Ferguson Riots and the Spirit of 1968

There are some people who want me to comment on the unrest that has broken out in Ferguson, Missouri as well as other places. They are worried about the race wars heating up in our society, but I can tell you it is not any race war about which we have to worry. This is spiritual warfare and can be traced back to the race riots of 1968 and its surrounding years. Of course, back in 1968, there were riots started by anarchists, also but it was the same spirit operating then that is operating now.

I remember those riots of the 1960’s but was too young to know the spiritual warfare going on then. However, I can look back and recognize the spirit behind the scenes causing the unrest, because a particular spirit always operates in a particular manner that makes it recognizable. It is the same exact principality operating today that was operating then. Ephesians 6: 12 says, “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” This spirit is a ruler of darkness. It is a high prince in Satan’s kingdom. It has been sent into this country to cause destruction. And to top it all off, it cannot be defeated unless we repent in this nation unlike in the earlier period when God did intervene and break the power of this spirit.

God does mention this spirit coming into this country in my book. Remember, that my book was written back in 2009 before the reappearance of this spirit. Its return is a fulfillment of that prophecy in my book. The passage reads:

“There are coming four demonic spirits into this country. The first will slay the inhabitants in this country. The second will rip their possessions from them to be given to a stranger. The third will devour all of this nation’s wealth, and the fourth will destroy all that is left standing.”

This spirit of which I have been referring is the fourth one. We are only being given a taste of what is to come. You can expect things to begin to calm down for now, because God is still giving us a little more time, but when the economy collapses later in 2015, all hell will break loose and new riots will begin. This time there will be no remedy except for people banding together in militias to protect themselves. If we do not repent in this nation, then you need to begin to prepare yourself for what is about to descend on this nation.

Why will God allow this to happen? In my book he is speaking and says, “The enemy is ready to pour into your land from all sides because you have rebelled against Me. All of the evils you have done have brought this judgment on yourselves. All of this evil has been deeply rooted in your hearts.”

The evil in our hearts is bringing all these troubles to our society. The only cure is repentance. God goes on to say:

“I have examined the hearts of the people in this country and found a conspiracy to follow the sins of their forefathers and to remove Me from their presence. They all wish to cling to their sins like scales to a serpent. Since this is where you have positioned your hearts, then an evil is coming upon you from which you cannot escape. Although you will cry and call out to me for mercy, I will not hear…There will be no prayer of deliverance for this people because I will refuse to hear such prayers. Although they will cry out to Me with buckets of tears, there can be no forgiveness without repentance.”

God gives us the remedy to this huge problem in our nation. We have these problems because we have turned God out of our society. Repentance is the only solution God gives us. Praying to God without repenting (turning back from what you are doing everyday) means this nation will face the wrath of the four spirits mentioned earlier that are working to destroy this nation today. We have to stop sitting back and watch all these events occurring in our country and think that praying to God is sufficient to save us from his wrath. We have to act. Faith without works is dead. We are in this position because we did not stand up against prayer being removed from our schools, abortion becoming legal; and today, homosexual marriage being okay among many other things we have allowed to occur.

Because we did not stand up and stop this onslaught, the onslaught has continued and gained more ground with each passing year. This came to pass because you did not want to rise up and become involved, yourself. You had an idol in your life that was more important. It is because of these idols in our lives that we are on the brink of facing God’s total wrath in the near future. It is because of the idols in our lives, we have to repent.

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