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Changing Parties

January 30, 2014

How often do you shop for items? How often do you get something that does not perform its function as advertised? What do you do then? Do you stick with what you bought even though it will not do the job for which you purchased it? These are the questions we will be examining here, but will instead be talking about a particular political party.

We who are in the know understand for what the Democrat Party stands. It is in the most polite terms a pro big government, socialist party. I understand it to be no less than an equivalent to the Communist Party of the former Soviet Union. These people want control over everything you do. You are not smart enough to run your own life. So, where do we turn from here; the Republican Party?

We have to ask the question; is the Republican Party any different than the Democrat Party. Frankly, I see very little difference. What did the Republican Party do most recently? It caved on doing anything about Obamacare and it approved raising our debt limit. Is this not what they always do? How many times do you think they have voted for raising the debt limit? It turns out; just as many times as the Democrats. Fool me once, shame on you: fool me twice, shame on me!

In reality, the Republicans also believe in big government. They mouth their opposition to it at times, but the ones calling the shots in that party always get their wish; more government. Our Founding Fathers would be appalled in how far we have moved away from limited government. They wrote the Constitution trying to make the government only just big enough to function well, and to no more greater degree. Some of our Founding Fathers knew it would not hold though from what they had put into the Constitution. They knew the inherent evil in man would eventually erode away what was written in it.

So, where do we go from here? Do we keep sticking with a party which keeps doing for the most part what the Democrats want to happen or do we go somewhere else? Now, we go back to the original questions in this piece. If you went to a store and bought a defective piece of merchandise, what would you do? You would assume it is just a onetime event and then you might return it and get it replaced with another item just like it. But, what if that replacement item was bad? Also, what if most everything you bought in that store you shopped was defective? Would you continue to buy all your items from this store or would you go to another? If you were smart, you would realize that shopping in that former store is not worth the risk of getting a quality item. It would be better to find a store that will not sell you a lot of defective items. You would switch stores. So, if the Republican Party keeps giving us defective policies (laws), then the smart thing to do is find a political party that will not sell out to the Democrat Party. As long as Republicans keep getting put back in Washington: experience has told us, they will never change. Things will never get better for this country. Things will continue to deteriorate until what was once a free country will exist no more.

So, what are you going to do? Rush Limbaugh will tell you to continue supporting the Republican Party. After all, in his eyes, no other party can defeat the Democrats. However, supporting the Republicans only at best slows down what the Democrats want to bring to pass. It does not stop it. After all, they believe in big government, too. It is time to find someone else to support. The Democrats may win for the moment, but when everyone else in this country wises up and sees a third party growing in power, they will likewise switch parties hoping to find someone that will actually oppose the Democrat Party’s agenda. There is no other way if you want true political change. There are true Conservative parties out there like the Constitution Party. That is where we need to throw our support; to someone who actually believes in the Constitution.