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Obama’s Blank Check

November 23, 2013

The Senate got rid of a 224-year tradition in removing the ability of the minority to filibuster in certain cases. Make sure that this restriction of certain cases will expand to all cases. To those who lead the Democrat Party, the ends justify the means. That is basic humanist and Communist philosophy. They abide by no rules when rules get in the way. They hold back for a while, but are ultimately driven by the fierce anger and hatred that consumes their souls.

There are more steps going to be taken in this next year to completely shred our Constitution. Hitler in the years prior to WWII had the Enabling Act passed which gave him the ability to make his own laws. Has not Obama already been doing that with executive orders and now changing the Health Care law to give cover for the Democrats until after the next election? Has not Harry Reid done somewhat of an equivalent in the Senate with ending the ability of the Republicans to filibuster Obama appointments to any position outside of the Supreme Court?

The next step to occur is for opposition leaders to be arrested when what the Democrats are presently doing is still not enough to get what they want. That is what Hitler did, and you can expect the same to occur here. (Read, “Watch for these Signs to Occur”). Now, let me expand into what my book says is going to happen in the coming days.

“My prophets who pronounce my coming judgment on the United States shall be persecuted. Some will be arrested, and some will be harmed…The appeasers in this country will come to my prophets asking for a word from God, hoping to hear my judgment will not finish its work…they will not escape my punishment. They have allowed the evil to go on in this country, including the attacks against my church, while hoping their prayers to me would be enough for them to escape my wrath. I speak to you who have Zedekiah’s spirit inside of you: you will face my judgment.”

“The day is coming when all those who speak against what is happening in the United States will be in constant peril. There will be plots to arrest them and also to kill them… Those who succumb to the spirit of Zedekiah, who have little sympathy for me, who reside in the government will give into these calls for persecution against my church. They will take my people who speak against the government and will cast them into prisons to try to silence their voices…The spirit of Nebuchadnezzar has already begun his siege on this country. He will bring in the forces to complete the task he is predestined to fulfill. Your cities will be plundered…to remove their wealth and resources, and their water supplies will be shut off to hasten their fall.” (Obama signed an executive order to give him control over our water supplies during martial law).

“Look now and see that the spirit of Nebuchadnezzar is already in your land. Look at the havoc it is causing. Your divisions are greater now than they have ever been. This spirit named Nebuchadnezzar will finish the work he has started on the United States. Only turning to me and repenting for your sins can turn my wrath from you…It is a right move to free those who are brought under tyranny, (removing the right of filibustering is tyranny), but the heart of the leaders of America speak of such things only to deceive. They seek power to increase their importance. (This is what God says, and he knows all things)…Because these leaders speak one thing and then do another, I shall bring their sins down on their heads… You leaders of the United States, I hold you responsible for the deceit and corruption in your hearts…You have passed your laws in secrecy hoping no one would find you out. You feed yourselves with privileges (like getting their health care policies subsidized at 75% while the public has to face huge health care costs), and dole out crumbs to those who serve you…I will take your riches and give them to others. I will make you helpless before the army that will supplant you from your seats. Washington D.C. will be given to the enemy to plunder and destroy, never to rise again.”

Turning to God and repenting for our own sins is the only solution for this country. Rush Limbaugh and other conservative pundits in the media keep on hanging on to the notion that the people in this country will rise up against what is going on and remove these people from office. That is not what God says. He put Obama into power, and he is the only one who can remove him. And God is not going to do that until we as a whole in this nation repent and turn back to God. This is the only solution to prevent all that is written here from occurring in the near future.


The Churl of Society

November 2, 2013

“The vile person shall no more be called liberal, nor the churl said to be bountiful. For the vile person will speak villainy, and his heart will work iniquity, to practice hypocrisy, and to utter error against the Lord; to make empty the soul of the hungry, and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail. The instruments also of the churl are evil: he devises wicked devices to destroy the poor with lying words when the truth is being spoken by the poor. But the liberal devises liberal things; and by liberal things will he stand firm. (Isaiah 32: 5-8)

What is the term liberals in the United States avoid to be called? It is to be called “liberal.” Although liberal in the Bible usually means the opposite of what liberals in the United States truly are, God sees through time and prophesies to us of something that has come to pass today. Conservatives will call Obama and the Democrats liberal, but the media and the Democrats will not call themselves that word. They choose to say “progressive” today as we have heard Hilary Clinton use several times. Liberals, (the churl) are not bountiful as they would have you believe. They dry up resources from others, taking their money to be used for the liberal’s purposes. This purpose is always self-serving and always hurts the people they pretend to help as well as those from which they are in reality stealing. Am I coming down too hard on liberals here? I have been criticized (mocked) for being judgmental. I am doing just like the prophet Jeremiah did thousands of years ago. I am speaking what God is telling me to say. If God tells me to say it, then I am not being judgmental to say it. God always points out sin and rebellion. You have to point it out for people to hear God’s warning, so they will not follow in the same footsteps as those God is chastising.

God has told me to speak against the hypocrisy and lies of those in power in this piece, and so I am. Republicans are not much better. They are simply a softer side of liberalism. There are truly few Conservatives inside the Republican Party in our nation’s capitol. The Republicans in charge are concerned about “What must I do to stay in power?” It is not about “What can I do for this country?” It is about “What can I do for myself?” That is why they consistently compromise with the Democrats. Their fear of losing power if they get criticized rules their thought processes.

Now, let us examine the verses I quoted at the beginning. First, let us define some terms. Vile means to be despicable. A vile person will hurt others to get what that person wants. Churl means ill-bred; one who can be said to be born of the wrong parentage. Ted Kennedy was a liberal born of great parentage. He could not possibly be ill-bred, could he?  Ill-bred does mean to have a bad upbringing. If you want to talk about ill-breeding; we all are born into sin with Satan as our father. When one converts into true Christianity (being born-again), then one becomes a son of God. Without that conversion, we all are ill-bred. Thus Ted Kennedy who was Catholic was ill-bred. Not because he was Catholic, but because he never knew God through Jesus Christ. Jesus is the only path to salvation, and being Catholic, Protestant or whatever is not the path to salvation. Giving one’s life wholly to Jesus and receiving forgiveness of sins is the only solution God gives us to be his son.

The health-care law is a great example of what the verses at the beginning are discussing. Take this passage, “For the vile person will speak villainy, and his heart will work iniquity, to practice hypocrisy, and to utter error against the Lord.” Villainy means folly. The vile person represented by what we have heard from Obama and the Democrats speak folly and practice mischief in their heart. They knew what the consequences of this law were at the beginning. Harry Reid said it himself. This law will lead to a single payer system. They knew people who had good insurance plans would be dropped. They did it to deceive and to achieve their goals of greater dependence of the American public on Washington. They fulfill this passage when they allow themselves to be subsidized by all of us for their health-care plans. People who make much more money than the average person get subsidized while we get no breaks. This is hypocrisy to an extreme degree. Never mind the fact that Obama is not under this system at all. He wants it on us when he will not subject himself to the same law.

“…to make empty the soul of the hungry, and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail.” They are using this law to take from those who cannot even afford to pay for what they are required to buy. College students do not have an income to buy such plans. They have at best part-time jobs as a whole and are the ones expected to finance this law to keep it from crashing (i.e. the young). If you say that they should then qualify for subsidies, then tell me, who is it then the government is expecting to finance this colossal program? The rich are too few, and the freeloaders on society expect to earn freebies without labor. That leaves the middle-class and the young who are the ones those in charge have told us must be the ones that have to finance this program. That means the middle-class and the young will have their resources depleted by this law as more and more taxes must be assessed on them to keep this program afloat. They are fulfilling this prophecy of making empty the soul of the hungry and causing the drink of the thirsty to fail. I will not even go into the greater spiritual meaning of this passage here: the physical part is enough for now.

“The instruments also of the churl are evil: he devises wicked devices to destroy the poor with lying words when the truth is being spoken by the poor.” We all know the lying words that were spoken to get this law passed and the continual lies being told to ensure its successful implementation. Let us look at a wicked device that has been hidden from us by those in power. It is the young, like the college student who the government wants to finance this program according to what we have been told. How many college age students do you know that have a credit rating. Few actually do, because they have not yet gotten a job and have obtained credit cards in their name. It has been revealed that those who apply for a plan through the health exchanges get a credit check through Experian to see if they exist in the credit world. If they are not listed, then they cannot get a health plan. What stupidity is this? Is this an extreme oversight or is there something more cynical being planned here? I can guarantee you it is by design. Fewer enrollees means higher premiums. Higher premiums means the insurance companies will have to increase the prices so high that the system collapses, and we must then go to a single payer system, just as Harry Reid has told us it will happen. This is what they have been planning all along.

“But the liberal devises liberal things; and by liberal things will he stand firm.” Liberals are separated from God in their heart. All they know is what drives them to fulfill those flesh desires that dominate them. They will continue to practice deceit and will not part from it. They lie, steal and do whatever else it takes to achieve their goals. Obama will not depart from his lies. He will continue to lead us down a path to total destruction. That is all he knows to do. His desire is for total control over all of us, and you can be sure that Nebuchadnezzar spirit inside of him will never allow him to do anything else but to achieve that goal.