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Deadly Disease Coming to the U.S.

July 30, 2014

You may have heard lately how a Minnesota man flew to Nigeria from Liberia with plans to fly to the U.S. next month, collapsing and dying from the deadly Ebola virus a few days after landing in Nigeria. How close he came to actually flying to the U.S. carrying that disease. Since the incubation period can be up to 3 weeks, it could have turned out that any person like him could have flown into the U.S. carrying that disease with no one knowing it. What would happen in this country if such a disease started spreading through our major cities like New York City with its high population density? Where do you think it would spread considering that New York is a major hub for people passing through it, not only into this country but to the rest of the world? How many people do you think could contract this disease and die knowing that 60% to 90% of the people who contract it die since there is no cure? For many people, this is a very frightening thought.

Now, I will tell you what God was telling me. He said, “Not now!” The enemy wants to send this disease into this country, but God said, “Not now! I am giving the U.S. more time to repent.” God is a patient God, but he will not be patient, forever. There is a law of sowing and reaping, and we will suffer the consequences for our past actions of murdering unborn babies, unchecked pornography, and unleashed unnatural sodomy to name a few things. King David was forgiven by God for murdering Uriah, but he did not escape reaping what he had sown. The last part of his reign was plagued with the consequences of his action. We cannot escape from our actions either.

God has a certain time period in mind, before he says, “Your time is up America.” I have been telling you when our time is up. Hardly anyone will believe me. That is to be expected. I find it ironic that people are waking up to see President Obama rip up our Constitution today, when my book written in 2009 said that is what he will do. I said he has a Nebuchadnezzar spirit, and thus you can expect him to act like Nebuchadnezzar did 2500 years ago. Nebuchadnezzar did not believe in compromising, and this president is loathe to compromising. No, if Congress does not give him what he wants, he will use his phone and pen to sign executive orders. I simply wrote what God said to write, and I am batting 1.000 today on those prophecies. Maybe, you should reconsider what I am saying.

Our time is running out, and when the economy collapses next year, it will be too late, and then you can expect for God to say, “Okay, enemy. You can unleash the Ebola virus into the United States. I have lost patience with them, and now is the time for them to reap what they have sown.” What kind of disastrous world will we be living in then? Chaos in the streets, and deadly diseases thinning out our population: that is something all of us are going to wish could be stopped, but without God in our lives, there is no remedy.

God says in my book, “The pain in my heart for all I must bring on you is terrible. My people are crying from the countries they have fled to, asking, ‘Has God truly abandoned America? Has its government really fallen?’ Why has this nation provoked Me to such fury that I have to destroy it? Their sins are so many, I cannot overlook them. The time of salvation has passed. The end of the harvest is over. The pain I feel over the destruction of this country is like a sore that cannot be healed. Astonishment has taken hold of Me. There is no medicine to heal my people. There is no doctor that can heal this disease.”

It could be that last sentence has a double meaning. It could mean an incurable disease will spread through America like Ebola when our time is up. I am pretty sure that will be the case. But, there will be many other things going on causing death and destruction to our population besides any fatal disease. When judgment comes, total destruction is not unusual. How much of the kingdom of Judah do you think was spared when it faced God’s judgment? There were very few Jews still living in their homeland after Nebuchadnezzar conquered and pillaged their land. We now have a Nebuchadnezzar spirit in the White House planning the same results for us. We truly need God’s help now, but he is waiting on us. We are the ones that have to act; not him. It is us who have to repent; that is the only option God is giving us to save this nation.


The Dual Personalities of President Obama

July 15, 2014

One may find it amazing to think that President Obama may have dual personalities. He seems to always be consistent in his beliefs and the ways he acts, but yet there are some signs showing the hints of a dual personality. Let us examine these signs.

What is the President famous for doing when the Special Forces troops were on the ground to kill Osama Ben Laden? He was playing cards for the majority of that time. One moment he is giving orders and the next he is detached from what is going on in just a room away. Why did he find it necessary to do this? Let us look a little further.

The big story of today is the immigration disaster on our southern border. At one point in time, Obama gave the order for our border patrol agents to be 45 miles from the border to make it easy for illegal immigrants to enter our country. Why did he do this? The next thing we know in the midst of this crisis when he is in Texas, he is being asked to visit the border to see the humanitarian crisis that is still going on at this time. He refused. Why did he do this? Instead, he went off to some fund raiser and then played pool with someone. He sure does like to entertain himself when things are going on that requires his attention. Why must he detach himself from these important events? That is the purpose for which I am here. I look at the spiritual forces behind the scenes.

I will describe what is going on in President Obama’s mind as being that of a tale of two people or personalities. There is the one that gives the orders, and the one that has to escape from reality by seeking some form of entertainment. We all do this some, but this man does it in crisis times when people’s lives are at stake. That is not normal. There is a spirit behind what is going on here, and that spirit is described in my book.

In one portion of my book it says, “The spirit of Nebuchadnezzar is already in the White House…” This spirit called by name entered the White House with our current president. How he picked this spirit up, I do not know, but there are a few people in this country besides me who have discerned that spirit upon him. The disturbing thing about this spirit is it means to destroy this nation as we know it. My book goes on to say with God speaking, “Since you have not heeded my warnings, I will use the spirit of Nebuchadnezzar to afflict you. This spirit will bring the enemy into this land to destroy it.” Guess what. We have a terrorist group in Syria and Iraq which has gotten hold of chemical and nuclear material: we have an open southern border: and we have an enemy who pledges it will destroy us. Does two plus two still equal four? It was this very spirit that gave the orders that enabled this situation to develop. These orders were issued through the President. In some cases, a lack of orders has precipitated these conditions of today.

I am not saying this terrorist group can single handedly destroy us, but they are part of what is coming to judge us. They will help create the huge amount of chaos that will envelop this country in the coming months. They are just one enemy that is going to be storming into this country. We have even worse events that are yet to happen if we do not do as God demands we do; repent, and put him back as the head of this nation. Once, our civilization was based on his word. Now, his word is 100% politically incorrect. If the media is for it; then you know it is opposed to God’s word.

It is this spirit that gave the order for the killing of Ben Laden. How do I know? Because, Obama detached himself from this event to play cards (his normal personality). This Nebuchadnezzar spirit is not his normal personality, but it is the one that gives the orders. And you can be sure, that every order this spirit gives is meant to destroy us. You may ask then, why was the killing of Ben Laden a bad thing to happen? I can tell you that when Ben Laden was killed, I felt sorrow for him. Why? I thought I was just sorry for his soul, but now I have learned that the killing of Ben Laden unleashed these other spirits that were bound to wreak the events that are happening in Syria and Iraq today. Just as I said in my last blog piece, “I have given him (Nebuchadnezzar) the beasts of the field, also.” (Jeremiah 29: 14) The beasts are the terrorists, and this spirit is manipulating things to cause these terrorists to do his bidding. His bidding involves destroying this country. This rise of those terrorists is aimed at us in the United States. Give them a little time. They will be here.

Now, we turn to the illegal immigration fiasco on our southern border. As said before, the order was given by this spirit to enable these aliens to enter our southern border with ease. When Obama was pressured to visit the southern border recently, this spirit said no to Obama, and so he detached himself from this situation and ended up playing pool with someone. Always look for him to detach himself when important things are happening. This uncovers the dual personalities that exist. The Nebuchadnezzar spirit gives the order, and when Obama returns to his normal personality, he cannot deal with the event. He has to entertain himself. However, he always seems to be the good soldier. He always follows orders from this spirit. He is the perfect satanic tool. Look at the condition of our nation today. Can you say this spirit has had great success in getting its orders followed? It sure looks like it has.

God was able to humble Nebuchadnezzar, but such an event is not going to happen this time if we do not do as God requires. He demands we repent and turn back to him. God says resistance against this spirit is futile if we do not do this. God placed President Obama into his position to lead us to destruction or to lead us to repentance. Which course will this nation take? There is not much time before our fate will be sealed. We truly need a rude awakening before it is too late. Once it becomes too late, all the prayer in the world will not save us. There came a day when it was too late for the kingdom of Judah to be saved, and the day is fast approaching it will be too late for us. We need the Church to rise up today. Waiting any later will be fatal.