Why Prayers For This Nation Are Not Working

There are people out there who are saying that we should be praying for Obama, and as a result of this praying, he will become a real Christian and start doing the right things for this nation. They say he is going to lead this country into a revival. There are others who prophesy good times for America are coming. One in particular says that he will not prophesy evil for the United States under any circumstance. What if God gave that person the same message he gave Jeremiah? Is he really going to take a stand against what God says to prophesy to this nation?

I for one would love to prophesy good for this nation, but God gave me the same message he gave Jeremiah 2600 years ago, and I have to deliver the message he has given me. I am a watchman as described in Ezekiel 33. I will be held responsible for the souls that are lost if I say nothing. So, who should we believe? Should we believe those voices of goods times coming for America or rather of God’s judgment falling on America? You should look out your window and see what is going on in this nation, today.

Sixty years ago, we had prayer in our schools. Fifty years ago, abortion was not legal. Twenty years ago, there was no homosexual marriage. Today, they are talking about passing a law that will allow the government to compensate homosexual couples because they cannot reproduce sexually. Our Founding Fathers are turning over in their graves. We are becoming more vile and corrupt with each passing year. Can God bless a society like this one? Can he change us overnight with a revival?

James 2: 26 says, “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.” James 2: 17 adds double emphasis to this verse saying, “Even so faith, if it has not works is dead, being alone.” The following verse also continues on this subject saying, “Yea, a man may say, you have faith, and I have works: show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.” So what does this all mean?

Praying for revival is good. Praying for our president is the same. Praying for this nation is required, also. However, prayer is ineffective without faith AND works. The works of the Left in this country are abundant. You see how they have eroded us spiritually, financially, morally, or any other way you want to address it. It is a war against God they are waging. That is why a Muslim can pray in our schools but a Christian cannot. They fear the God of the Bible. They know in their hearts, he is God and requires them to remove the sin in their life. They have Satan behind them, prodding them to remove all mention of God from our society. With the absence of God, then all the filth we see today in our society comes flooding in to afflict us. That is why we are having mass murders today in our schools and other locations as well as terrorist bombings. There is no fear of God to suppress the evil in men.

Now, let us look at the works of the Christians who want to pray our way to victory. What did the Church do when prayer was removed from our schools? What did the Church do when abortion became legal? What has the Church been doing while homosexual marriage and other perversions are flooding our society today? If you say practically nothing; then you have hit the mark. There has been no significant stand against all of this. The Church has decided to stay inside its four walls and let the world go on as if nothing has really changed. That my friend is what happens when you have faith without works. Nothing happens.

Today is the day to take a stand. Today, God requires us to take a stand. We are not going to get any more opportunities from God after today. When the market collapses in the near future, God’s judgment on this country will not be reversed. All will be lost. Today, the Church has to make up its mind to act or this nation will erupt into chaos and tyranny very soon. That is the message God told me to tell this nation. Who are you going to believe?

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