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The Solution to the Islamic Radicalism Problem

January 23, 2015

Simeon and Levi were sons of Jacob. One day, their sister, Dinah was taken by a man named Shechem, who was the son of a Hivite prince, and he raped her and took her to his home. When the sons of Jacob heard about this, they were very distressed. Although Shechem wanted to marry Dinah, Simeon and Levi conspired to get revenge. In a rage they killed all the males in the town, and pillaged the town taking all the cattle and the women and children. Jacob was very disturbed by what they did and said to them upon his death bed (prophesying to them about their descendent’s future), “Simeon and Levi are brothers; instruments of cruelty are in their makeup. Oh my soul, come not to them privately; to their presence, for my honor let them not be united: because in their anger they slew a man, and in their self-will they dug down a wall. Cursed be their anger, for it was fierce; and their wrath, for it was cruel: I will divide them in Jacob, and scatter them in Israel.” (Genesis 49: 5-7)

Simeon and Levi had internal rage inside of them that was uncontrollable at times. God knew that if their descendants were united in a tribe to themselves; that rage they inherited from their father would manifest itself later and cause all of Israel huge problems. God’s solution was to scatter them in the Promised Land so they would never be a united tribe. Levi’s descendants became the priests and were dispersed throughout all Israel, and Simeon’s descendants were given parcels of land inside of Judah’s territories not allowing them to be a tribe with a true fixed border. Thus Simeon was never able to unite in a way to be a problem for all of Israel.

Now we come to Ishmael’s descendants; the Arabs. Ishmael was a son of Abraham and thus his descendants are related to the Jews, but Ishmael married an Egyptian woman and had twelve sons. From him the Arab world came into existence, and Arab tribes were not united until the days after the Roman Empire collapsed. Then they poured out of the desert with a new religion of Islam and began conquering people in the Middle East, Africa, and into Europe. Their dogma was to convert the infidel or kill him. This dogma is another example of rage they inherited from Ishmael. This is the root of the problem into today’s world. Islamic terrorists have a rage inside of them that cannot be quelled.

How did God deal with the rage inside of Levi and Simeon? He scattered them throughout portions of Israel so that they could never be united, so that they could not become militaristic in the future and use that rage to kill others with whom they had a quarrel. He knew if they did not have a fixed location inside of Israel where they all resided; no unifying by them was possible. That is how God handled the problem of Simeon’s and Levi’s rage. That is how to resolve the problem of the Islamic terrorist’s rage.

In my book, God is speaking and says, “Concerning the Arabs, ‘I have prepared the Muslim Brotherhood to feel my wrath for rejecting me. Your hatred for all your fellow man has reached the point I must act. I will spoil your tents and bring you down until you know who it is that sits on high. Run away while you can, because fear is coming in to bring terror into your hearts. The servant I have chosen is making his plans to tear your kingdoms down. Flee to the nations who are at ease to escape my punishment. He will enter your lands to scatter you to all parts of the earth because of the hatred you have held in your hearts for others without the slightest bit of remorse.’”

God’s solution to this terrorist mentality which is simply a rage that resides within these people is to invade their lands and scatter them throughout the earth. Just as he did with Simeon’s and Levi’s descendants, he will do to these nations of Islam where this rage is festering and pouring out to inflict the earth. To scatter them from their homelands and do not allow them to unite is the way God tells us to deal with these murderers. We are not going to do such a thing at this time, but the day is coming when God does send someone to invade their lands and scatter them to end the Muslim campaign of terror that has manifested itself in these last several decades.

Trying to negotiate with someone who is full of rage is futile. You cannot reach agreement with an emotion. You cannot reason with someone who wants to take revenge on you. These offshoots of the Muslim Brotherhood have one purpose, and that is to kill all who are in opposition to them and never allow anyone to have freedom of thought. Our President trying to appease them is playing into their hands. Our President is allowing them to grow stronger as the days pass. This can only lead to more efforts by these terrorists to expand their terrorist campaigns throughout the earth. This can only lead to a major war breaking out in the future. This cannot be avoided.

God has the wisdom in how to deal with the terrorist problem in today’s world. His word shows us what his solution is to solve this problem. We should take note and realize that it is God we must turn to when things get bad. We should turn to him when things are going well, but if you want to deal with the Islamic terrorist problem in this world, God’s way is the only way.