Satan’s Plan: Destroy White Culture

Lately, in the wake of the Trayvon Martin case, we have been hearing an unending attack on white culture. Althea Butler, an associate professor of religious studies at the University of Pennsylvania typifies the attacks on white culture the media has been blasting on the airwaves without ceasing saying, “But see, I was coming after their god (white people’s). I was not coming after the God of the scriptures, the God we know, of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I was coming after the God they worship, mammon; the god they worship, racism; the God they worship, white supremacy. Thank God I got a great institution that takes care of me. I have tenure. I can’t get fired.”

Can you feel the hatred from these words? White people are the enemy oozes from her being. The God I know does not consider white people as his enemy. Satan is the enemy and those who will always do his bidding until the day they die. Can this professor tell us from what culture Christianity reached our shores? Can she tell us from what culture the Constitution was created? It is the majority culture in this nation from which Christianity reached these shores and has propagated the Gospel to the world. It is the white culture that Satan fears will be reasserted to ruin his plans for destroying us. This is why Satan is leading this attack on white culture. He leads his army of human minions to ceaselessly blast white culture to permanently destroy its influence on our society. Where you see hate, you see Satan’s hand.

This is how empires have fallen in the past. This is how Satan plans to destroy us. The culture that makes a society great gets undermined over time and the society that made it great decays. When that society is no longer the majority culture, that nation no longer has the ability to stay together. It fractures and falls. You can see how we have been decaying while the birthrate of whites has declined to the point that more whites died last year in this country than were born. The minority cultures have been growing stronger and stronger and we can all see the results. Supporting illegal immigration is now a politically correct position. Muslims being allowed to pray in our schools while Christians cannot has become perfectly acceptable. I can go on and on, but the bottom line is that the white culture that brought this country to greatness is under assault, and unless we rise up, it will decay to the point of a national collapse.

Satan knows his only real threat for destroying our freedoms and our worship of the true God (not erringly portrayed by some liberal professor) is by attacking white culture through the media and portray it as the real problem in our society; portray it as the real enemy. We have been seeing this continuingly since the verdict came out in the Trayvon Martin case. Satan has seen an opportunity and told his minions to call white culture evil and for people to rise up and bury it forever from our presence. Unfortunately, Satan is on the verge of accomplishing his mission. This culture is on life support now. Christianity is on the verge of letting Satan destroy this nation. If we (Christians) do not turn back to God now and put him back in charge, then the only result will be total chaos and a collapse of our society and freedoms. The Constitution will be in the scrapheap of history.

We are in this situation because we have let the demonic spirits and ignorant people in this nation have their way with our culture.  They have a spiritual vacuum in their heart and are intent on bringing all of us down with them to hell. They have determined in their heart they will defy God, and as a result they want to remove God completely from our society. That is the true agenda here. It is Satan behind the scenes controlling these people trying to defeat God and take us all to hell with him when he meets his end. Are we going to let Satan do this to us, or are we going to rise up and defeat this being Jesus already defeated on the cross?

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2 Comments on “Satan’s Plan: Destroy White Culture”

  1. Karen Mountain Says:

    No, it is not satan’s plan to destroy the white people. God is allowing the white culture to be destroyed for several reasons.

    The white people stole from the natives and now the white people are experiencing what they sowed, their rights are being stole from them.

    Also, the Scots have been a very rebellious people and they brought that “rebellion” with them. Pride is at the root of this “rebellion. The Scots are the southerners, and they have a rebel yell that they are proud of. True repentance is what God wants.

    The Scots were rebellious in Scotland before they immigrated.

    • Satan wants to destroy all of us. God allows what we open the door up for Satan to move into. God gave this land to us because people came into this country looking for freedom to worship God. In Europe there were people being killed for how they worshiped God by the thousands at different points in time. There was a devil type of worship going on in this nation by the Indians similar to what was going on in the land of Canaan God gave to the Jews. God waited for that evil to fully manifest before he said it was enough and had Israel destroy that evil. Then Israel ended up doing the same thing the Canaanites did and he removed them from that land. So, God expunged the evil that had fully manifested here in this country by giving this land to the Europeans which came here for religious freedom. I am sure you will disagree, but it takes spiritual eyes to see the evil to understand its consequences and to understand what is going on in this nation today. God told me to write this book, and what I am revealing here is what he has been showing me.

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