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Obama Will Change

September 20, 2013

One can easily search the Internet and find people prophesying that Obama will turn to God and change his present course. He will set this nation back onto a path it should be going. Are such prophecies accurate? Let us go to the Scripture and see if this is what God is saying.

Before I begin the subject, I want to comment that it is no surprise to me the leaders of this nation at this point in time have decided not to attack Syria. Satan would love to destabilize Syria even more, but God has other plans and is countering Satan’s agenda for Syria. Now, back on topic; in your Bible if you have one, go to 2 Chronicles 33. In this chapter we are told about the kingship of Manasseh, who was the son of Hezekiah. Manasseh had one of the longest reigns of all kings in the history of the kingdoms of Judah and Israel. His reign lasted 55 years. He was a pivotal king in Judah’s history. It was what he did during his reign that put the nail in the coffin for Judah’s destruction. Jeremiah 15: 4 says, “And I will cause them (the Jews) to be removed into all kingdoms of the earth, because of Manasseh…for that which he did in Jerusalem.”

Manasseh reared up altars for Baal, and put altars for false gods in the Temple. He made his son pass through the fire of an altar and practiced witchcraft and the occult. He led the Jews to commit all kinds of depravity abhorrent to the Lord. God said, “It is enough!” after he died. His judgment on Judah could not be stopped although he sent Jeremiah to try and get them to repent. Manasseh’s long and evil reign caused the nation as a whole to reach a point of depravity from which it would never recover. Destruction was now on the horizon.

This is where we are today in this nation. God is sending out Jeremiahs to warn this country to repent or be destroyed. That is why he told me to write my book. And yet, there are prophets out there saying Obama will be touched by God in the White House and change. He will lead this country back to a right-standing with God. Is that possible? Keep reading 2 Chronicles 33 and discover a secret.

Starting in verse 11 it says, “The Lord brought upon them the host of the king of Assyria, which took Manasseh among the thorns, and bound him with fetters and carried him to Babylon. And when he was in affliction, he besought the Lord his God and humbled himself greatly before the God of his fathers, and prayed to him…and (God) heard his supplication and brought him again to Jerusalem into his kingdom. Then Manasseh knew that the Lord was God.” After this incident, Manasseh began undoing all the evil things he had done. He was a changed man like prophets are saying Obama will be, and he began setting his country back onto a path of following God. However, as we saw in Jeremiah 15: 4, God had not changed his opinion on destroying the kingdom of Judah. Manasseh’s reversal did not stop God’s judgment. Why?

The reason is simple. The people as a whole were still corrupt. Manasseh may have changed, but the people throughout their society were still far away from God spiritually. They were doing their usual things which did not include God in their lives and certainly not obeying his commandments. They were spiritually separated from God and that meant their destruction. God was going to reward them according to their works. They got what they deserved. They reaped all the things they had sown. That is why changing Obama is not going to save this country. We have sown the seeds of destruction and those seeds will reach maturity. When they do, chaos will fill our society. There is only one way out that God gives us and that is to repent, now.

Look again; do you think we are blessed? Psalms 107: 38 says, “He blesses them also, so that they are multiplied greatly; and allows not their cattle to decrease.” When God blesses a country, it is because they are in a right relationship with him. And from this verse we see he promises us that our cattle will not decrease. God does not lie. He always keeps his promises. When he says he will do something, he will enforce his word. So, if we are no longer under God’s blessings, then is our cattle population declining?  The answer is yes. Our cattle population is at its lowest level since 1952. There has been a substantial decline the last several years. Experts are beginning to worry about this problem. There is no doubt; if you want a way to know if God is blessing a nation, you can look at the cattle population to see if it is on the rise or not. Is it declining? If it is, you as a nation are in trouble. You are spiritually separated from God.

To sum all of this up: Obama cannot save this nation by turning to God. He is not the key to saving this nation; we are. We have to repent and turn back to God to save the United States. There is no other way. Praying for Obama to change is not going to change our hearts which is what God is using to judge whether we should be destroyed or not. We truly are in need of God’s help. We need his mercy, but we cannot have that until we call on God and want to change. That is what salvation means. Salvation is not only for individuals; it is for countries. Both have to use the same procedure to obtain God’s mercy.


Why Attack Syria?

September 3, 2013

Why do the liberals and Obama want us to attack Syria? Is it truly for humanitarian reasons? What about what was going on in mainland Europe just prior to and during WWII. There was a lot more death of innocents going on then than there is in Syria today, but liberals said nothing about going to war then until we were attacked by Japan. What is the difference between Nazi Germany and Syria of today? That is what I will concentrate on in this piece.

We had heard about atrocities occurring in Europe during WWII, but that never phased us. We were content on helping give the British supplies, but were insistent in not rushing into the war ourselves. We did not enter that war for humanitarian causes. The same could be said about WWI. Stories were coming to us about German atrocities, but we refused to get involved until we felt we had been attacked by Germany. Humanitarian causes have never been a reason that nations go to war with other nations until recently. What is the cause of this mentality to pick a fight for humanitarian causes rather than for strategic reasons?

Notice, it is always liberals who promote going to war or picking a fight with nations for humanitarian causes. They decide which humanitarian cause is enough of a provocation to go to war and meanwhile ignore worse humanitarian disasters going on elsewhere in the world like in Africa. Why ignore Africa and try to pick fights with some of the countries in the Middle East and even middle European countries? What is the logic behind such instigations?

One thing you can notice is that they always want to fight from the air. They want to avoid American deaths at all times. That would be bad PR. If an attack involves ground troops, then they are too fearful to act. There is an agenda behind their words. However, I do not believe they really know what the true agenda is or realize they are being manipulated by a strong demonic force.

So, why attack Syria? For one thing, Syria is no match for us. It is too easy to destroy what they have and not suffer any loss ourselves. That makes it easy for liberals to support this attack. If this was a humanitarian disaster occurring in Russia, you know the liberals would never consider such an attack. They are thus not consistent with the views they say they have. They would basically say nothing and for the most part look away. If it is bad in one case, then it is bad in all cases. At least they should speak up about it in other countries and not ignore it like they do in Africa. Please, be consistent!

The tie between Syria and Nazi Germany though does exist. What is that common thread? It is the Jew. In Nazi Germany, Jews were being killed by the millions. In Syria, it is the potential to start a war against Israel. Assad has made no efforts to attack Israel unlike his father, and thus many of the enemies of the Jews want someone else in his place who will attack the Jews in that region. This is because Satan is calling the shots. He tried to destroy the Jews prior to and during WWII, and he wants to destroy the Jews, today. Obama and the liberals are simply following orders.

The effort to remove Assad is meant to have Syria’s leaders replaced with a terrorist organization like the Muslim Brotherhood. They are eternal enemies of the Jews, and it is important to surround Israel with enemies that want Israel’s destruction. So you see, it is important the Muslim Brotherhood regain control in Egypt and take control of Syria. God however has something to say about this plan. Assad will be removed as mentioned in my book, but it will happen in God’s timing and good will come out of it in the end. God is going to cleanse what is rotten in Syria. He does not want to destroy Syria.

Satan is the one calling the shots.  Except for Obama who has his secret agenda, liberals cannot truly tell you why they want to attack Syria;  because they are blinded to what drives their emotions. Satan pulls the strings, and they like puppets react to the puppet masters pull. They want to attack Syria, not because of humanitarian reasons, but because they are driven from the inside to create chaos for the Jew even though that reason may elude their conscience mind. They are lost souls that need salvation so they can wake up to what is really going on behind the scenes in the spiritual world.