What Makes Republicans Skittish?

Rush Limbaugh was asking the question of why the Republicans let opportunities slip by like trying to defund Obamacare and taking a stand against legalizing illegal immigrants without first demanding securing the borders. The polls show at the minimum, a plurality of people agree with what should be a natural position the Republicans would take on these issues. However, the Republicans will not take a stand on these issues. They are skittish. Some of them speak out on these issues, but most run and hide from ever doing anything. What is it they fear?

In my book published in 2009 is the answer, but first let me lay a foundation.  Zedekiah was the last king of the kingdom of Judah. Thus, he was a direct descendant of King David. The kingdom was under tribute to the Chaldeans. Nebuchadnezzar was a very real near threat. You would think that would be the thing he feared most, but it was not. He feared the princes that were around him even more. He could not gather his will to oppose them even though he was the king. He would constantly give them what they wanted. He was dominated by a certain spirit.

To act against the will of the Chaldeans would mean national destruction. King Zedekiah wanted to hear from God and called Jeremiah to hear from him what God wanted him to do, but his fear of what the princes wanted always ruled him. Jeremiah would tell him to serve the Chaldeans, but he would not listen. He followed the princes’ advice and ended up rebelling against the Chaldeans. They came and destroyed forever the kingdom of Judah. The princes ruled the roost and they led the way to Judah’s destruction.

Today, the Democrats in this country are the princes. Their policies are leading us to national destruction. The national debt is going to crash this economy and the chaos that follows will be the end of the United States as we know it. The spirit of Nebuchadnezzar is here amongst us in the face of Obama and he will finish what is needed to be done to destroy this nation. This is all by design.

The Republicans are King Zedekiah. They fear the Democrats and let them have their way for the most part, just like Zedekiah. They are skittish, because they are dominated by what I call in my book, the spirit of Zedekiah. In my book there is a significant passage on this subject which says, “The spirit of King Zedekiah sent for me saying, ‘Inquire to God for us concerning the enemy who comes to conquer our land and remove us from our homes. We want to know if God will deliver us from the destruction that is fast approaching, because of God’s wonderful mercy.’ God gives this answer which applies to the Republicans: “The spirit that is in you is one of appeasement. You want my mercy, but you will not confront those who wish to hang onto their sin. Do you think I am pleased with those who are lukewarm? You must choose whom you are going to serve. Because you will not give up your sins, then I will break down all your defenses. You shall not be able to overcome or withstand the spirit of Nebuchadnezzar (Obama) flowing into your land. It will enter your cities and destroy them.”

This is the path the United States has chosen to take. National destruction is inevitable unless the Christians in this nation rise up, repent and take this country back without fearing any consequences or inconveniences. It is time to break the law if that is what is required. The civil rights people broke the law all the time, because they knew it was necessary to bring change. Our Founding Fathers broke the law to stand up to Great Britain and establish a new nation under God. Unfortunately, Christians in this country like everyone else have become fat and lazy and will not rouse to anything. If that is the course they choose to take, then this country is doomed. I am telling you the only solution God is giving us. One day soon, you will wish you took my advice.

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