The Constitution is too Strong to Fail

Many people feel that what happened in Nazi Germany can never happen here. Their biggest reason for believing this is that they think our Constitutional system is too strong to fail. What they miss  is that there is one thing and one thing only that holds the whole system together. Without that thing, there is no glue with which our system can hold together.

When the Soviet Union came into existence, they passed a constitution that exceeded our own Constitution in granting rights to its people. Were the Russian people free then and the surrounding people free in the Soviet Bloc? No, their constitution was only a bunch of words on a piece of paper. The leaders of the government were not going to grant any freedoms to its people. A constitution is only as good as the people that run the government. If the leaders of the government choose not to abide by their constitution, then that constitution has no force. So what does that mean for us in the United States?

It means the same thing. Our Constitution is only as good as the people who run our government allow it to be. When we elect leaders who have no respect for our Constitution, then there is nothing to prevent them from ignoring it just as the Soviet leaders ignored theirs. That is where we are, today. We have elected a president who has no regard for our Constitution; ignoring it, and elected leaders in the legislative branch who will not really resist what our president is doing. That can also be said about the Supreme Court which allowed a clearly unconstitutional law to be passed (Obamacare).

You see, it takes moral people to keep a Constitution in force. When our leaders are not moral just as they were not in the Soviet Union, then you have people in charge that will look for ways to go around it by whatever means. They could when they get brazen enough, completely ignore it as our president does. Then there is nothing to stop them from doing whatever they want, to whoever they want at any time. This is the point we are reaching, today in the United States. Obama does not care what the Constitution says, he is going to do whatever he wants to do no matter who comes up against him (like some district court judge did recently).

It takes God to hold our Constitutional system together. He was always our glue. Our Founding Fathers knew this and that is why they passed the First Amendment to the Constitution. They tried putting in things to restrain bad leaders from destroying our Constitution, but when all our leaders are corrupt, then the system will collapse. The Republicans we have in the House and Senate, today are essentially corrupt. Why; because they will not stand up to the President and try to enforce our Constitution. It is what we could call; guilt by association. Sure, there are a few who would like to stand up to the President, but the Republican leadership will not allow it to happen. They like the Democrats are a party of big government. And big government is never a friend to the tenets of the Constitution.

We are where we are today, because we have turned away from God who has always been the glue that kept our Constitution in force. The leaders we have today are not going to change. Republicans running the legislative branch are not going to enforce our Constitution. They are too fearful of standing up to the President, and they like big government anyway. For them, this is a game that has to be played. They will tell you they must compromise, but let me tell you, God never comprises with evil, and they should never compromise with evil. We are facing immoral people leading this government who are evil in God’s eyes even if they are not in yours. They have allowed God to be removed from the public arena, and they do not even consider him today when all this evil continues to profligate throughout our society. They are complicit and thus just as guilty as those who brought all these immoralities into our society.

God demands we repent, and that is the only solution he gives us. God will not consider taking a back seat to let all these leaders destroy our Constitutional system without any regard to God’s presence at the top of our nation. He founded this nation and blessed it, and now there is a consequence coming our way for taking him out of our lives. We are about to face his full wrath for abandoning him.

Repentance is God’s solutions to our problems. It is not electing Republicans or some other person from a different party. They are men (and on top of that, fearful men) who always end up doing whatever it takes to keep themselves in power. One cannot trust a person who is imperfect and think things are going to change just because he seems to want to protect our Constitution. People’s own selfish desires end up trumping what they say they want to do in that area. God is the only one we can trust, and we can trust him to abide by his word. Unfortunately, his word to us is “Repent or be destroyed!” We have reached the point that God does have to give us this ultimatum. Our society has reached the point that a purging must occur or a nationwide revival of a never before heard of scale.

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