Are the Television Ministers Deaf to the Judgment Message?

The television ministers have been on television a long time. We can get a steady diet of them on many channels. They have successfully led many people to Christ over the years and also many to the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I was listening to Perry Stone saying 500 people were Baptized in the Holy Spirit in some function he was involved in recently. Many of these ministers talk about the end times and have guests who come on whatever program in which that minister is appearing. They talk about prophecies they have for the last days or prophecies from the Bible among other things. Hardly any will mention that we must repent as a nation to get back to being in right-standing with God. Why cannot they see that judgment is almost upon us? Why in their eyes is it that we have more time to get back to being in right-standing with God? Could they possibly be right? Does that mean, because they are main stream ministers (popular), they are right and I am wrong? Let us find out what God says about it.

Always look for motivations to understand why someone takes a stand that they position themselves to take. What is my motivation? Maybe you can help me see an unknown motivation I am not seeing, but the only motivation I know that I have is to save this nation. I do not care about being popular or well-known. I am not trying to run some sort of ministry in which I constantly need donations. I have spent untold thousands of dollars with less than a 1% return on my book to get the message out I have been delivering, so what is my motivation? What is it I want to gain from all this? All I can think of is what I said before: I want to save this nation from its destruction.

What are the motivations of these ministers on television? Sure, I grant you they are and have been doing great work for God, but they are not delivering the one message this nation requires of repenting now to save this nation. When I have told them they must deliver this message, they ignore me. Why? First, let us examine what motivations they might have. They are on television, and so they must make money to keep their television programs running. They all request donations from their viewers. There is nothing wrong about requesting those who watch to help, but they have a motivation to constantly keep the donations coming. Secondly, they have a motivation to keep delivering the same messages that gives them that niche of people who watch their program. They thus have a motivation to not change their message. Their third motivation is to resist change to what they have been doing. That is a normal human motivation when one gets accustomed to doing the same thing over and over. Thus to change to a repent or face judgment type message is something that requires them to change what they have been doing. That is very hard for them to do and unfortunately, it is turning out to be an impossible thing for them to do.

I am not here to criticize them for what they do in their ministries, but when they tell people we have more time to get back into a right-standing with God, then I must take a stand, because we have almost no time left. Jeremiah kept warning the people of Judah that there was no time left to keep God out of their lives, but some ministers (prophets) kept saying we can continue on as we have been because God will not allow us to be destroyed. Those prophets were wrong. I am telling you it is time to get our house in order now or we will face judgment starting this fall. Am I right or are they right about us having more time? Which of us has a motivation to keep things running as it has been; them or me? That does not make me right, but when a person is motivated to deliver a certain message and not veer from that message, then that can make them deaf to hear what God is really saying about these last days.

So, going back to my question about why are these television ministers ignoring me when I tell them that the repentance message is the most important message for us in the United States, today: why are they ignoring me? I always knew that one reason they were ignoring me is because I am not in their circle. They do not know me and so as anyone can observe, they like inviting the same ministers to their shows to talk about these last days over and over again. These ministers appear on television frequently. They are in their clique. However, God gave me a word about this yesterday. I was not thinking about this, but while I was reading the Bible a word shined out of the passages explaining why these ministers ignore me. It can be found in John 7.

In that chapter, Nicodemus who had come and talked with Jesus one night said to the Pharisees which were priests of that day, “Does our law judge any man before it hear him and know what he does?” He was asking this question in response to the Pharisees saying Jesus was no prophet and that the people who followed him were essentially stupid (deceived). The Pharisees answered him, “Are you of Galilee? Search and look: for out of Galilee arises no prophet.” The Pharisees looked down on people from Galilee and Samaria. Those regions were conquered by the Assyrians and repopulated with non-Jews when the kingdom of Israel fell. Those non-Jews grabbed part of the Jewish religion as their own and mixed it with their own religions. Thus a deviant form of Judaism was created. Anyone from Galilee could never be a prophet. It was not part of the Jewish state, but rather a territory. The Pharisees said Christ must be of the seed of David and come out of Bethlehem. They apparently never realized that Jesus was a direct descendant of David and was born in Bethlehem. But they decided a prophet could never come out of Galilee to purposely keep themselves blinded from the truth.

So, how does this passage connect with about that of which I have been talking? In the television minister’s eyes, I am from Galilee. Out of Galilee arises no prophet. Because I am not in their clique, and they do not know me, then I am wrong. I cannot be right in their eyes. Instead of being open to God delivering a message from just any Christian in this world, they turn to those same people they have interviewed on television again and again. Those ministers can be right about many things, but just because they know a lot about what the Bible says does not mean they are always right. I am as knowledgeable as they are when it comes to the Bible. God speaks to me, too. Jesus was a prophet despite what the television ministers of his day said, and what I have been saying can be just as correct as what Jesus was telling the Pharisees in his day. Look at the source to know if the word is true or not. Does your spirit testify to you that truth is being given you from what I have been saying or not? You have to judge.

All I can tell you is that everything I have said in my book whose time has come to be fulfilled has come to pass. There has not been one wrong prophecy in my book to date. It is scary how correct I have turned out to be about President Obama. I said in my book he would ignore the Constitution and that has come to pass. Read some of my other pieces on my blog to know additional things I have said. My track record is good when it comes to what is in my book, but what I said in my book does not actually say this fall an economic crash will occur. What my book does say is Obama is a king and dictator, and we know kings and dictators have no term limits. For that reason and another given in a previous piece on my blog, I believe an economic crash will occur this fall, and because of that Obama will end up declaring martial law when riots start as a result of the crash and there will thus be no presidential election in 2016. I have to interpret God’s word from my book just as you will have to do if you read it.

The television ministers want their programs to continue as they have been doing. For an economic collapse to occur this fall and martial law being declared would in their eyes threaten what they have been doing all these years. Remember, they have a motivation to resist change to anything they have been doing. Thus, they can very easily make themselves deaf to what God is telling us today about what time we have left to change things in this nation. They want the gravy train to continue so to speak and to upset the apple cart is too difficult for them to do. There are several television ministers who will be caught up in God’s judgment in the coming days. If you blind yourself to what God is saying and deliver the wrong message, his judgment will swallow you up, too. So, for all to hear, stop trying to maintain things the way they have been for you, and listen to God. If you do not want things to change, then you are hindering yourself from hearing from God by your motivation to have things not change. It is too easy to miss hearing from God by being resistant to any message he wants to give you that you do not want to hear. I have to guard against that myself, also. Although in this case, I would love to hear we have more time to get our house in order. Unfortunately, that is not the message God gave me when he told me to write my book.

One last thing I will add is that God told me more than 20 years ago I will start a television ministry. I will not say where, and do not expect to see me on television in this nation, because it will not be in this country. However, I have been on the side of being ignored by television ministers in this country, and thus I will always remember from my own experience in life to look for a word from God that does not come from someone in my clique. If only the television ministers of today in the United States could have had the same experience I have had: they could be even better ministers than they are today.

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2 Comments on “Are the Television Ministers Deaf to the Judgment Message?”

  1. Says:

    About 7 yrs ago I heard the same message from the Lord, and still do. . The enemy is well past the gates and the church needs to enter into a time of corporate repentant prayer. I can’t get anyone to listen to me either. Their eyes glaze over, drool runs down both sides of their mouths and then that deafening sound of crickets.

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