Which Prophet Should I Believe?

In 2 Chronicles 18, the king of Israel, Ahab, calls for the prophets to come and prophesy on whether he should go to war against Syria. Four hundred prophets answered the call and all prophesied to go up and fight the Syrians; God would deliver them into his hand. However, king Jehoshaphat of Judah was not convinced they were correct. He asked Ahab to get more prophets to prophesy. Ahab conceded and asked to send for the one prophet he did not like, Micaiah. He proclaimed that Micaiah had never prophesied anything good for him. Jehoshaphat, however said, “Do not let past events stop you from trying to hear God’s word.” So, Micaiah was called and for a moment said the same things the other prophets were saying. However, Ahab did not believe him, so he said, “How many times do I have to adjure you to say nothing but the truth to me in the name of the Lord?”

Ahab and Jehoshaphat knew the truth in their spirits, but wanted to hear the opposite of what their spirits were telling them. They convinced themselves that the worst was not going to happen. However, a lying spirit was sent to them to get Ahab to go into battle where he would die. Ahab did die in the battle and Jehoshaphat barely escaped with his life when the Syrians went after him to kill him thinking he was Ahab. Jehoshaphat was a good king whom God protected in that battle. Ahab though, had blood on his hands and with the enticing of his wife Jezebel led Israel into idol worship. The question is, when we hear conflicting words from prophets, who does one believe?

We have conflicting words today in the United States. One well known prophet says good times are coming to America. The economy will recover starting in California. I say the opposite. Which one of us is right? Look to this story for a clue. When things look bad, we can turn to God and things will turn around. However, if we do not turn to God, then things cannot turn around. We have to put our trust in him for things to change. That is the way God wants it and is the way he set things up. We must put our dependence on God. To not put our dependence on him is a form of idol worship.

Both kings knew in their spirit that it was a bad idea to go to battle with Syria. Their spirits were in tune with the truth, but because of that lying spirit prompting them, they chose to believe a lie. They chose to ignore the truth staring them in the face. They kept asking for more and more prophets, because their spirits told them those prophets were not hearing from God. They ended up walking into a disaster, because they did not want to hear the truth.

Look at the circumstances staring us in the face today in this country. What does your spirit tell you is coming down the road? Can any nation have good financial times coming when it has a government that will always spend more than it can collect in revenue? Does not history teach you that huge debt always leads to a day of reckoning? Does anyone really think this Congress or this president will ever truly cut our national debt? Reality is staring us in the face of what kind of people we have running this country. They are not going to change until we change. They are a reflection of what is wrong with us spiritually. We get bad leaders because we are not right with God. That is the way it was in ancient Israel’s time, and that is the way it is today. We get what we sow.   

To know which prophet is telling the truth, then listen to what they say and then ask yourself where that will lead us. All roads have to lead to God. All roads have to promote righteousness and not more sin in our house. What I have been saying tells us that we are not right with God, and he is calling us to repentance.  What the other prophets are saying with the opposite message is that we are fine spiritually and can continue to let things go on as they have been in this nation. Which one sounds like the true message to you? Who do you think you should believe?

In my book, God says, “Those who prophesy the United States will not fall shall be delivered to the enemy for punishment…They bring forth lying words I cannot abide. They concur that the sins of this country should continue without punishment. I will chastise them with a mighty hand for leading the people of the United States into a false hope of deliverance.”

Choose today who you are going to believe and then act accordingly. If good times are coming, then go ahead and buy houses and get in debt and do not prepare for a financial collapse. If you choose to believe me, then you need to get out of debt as fast as you can and prepare for a worthless dollar. You can look for our banks to go belly up and for the government to confiscate all of our bank accounts when our banks do close. This is what desperate governments do, and this government with the leaders we have will be no exception. God says repent and get back to a relationship with him. That is the message I am delivering and is the only solution God gives us to avoid the worst case scenario occurring.

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