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The Secret Plan: Put a Pansy in the White House

February 26, 2015

The title may be a bit harsh, and I do not like going that far, but it must be descriptive of what is going on behind the scenes in the spiritual world to understand what is coming our way in the near future. President Obama was brought to power to bring about one very important thing in the international arena we are seeing manifesting, today. It is very dangerous and disastrous for the world, and it is going to get much worse as the days go by. The set up for the events in the book of Revelation has begun in earnest with the lightning (Obama) Jesus was referring to when he talked about watching for the signs of the end.

Matthew 24:27 is part of Jesus’ speech to his disciples when they asked him, “What shall be the sign of your coming and of the end of the world.” Jesus said, “For as the lightning comes out of the east and shines even to the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” You will ask how is Obama associated with lightning and to explain this some more. That is what I am going to do, but first let us look at a little history.

In the book of Genesis we are told that all men dwelt together at one time. But when men began to see themselves as gods, God confused their language and broke up their unity. They dispersed to different regions all over the world. God knew that it was not good for there to be a unified man, i.e. a one world government. This occurred in the Mesopotamia region, and that is the location of where the Nebuchadnezzar spirit originates. This spirit has one major agenda: unify man so that he will be in defiance to God. This spirit knows that when men unify, they will place themselves as a god above God, himself.

This Nebuchadnezzar spirit began raising up empires in that region to conquer all nations. The Assyrian Empire was brutal but then was replaced by the Chaldean Empire (New Babylonian Empire). Nebuchadnezzar, the king was possessed by this spirit from where we get the name for this spirit. He was the mightiest of all kings before him and was the one that brought about the end of the Jewish kingdom centered in Jerusalem. The Chaldeans were replaced by the Persians who began conquering even more lands and tried to expand into Europe. This is where God intervened and raised up the Greeks to unify enough so that they could stop the Persian advance. Since then, there has been the battle between the East and the West.

In the Middle Ages, the Muslims began expanding and went even further by expanding their religion into the Far East and into Africa. They tried to advance into Europe, but again God raised up enough forces to stop their advance to protect the West from this Nebuchadnezzar spirit. The Byzantine Empire (Eastern Roman Empire) kept the Muslim advance at bay until Europe was ready to defend itself from the Muslim onslaught. God saved Europe from being overrun by the Muslims.

That brings us to today. The Muslims conquered a lot of territory when they began their expansion, but when the Ottomans captured Constantinople its advances soon came to a halt. They were not able to advance beyond what we know as Turkey, today.  So, with the decline of the Ottomans beginning at this point, Europe began to rise in power and the Muslims went into a dormant type phase. Things have begun to change in these recent years. An awakening of the Muslims is reoccurring. What is causing this to happen? Now we can turn back to Obama and explain what is happening.

In Matthew 24: 27, Jesus said, “For as the lightning comes out of the east and shines even to the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” Lightning in Hebrew is Obama. Obama is controlled for the most part by this Nebuchadnezzar spirit. However, this spirit comes from the Middle East. What is it doing in the West? The verse says, “… as the lightning (Obama) comes out of the east and shines[i] even to the west…” This Nebuchadnezzar spirit has come from the East and is now in the West possessing President Obama (note the definition of the word shines). That is a sign of Jesus’ coming and the end of the world. That means the events of the book of Revelation are being set up today by President Obama’s actions. Now, we have to ask, “What are his actions bringing about the end?” That is where we are going now.

This spirit has always had control of the empires of the East. It has repeatedly tried to move into the West and conquer its people. God has always intervened to stop this threat. But, now we are in the time of the end. What will happen this time? That is why we need to study the book of Revelation, but I want to show you what Obama is doing to bring about these events leading to the end.

This spirit has put a person in the White House who is a pansy. His weakness has emboldened certain people in the Middle East to rise up and challenge the West. The Arab Spring has brought about the collapse of governments in the Middle East and chaos in multiple countries. Those whose associations all spring originally from the Muslim Brotherhood are now expanding, wanting to once again conquer the world for Islam. The East is rising up again to attack the West. This is no short term uprising: this Nebuchadnezzar spirit is not doing this to be a flash in the pan. A major attack is brewing and cannot be stopped except by one man. Who could that be?

I have to conjecture things at this point, because God has not opened my eyes enough to know these details yet, but I can envision a man rising up from the Middle East who makes promises to those people in that region that brings about peace. That man will be the Antichrist. The United States at this point will no longer be a power, and power will be shifted to a certain entity I will not talk about in this piece. This Antichrist will then be accepted as the new head of this entity by the Europeans, Americans and Muslims and will for a time seem to be a genius: but in the book of Revelation we can see where this all leads.

Obama is setting things up by being a pansy. This spirit drives him to let these forces grow unabated without real opposition so that the setting for an antichrist can be laid out. These are dangerous times, and you should pray the United States should repent and turn back to God before it becomes too late to stop the disaster that is fast approaching us all in the coming months and years. God is giving us a chance to repent and delay the inevitable, but I doubt this country will ever repent. Jeremiah gave his nation a warning and they did not listen. I am giving you a warning, and to this date, nobody cares. So, we are left with Obama setting up the war between the East and the West which cannot be halted except by one man who will make a false peace. God, help us.


[i]  Shines as translated from the Greek word phaino means, “cause to appear.”



Why the Lies?

February 11, 2015

Why has Peter Jennings been lying about his experiences in the field covering newsworthy events? Why has Hillary Clinton lied about similar experiences and even how she got the name Hillary? Does President Obama lie for the same reason? These are the questions that will be explored in this piece. What is the truth behind these lies?

I heard Rush Limbaugh say he did not know why these people lied about their experiences. It did not make sense to him. I did not know either, but in searching in the spirit the answer came to me. You have to know what makes people tick. You have to know what causes deficiencies in people’s characters. That is where I had to search in the spirit to find the answer.

Peter Jennings is insecure. He needs constant affirmation that he is important to this world. He in his heart does not believe he is, and so he needs to create some story that will bring admiration to him from people. Despite his great success in rising to the top in the television news business, this success could not convince him of his worth to himself. He lacks God in his life to show him he is valuable if he would only give his life up to God. Without God in his life, he will never be able to come to terms of his worth in this world to others and to God.

Hillary Clinton is in the same boat. She is also insecure. She also needs that constant affirmation from others that she is smart and important. Sure, she will make up stories to try and get support from voters, but when she made up the story about being under fire when landing at some base, she was not looking for voter support in that story. She was looking for approval from others to show to herself she is valuable to others in this world. In her heart, she struggles to believe she is valuable to this world. She likewise does not have God in her life who can prove to her she is valued by him, but she to this day has rejected God in her life.

President Obama is not in this same boat. I have not been hearing him manufacturing stories about himself other than his past to hide what is really there. He is not insecure. When people put praise on him, he nods in agreement. He does not need the praise to reaffirm anything in his spirit. He already knows he is superior to others in his mind and needs no affirmation from others. One might call this conceit, but one must be secure in themselves to be free from this character deficiency of insecurity. He has his own spiritual problems of being separate from God like Peter Jennings and Hillary Clinton. He is so secure in himself that his beliefs will carry him through a plan to get what he wants at all costs. This means he will proceed with his plan without backing down when things start looking like they might fall apart. We are observing Obama stick to his plans he formulated before he even became President. This is why he will succeed in the end if the people in this nation do not repent and turn back to God before it is too late.

Insecurity is a common problem many millions of people have in this world. It can make them non-functional at times and especially when people start bringing them down. They are already down on themselves, and bringing them down with our words can be devastating for them. I can well imagine that in Peter Jennings and Hillary Clinton’s case, one or both of their parents would frequently berate them to some degree. This caused them to grow up insecure. Sometimes it is one’s peers when they grow up who contribute or possibly are the primary source of the berating one gets when they are young that leads to their insecurity. We do not know what the source is for Peter’s and Hillary’s insecurity, but it is something that occurred to them when they were young. The only way they can be freed from their insecurity is by healing only God can provide them. Without turning to God, they will always remain insecure in themselves.