Deadly Disease Coming to the U.S.

You may have heard lately how a Minnesota man flew to Nigeria from Liberia with plans to fly to the U.S. next month, collapsing and dying from the deadly Ebola virus a few days after landing in Nigeria. How close he came to actually flying to the U.S. carrying that disease. Since the incubation period can be up to 3 weeks, it could have turned out that any person like him could have flown into the U.S. carrying that disease with no one knowing it. What would happen in this country if such a disease started spreading through our major cities like New York City with its high population density? Where do you think it would spread considering that New York is a major hub for people passing through it, not only into this country but to the rest of the world? How many people do you think could contract this disease and die knowing that 60% to 90% of the people who contract it die since there is no cure? For many people, this is a very frightening thought.

Now, I will tell you what God was telling me. He said, “Not now!” The enemy wants to send this disease into this country, but God said, “Not now! I am giving the U.S. more time to repent.” God is a patient God, but he will not be patient, forever. There is a law of sowing and reaping, and we will suffer the consequences for our past actions of murdering unborn babies, unchecked pornography, and unleashed unnatural sodomy to name a few things. King David was forgiven by God for murdering Uriah, but he did not escape reaping what he had sown. The last part of his reign was plagued with the consequences of his action. We cannot escape from our actions either.

God has a certain time period in mind, before he says, “Your time is up America.” I have been telling you when our time is up. Hardly anyone will believe me. That is to be expected. I find it ironic that people are waking up to see President Obama rip up our Constitution today, when my book written in 2009 said that is what he will do. I said he has a Nebuchadnezzar spirit, and thus you can expect him to act like Nebuchadnezzar did 2500 years ago. Nebuchadnezzar did not believe in compromising, and this president is loathe to compromising. No, if Congress does not give him what he wants, he will use his phone and pen to sign executive orders. I simply wrote what God said to write, and I am batting 1.000 today on those prophecies. Maybe, you should reconsider what I am saying.

Our time is running out, and when the economy collapses next year, it will be too late, and then you can expect for God to say, “Okay, enemy. You can unleash the Ebola virus into the United States. I have lost patience with them, and now is the time for them to reap what they have sown.” What kind of disastrous world will we be living in then? Chaos in the streets, and deadly diseases thinning out our population: that is something all of us are going to wish could be stopped, but without God in our lives, there is no remedy.

God says in my book, “The pain in my heart for all I must bring on you is terrible. My people are crying from the countries they have fled to, asking, ‘Has God truly abandoned America? Has its government really fallen?’ Why has this nation provoked Me to such fury that I have to destroy it? Their sins are so many, I cannot overlook them. The time of salvation has passed. The end of the harvest is over. The pain I feel over the destruction of this country is like a sore that cannot be healed. Astonishment has taken hold of Me. There is no medicine to heal my people. There is no doctor that can heal this disease.”

It could be that last sentence has a double meaning. It could mean an incurable disease will spread through America like Ebola when our time is up. I am pretty sure that will be the case. But, there will be many other things going on causing death and destruction to our population besides any fatal disease. When judgment comes, total destruction is not unusual. How much of the kingdom of Judah do you think was spared when it faced God’s judgment? There were very few Jews still living in their homeland after Nebuchadnezzar conquered and pillaged their land. We now have a Nebuchadnezzar spirit in the White House planning the same results for us. We truly need God’s help now, but he is waiting on us. We are the ones that have to act; not him. It is us who have to repent; that is the only option God is giving us to save this nation.

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