wants Israel to give in to the Palestinians without them having to make any true concessions at all. Watch out Jews, you are in his cross hairs to bring you down. Just wait and see what more is coming your way in the coming days. Satan still wants to eradicate the Jews in the United States and elsewhere, and Satan is in control in the White House.

Does the closing down of this Christian business in Indiana remind you of anything? It sure did remind me of what was going on in Nazi Germany in 1933 and beyond. I do not know what day this business closed down in Indiana, but I am sure it was closed on April 1. The significance of that date is that on April 1, 1933 the Nazi Brownshirts boycotted Jewish businesses in Germany just as the left has called for boycotts and did shut down this pizza business in Indiana. There was a call to only buy things from non-Jewish shops. The anti-Jewish campaign began in earnest in Germany on that day. Now on approximately the same day of the year, the anti-Christian boycotts of Christian businesses began. The left has become even more emboldened. They will begin doing this more and more in the coming days. With more and more success, this will encourage the government to begin doing the same thing as laws will be created to outlaw anything that hints of Christianity in any business in our nation. We are spiraling in the direction of a worldly revived fascism that will overthrow the Constitution of the United States. Do not say you were not warned. I have been telling you that this day is coming.

In my book, “Jeremiah’s Prophecies: The End of the United States” with God speaking it says, “Know this: the United States is being placed totally into the hands of the spirit of Nebuchadnezzar. It already controls the White House. The government of this country is being brought under total subjection to this new dictator. All of this nation’s leaders will do him obeisance. This government will be completely stripped of its constitutional customs. Its laws will be ignored, ripped up, and discounted. This must continue until the time my judgment reaches its full end. Any effort to overthrow the tyranny that is coming will be frustrated and cannot prosper.”

What have we been watching happening in this country? The president has been ignoring the Constitution. He makes executive orders and rewrites laws. If Congress will not do what he wants, he says he has the right to make it happen by executive order. Do you think he can be stopped if he decides to begin shutting down businesses that will not tow the leftist demands to eradicate Christian principles in any business? There is no one that has been holding him accountable to date, and you can see how Republicans cower in fear of being attacked by the media on social issues. No, no one will really stand up to him in our government. The only ones that can stand up to him have to be us; the Christians. Yet, as Bill O’Reilly said, Christians do not ever organize to stand up to what is going on in this country. They have no leader, and so there is no real resistance to stop the leftist agenda dominating this nation, today.

Notice in the passage from my book, that it says any effort to overthrow the tyranny that is coming will be frustrated. That is true if the Christians in this country do not rise up now, organize and stop what is going on in this nation. Only we can stop this. God is on our side, but he cannot help if we do nothing. Praying for change without being willing to do anything ourselves will accomplish nothing. Faith without works is dead; being alone. We are in this situation because we have let the left change our culture incrementally through the years. We did not rise up and protest to any significant degree, and now we are on the brink of God’s judgment because of this non-action by us. If you are not willing to get up out of your comfort zone, then this nation is doomed, and thus any effort to overthrow this tyranny coming upon us cannot prosper.